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NGP VAN Technology Could Be a Game-changer for future political campaigns

Mounting a political campaign is a costly undertaking. It requires careful planning and organization to efficiently attract local and national donors. Although fundraising yields a lot of data, it can also more than a tad daunting to sift through that data for evaluation.

As reported in 2016 by a report published by the Federal Election Commission, a typical senate candidate paid out $ 10.4 million in October during the election period. Further, the typical US House of Representatives contender shelled out $1.5 million to cover the cost of a political advertising campaign. Campaigns are increasingly dependent on emerging monitoring advanced technology to adapt to the modern era of campaign funding.



One of these emerging technologies is NGP VAN, a very prestigious technology supplier who has worked with various non-profit organizations, agencies, as well as Democratic and Progressive campaigns. Using VAN, NGP and Digital 8, political campaign administrators can coordinate data via internet platforms with graphs and charts to manage campaign data. Almost all major democratic campaigns in the U.S., including voters in the Barack Obama campaign, fundraising and compliance, are driven by the NGP VAN software.

Electronic fundraising is no longer a technology of limited use. Moreover, it brings individual donors into the fold. Emerging technologies such as NGP VAN work together with other applications such as e-mail, social networks, SMS and fundraising campaigns.

By developing an online list of digital sponsors through these platforms, employees can use campaign technology to expand their network and help with donation requests– reaching as many people as possible. Additionally, donors can independently check their donations online.

This technology challenges the concept that political fundraising is a kind of charity collection that can limit the success of a political campaign. Candidates, staff and volunteers can even opt out of asking for donations if they follow this concept of fundraising. This innovative technology clearly supports the fact that political donors do not typically, as a rule, donate because of a sense of philanthropy. They invariably give as a function of their own vested political interests in the success of a candidate. From this perspective, NGP Van Technology gives donors an opportunity to invest in their personal political goals and priorities.


NGP platforms enable fundraisers to reach voters more efficiently through specific networks such as personal online associations, donors who give to those who share personal and/or political ideologies, as well as groups that want to protect and promote their own professional and financial interests through the political sphere. Since donors contribute for many different reasons, the ways in which political campaigns ask for donations must be as equally varied.


Another user-friendly feature of NGA VPN technology is that fundraisers can use electronic interface tools to clearly show their donors how they directly benefit from their contribution. Individual users can then analyze the data on digital screens with easy-to-read graphs featuring statistics and summaries of contributions. In addition, campaigns can actively track e-mail performance metrics and successes. These NGA VPN features make it exponentially easier for campaigns to stay on course and also help donors feel more in control of their donations, and hopefully, much more likely to contribute in the future.

Academy of Art, Extraordinary Alumni and Automobiles

The Disney-Pixar animated film Coco won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2018. The film centers around a child who embarks on an adventure during the traditional Mexican holiday of El Dia de los Muertos. Daniel Arriaga, senior director at Pixar Animation, reveals to the students of the Academy of Art University, his alma mater, the process it took to create the Oscar-winning film. Arriaga discusses the research that accompanied accurately depicting the holiday of his culture and animation challenges the team faced. Concluding his presentation, Arriaga relays to the students the importance of being open-minded, transformative, and tenacious upon graduation.

In 1929, fine art painter and creative director Richard S. Stephens founded the Academy of Advertising Art, which was later renamed to the Acadamy of Art University. The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and is the largest private art and design institution in the United States, with approximately 12,600 students and 1,437 faculty members. The faculty remarkably consists of individuals from various backgrounds such as career artists, designers, and scholars. Faculty members at the Academy of Art University teach a disciplined approach to the study of art and design and are dedicated to encouraging and honing their students to develop their own unique artistic style. In 2002, the school expanded to include online arts education. The talented students and alumni of the Academy of Art University have the opportunity to exhibit their work in one of the 70 shows an gallery exhibitions that the University annually holds in San Francisco.

In addition to being a distinguished art university, the Academy of Art University is also one of the largest property owners in the region of San Francisco and operates the Academy of Art University Automobile Musem. The Automobile Museum has an impeccable collection of 200 vintage cars, which Forbes has valued to be worth approximately 70 million, half of which are owned by the university. The Academy of Art University’s real estate endeavors, automobile museum, and exceptional alumni, faculty, and student body is extraordinary and renown.


Digital Marketing Strategies Courtesy of NGP VAN Digital 8 Tool

NGP VAN Digital Marketing tools have gotten a notch higher with the launch of Digital 8, a digital tool for democratic campaigns. The Digital 8 Tool has features that touch on three areas, Targeted Email, Online Actions, and Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking.

The tool has a Targeted Email feature that the highest inbox placements in the industry. NGP VAN deliver-ability experts have ensured that campaign messages get to the supporters at no extra cost. The Email Series makes it possible to come up with automated email series for welcoming new subscribers to campaigns and can turn single time sponsors into sustainers of your campaign. With One-Click Actions, supporters can become volunteers, donate or join the email list.

Based on the history of a supporter, Digital 8 Targeted Email can personalize emails with different content for each, and formulate fundraising ask amounts for them. Statistics on donations and conversions can be easily emailed using the ActBlue Tracker. For maximum effectiveness and control, there is an A-J multivariate testing developed to enhance the value of each email sent.

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On Digital 8 Online Actions section, users can build attractive, donation, sign-up, volunteer pages that can be linked or embedded into a website with ease. There are more than 59 million profiles on all NGP VAN tool that can now be tapped using the FastAction. Using a Network Effect, 33% of the forms have one area already filled increasing conversion rates by over three times. To share themes and templates of emails and forms with other campaigns, management teams, and support organization, one can use the chaptering function on Online Actions.

Another function is the ability to create numerous and customized forms using the Theme form wrappers tool. Digital 8 function also connects to social media like Youtube and other platforms that NGP VAN specifically recommends in terms of outreach. There is more that can be done including adding fields, saving and using theme templates as well as adjusting ask amounts. The Self-Service Donors Portal gives supporters the luxury of filling in their email preferences, contact record and provide credit information saving on staff time in doing so. With these mobile responsive forms, can be guaranteed of a high conversion rate and user experience.

Finally, the Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking gives an all-around view of supporters providing strong reports, NGP VAN claims. Supporter’s records that have email address Digital 8 are matched with their social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The Social Share Tracking allows users to spread the news on social media as it tracks which users led to drive actions and had more sign-ups.

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Sean Penn Answering the Why Question For His Book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Following an interview with an actor, who turns an author after releasing a book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, it is important to hear from the horse’s mouth why he had to venture into writing this book. He tells Rolling Stone that even though some perceived some controversies in the book, his intention was fiction-based and not as real. His book sounds satirical to some. The book has a title character of a man who sells septic tanks to Jehovah Witnesses which sets up fire from dictators. This is followed by rescue of imprisoned Hasidic Jews from the prisons in the foreign land and much more assassination of older adults. The book reflects extraordinary moments.

However, according to Penn, he is not worried or concerned about the reviews done by various people but rather his concentration is on the legacy. From his earlier success like winning Oscars for the work on Mystic River & Milk, all the way to being among the finest actors in his generation, Penn is never worried by anything but always pushing for greater achievement. Penn is a big fan of Harry Crews work. Originally, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was produced as an audiobook but later converted into a novel. What made Penn to do it in audio form was because he needed to be exposed to publishers and know how long it would take and the logistics around that, and so he opted to have an incomplete copy in the meantime. Penn shares that the idea to write the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, came from a snapshot of where he could see the nation heading which he says it was a product ad a symbol of isolation and loneliness. Penn said that he might not get back to filmmaking and he insists that the fiction writing offers him great freedom from collaboration. He says that he was not enjoying playing with others and his plan is to venture into writing more novels regardless of them being published or not. Pen says that this gives him a lot of peace since writing gives him best chance to exercise his thought and he enjoys that.

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Larkin & Lacey

Many organizations are in the forefront in championing for the civil, human and migrants rights. Migrants rights have become a thorny issue in the United States since the Trump Presidency.

President Trump has constantly been creating policies that have interfered with the Migrants rights and recently moved a motion to end the DACA program. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael:

The move has received criticism from different human, civil and migrant rights group all around the country. Here are some of the groups that are at the forefront of fighting for civil, human and migrants rights.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

This is one of the groups that are the forefront of championing for immigrants families and individual rights in California. The group advocates for the right to free mobility and participation in the democratic process.

They are driving the agenda of creating an all inclusive society that integrates all including the immigrants. The group aims at changing the public perception of immigrants and creates policies that will fully protect their rights.

The group was formed in 1986 after the passing of the Immigration Reform and Control Act that illegalized the hiring of undocumented workers. The law was seen as an avenue of exploiting and abusing immigrant workers thus the group was formed to help address the plight of the immigrants.

ACLU Immigrants Rights Project

ACLU Immigrants Rights Project is the other group that is dedicated to expanding and enforcing Civil, human and immigrant rights. The group is also focusing on how to combat public and private discrimination against the immigrants. Read more; Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The group uses target impact litigation, advocacy and public outreach in protecting the rights and liberties of immigrants. The group has been in existence for more than 25 years now and has been in the forefront in championing for immigrants rights in almost all the major legal struggles.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the other group that is in the forefront in fighting for migrants rights. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking were journalists who worked for Phoenix New Times and Voice Media.

The duo are the philanthropists behind Frontera Fund. The two journalists were awarded a 3.75 million dollars settlement fund after winning an unlawful arrest case against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two are using the settlement cash to help fund organization that deals with migrants rights throughout the state of Arizona. In addition, the fund is used to help organizations fight for the freedom of speech and civic participation.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael:


Larkin and Lacey Don’t Give Up on Free Speech

In the early 1970s, as students at Arizona State University, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sought to start an alternative newspaper. That newspaper started small and was called the New Times. Over 40 years later the paper is now known as the Village Voice and is part of a multimillion dollar media conglomerate with nearly two dozen newspapers.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sold the company and founded the Frontera Fund in 2017. The fund helps support civil, human, and migrant rights groups. The fund was formed by the proceeds of a nearly $4 million lawsuit won by the couple against Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio unlawfully arrested the pair in 2007 and violated their constitutional rights in doing so. The couple claimed they were unlawfully targeted and arrested because of they were outspoken about immigrant rights. The fund will also help support groups that fight for the First Amendment Rights of United States citizens.


Larkin and Lacey are also founders of Front Page Confidential, a publication that supports the first amendment and free speech. The publication produces news associated with free speech and produces coverage that supports the First Amendment. Larkin and Lacey are perhaps the most outspoken pair in the media in regards to free speech.


The Kabbalah Centre in the United States

In 1922 the Yeshivah Koi Yehuda was established in Israel by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. This was the forerunner of the Kaballah Centre in New York City that was founded in 1965 by Rav Phillip Berg and his wife, Karen. There are other Kabbalah Centres located in Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. There is a total of fifty different branches that are located all over the world.

Students who wish to study at the Kabbalah Center are not required to be able to speak and read Hebrew or to have knowledge of Jewish texts. This approach to the teaching of the Kabbalah curriculum makes it easier for non-Jewish people to understand the message.

The principles of Kabbalah are centered around Kaballah being a belief that it is a supplement to all major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, and New Age. Kaballah is not an alternative to these beliefs but is support for them. Kaballah is a universal wisdom that springs forth from all religions.

For example in the Bible in the 14 Chapter of Exodus, the passage of the Israelites through the Red Sea shows certain life codes that illuminate the superior and overwhelming force of God. God, Himself is not to be studied because He is not able to be comprehended by us. Instead, students study the Essence of God which is explained to be the “light.”

Our five senses are incapable of providing any more than 1% of reality, and the 99% that is reality is not accessible to us except by the study through the Kabbalah. There is the concept of Klippot which teaches that we all have a connection to the upper and metaphysical spiritual realm and the world of light, but Klippot blocks us from experiencing it. Only through the study of the Kaballah and by practicing Jewish Law can we overcome Klippot.