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Adam Milstein Says Jews Must Be Prepared To Deal With Antisemitic Muslims

Adam Milstein published a blog post with the Jewish News Syndicate that warns Jews about a new vehicle of antisemitism found in radical Islam appearing to be the benign religion that those on the liberal left proclaim it to be. People with ties to groups like Hamas and the BDS like Linda Sarsour have been preaching antisemitic rhetoric on college campuses and have deceived a lot of people about what their true motives are. He says many of them intend to inflict violence against the Jewish community and some have barred Jews on college campuses from being a part of non-profit organizations or serving in governing groups. But he mentioned that he and others in the Israeli-American Council are working right now to form a task force aimed at exposing these radical Muslims and giving Jewish-Americans a voice again.

Adam Milstein has dual citizenship in both Israel and the US and has committed his life to finding answers for issues facing Israeli-Americans while also making major deals in real estate. When he was younger he fought in the IDF unit that defeated Egypt in the Yom Kippur War and when he became a civilian again worked with his father in building construction. Adam Milstein has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Technion – Institute of Technology and a master’s degree from USC. He’s made many property acquisitions and has planned the growth of Hager Pacific Properties, a privately-owned real estate firm in Los Angeles where he serves as Managing Partner.

Adam Milstein has been a board member and Chairman of several activist foundations that serve the interests of Jewish-Americans in education, business, politics and foreign affairs. He and his family volunteer their spare time to organizations they support through the Milstein Family Foundation because one of their principles is active philanthropy. The Milstein Family Foundation also sponsors a video competition that 12Tribe Films hosts known as “Inspired by Israel” in which contestants have earned cash prizes through creating stories on how Israel has been important to the world. Other organizations they sponsor are Israel on Campus Coalition and the Israeli Educational Foundation.

Adam Milstein and Dedicated Philanthropy Work

Adam Milstein is a trusted real estate investor who originally comes from Israel in the Middle East. That’s the nation of his birth. Adam Milstein is the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation’s prominent co-founder. The other founder, of course, is his wife. Her name is Gila. The aim behind this group is to offer philanthropic and charitable services to many diverse organizations. These organizations are those that aim to offer empowerment to individuals who are part of the Jewish faith. They’re those that aim to offer empowerment to Israel as a nation and even to the vast United States. This foundation tries hard to promote strong interactions between the United States and Israel, after all.

Adam Milstein knows a lot about Israel. He life actually began in the nation in 1952. It started in Haifa at that time. His mother was a woman who was born as Eva Temkin. His father was a real estate developer who was called Hillel. Hillel spent time focusing on his real estate development career. Eva, on the other hand, was a hard-working and painstaking housewife who took care of any and all matters that involved the home.

Adam Milstein tied the knot in 1974. He’s been in a blissful marriage with Gila ever since that time. The duo committed to relocation in 1981. They, at that time, set foot in the United States to start a brand new existence. They already had a pair of daughters at the time, too. Although they have yet another daughter, she wasn’t born until they settled in the United States. Milstein concentrated on his education after getting to the United States. He attended a prestigious educational institution in Los Angeles, California. This school is called the University of Southern California. He worked tirelessly and got his MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. Once he secured this degree, he embarked on a rewarding vocation in the commercial real estate realm. He was happy to become a sales agent.


Milstein has a serene and enriching lifestyle in Encino, California. That’s his place of residence right now. His wife lives there with him.