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Jeunesse Global – Provides Worldwide Anti-Aging Products

A global company that is becoming popular quickly is called Jeunesse. They are famous for providing a vast variety of beauty and health products. The company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They have worked to build Jeunesse into a brand that people can trust. They have partnered with many individuals to help them build a future for themselves. They offer a remarkable compensation plan with a high-profit status. They want to help others meet their potential by helping them build a successful business platform. They work to provide anti-aging and youth products. The Jeunesse family is focused on helping others feel good and work to create a positive impact. Follow Jeunesse Global on Twitter.

Alongside their large variety of products, they produce a smart choice caffeinated energy drink. Nevo is a popular sports drink that offers different flavors with an energetic presence. Their refreshing formulas only contain 50 calories per can. Nevo does not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Nevo is packed with B- vitamins and is the first choice for many related to its taste. It also contains green tea, guarana, yerba mate and many other vitamins.

ZEN Body is another popular product offered by Jeunesse Global. ZEN Project 8 is a popular and simple weight management program derived from three different phases. The program includes an expert coach, support from an active community and helps to reveal a healthier you. Jeunesse partnered with Marck Macdonald, a popular celebrity fitness trainer. Phase one includes a detox supplement that helps beat bloat and clean out the toxins we carry in our system. Phase 2 is a 21-day process that takes place during the second week of the program and is used to help melt belly fat. The 3rd phase is carried out during the 5th week and last through the 8th week of the program. Follow Jeunesse Global on Pinterest.

They also provide a popular anti-aging formula that helps to diminish wrinkles immediately. It’s a process that works in minutes, and once applied to the desired area it decrease wrinkles, pores and helps tighten skin. It’s called Instantly Ageless and it produces results for up to 9 hours.


EOS: The Success Story of the Lip Balm Giant

Enter ordinary, unsustainable, bland, and unoriginal. Petty ideas run amok in the majority of drug and convenience stores. Enter originality, color, bliss, and delightfulness. That is the idea behind EOS. To take something bland and unimaginative and create something more out of it. Or in their case, lip balm. A simple product with an overused market but with the idea of making something so much more from it.

From small drug stores to Amazon, EOS managed to reach everyone with their practical and inventive lip balm. Currently selling at 1 million a week, anyone can vouch for the company calling it a success. The company itself has produced over 2 million since 2010. EOS can thank this success to the boom of organic and all natural products.

The EOS cofounder Sanjiv Mehra since the beginning though more about the company than just the product it sold. The values, the message to consumers, the spirit of EOS had to be different and cultured or else it would become a company just like any other.

From the tube to everything inside, was deconstructed and reinvented. Just like any booming market there hits a low point, once everything starts looking similar and the quality starts dissipating. Mehra wanted to take that idea of low quality and throw it out. Deconstructed the tube of lip balm at any other store and make it into something totally original, making it EOS lip balm worthy. Especially changing everything inside from chemicals and unnatural mixtures to organic simplicity.

One of the hardest challenges the company faced were the distribution and audience engagement. Females loved the product, due to its funky spheric shape and originality. Luckily Facebook bloggers and reviewers managed to have a helping part in getting EOS off the ground and into the hands of the millennial market.

Next time don’t forget to go natural and get “the lip balm that makes you smile.”


Get the Gorgeous Hair You Have Been Searching For

Having a bad hair day can sometimes ruin your entire outlook from your first cup of coffee to the moment you go to sleep. There are so many products available on Amazon that claim to be able to make dull, lifeless hair a thing of the past. Sadly people have been lied to so many times it has become hard to know who to trust. Sometimes when a company offers shine it actually makes hair greasy. Other will say they bring body but you actually get split ends. It seems that the only way to know if a product really works is to go out and try it.

Wen hair care product is a line that has separated itself from the crowd. Their Cleansing Conditioners will clean, soften and add volume to stressed out tresses everywhere. This company uses a blend of herbs and essential oils to make sure hair gets all the nourishment it needs all from one bottle. In a recent article from Wen by Chaz was put under the microscope to let readers see real life results. (Article can be found here

Emily McClure, a writer for the fashion and beauty section of Bustle decided to see how Wen by Chaz would work on her normally thin, flat hair. She used the product for a seven day trial period and used facebook photos as well as written descriptions to document her results. She was impressed with the body and shine she saw after washing and blow drying. In the pictures her hair has much more body than it did previously. She also spoke about how the label instructs users to use much more of the WEN hair product than with normal shampoos and conditioners. The end result seemed to be worth the extra product. Emily’s hair looked amazing.