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Looking at Dr. Clay B. Siegall Efforts in Fighting Cancer

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is a partner in establishing Seattle Genetics, and he is the current head of the company, CEO and board chairperson. He is a well-trained scientist where he specializes in cancer therapies. His for helping cancer patients, high interests in scientific research, innovation and development of drugs led him to establish the company. He has led the company in coming up with antibody drug conjugates technology and made the drug company get approval from FDA of the company’s first ADC product, ADCETRIS®. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has significantly contributed to the populace of the product where it has become a global brand with an approval of over 65 nations.

Now Seattle Genetics is promoting a different pipeline of proprietary ADCs for treating cancer. Dr. Clay B. Siegall has contributed significantly to the growth of Seattle Genetics with some of his achievements being the company entering into many strategic licenses for its ADC technology. The idea of coming up with the come came into his mind when he saw his father succumb to cancer. He watched helplessly as his father progressed with the deadly disease for five years until he passed on. He learned that the oncologists had inadequate resources to handle the killer disease at that time. He aimed at improving the tools where he first enrolled at George Washington University where he obtained a doctorate in genetics.

After graduation, he was employed at Bristo-Myers Squibb’ s Pharmaceutical Research Institute. It was this that brought him to Seattle where he learned how to manage a company, an experience that prepared him starting Seattle Genetics. His goal is to provide treatment to cancer patients, a dream he has pursued 30 yrs. Dr. Siegall encourages people to learn as much as they can when they have the opportunity and interact with intelligent people with experience in many areas.

Collaboration is something that has made Siegall run his business successful. He targets other top performers and innovators in oncology development of a drug. One partnership that has done well is the company’s ADC technology which has allowed them to put resources into fresh ideas and new ways of helping cancer patients.