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Career Achievements Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is responsible for the notable developments in the tourism sector in Brazil today. He is a great entrepreneur and he has over the recent years exercised impeccable leadership skills.

Paulus has been serving in the tourism industry for over 25 years through which he has perfected his skills in the sector. Through his ventures, Guilherme seeks to levitate the lives of other people with an aim of improving their living standards through the provision of job opportunities. He seeks to bring prosperity to his local community and he has already achieved his dreams through his notable efforts.

Guilherme is the owner of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A that runs prominent resorts and hotels in the country. He is always at the heart of many tourists in the country as he provides a connection through the countries beautiful assets by offering them great services. Guilherme Paulus has always been passionate about venturing in the tourism sector and as a result, he started his career at a tender age of 24. He has learned a lot in the sector over the recent years and today, he is an inspiration to many people that are passionate about being entrepreneurs. His successes have been attributed to his major commitment and dedication towards delivering the best. He has acquired fame in his career and he is never afraid to take risks. He recently invested over R$600 million in the tourism and hospitality sector with an aim of improving the country’s economy as well as the lives of other people through the creation of opportunities.

The contributions of Guilherme Paulus have seen him receive a lot of accreditation from a significant number of people. He was recently The Entrepreneur of The Year in 2017 by the Istoe Dinheiro magazine, through the article that they published. His achievements have seen him gain more passion in his field of specialization and he continues to adopt innovation in the course of his business operations. Besides, Guilherme Paulus is not afraid to take risks and he has over the recent years tried to venture into new opportunities with an aim of achieving success.

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José Auriemo Neto: Real Estate Developer With An Eye For Fashion & Retail


José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA, since April 29, 2011. JHSF Participacoes SA, is a real estate company that deals with the developments of residential and commercial buildings. Hotels, retail shopping and airports ae also part of their portfolio.

JHSF has ample experience with constructing shopping and retail complexes. They have successfully built shopping centers around different part of Brazil. The centers they build usually become well-known because they partner with major popular brands. JHSF is the first company in Brazil to develop paramount real-estate and cater to popular brands.

JHSF has bases in Brazil, the United States and Uruguay. Their most recognizable buildings are on 815 on Fifth Avenue in New York, as well as residential apartments, Las Piedras, located in Uruguay. Since starting, JHSF has acquired over 6 million square meters of real-estate properties. JHSF was initiated in 1972 by two bothers, Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo, as well as two others.

During 2009 Neto managed the company’s first retail venture. They signed partnership agreements with brands such as Jimmy Choo and Hermes. The opened up retail fronts at the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex. JHSF owns Cidade Jadrim. They also finalized a deal with Valentino. This deal launched Valentino R.E.D. stores in Brazil.

Neto started his career at JHSF in 1993. In 1998 Neto received permission to build the company first shopping complex, “Shopping Santa Cruz.” He managed the development of this building. Neto attended the Fundação Álvares Penteado University, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Neto has been a member of YPO since 1999.

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Todd Lubar Is a Prove of the Fruits of Resilience in Business

Todd Lubar is an American entrepreneur who has invested in many enterprises. He has been successful in the real estate business as well as the much-ignored scrap metal trade. Todd Lubar has made the dreams of many people in the country who wanted to have homes at a fair price come true. His journey towards becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today has not been an easy one. Todd had to persevere many distractions and failures along the way, but his determination kept him going. Many people now come to him to seek advice on how to make their businesses as successful as his. Todd is the current president of TDL Global Ventures. This company has positively impacted the development of many businesses that seek their services. All this can be attributed to Todd’s ability in managing the firm.

In a recent interview, Todd revealed how he had made it to becoming one of the most sought-after business experts in the country. Todd revealed that entrepreneurship had been his passion since he was a young boy. As other kids were busy playing outside, Todd would sell lemonade and hot chocolate in Washington DC. He found business opportunities in every situation that encountered him. When there was snowfall during winter, Todd would remove snow from the paths of the local homes, and he would get paid in return. He has carried these attributes of hard work and determination in manning businesses, and the result has been a limitless success.

Todd is a focused individual who is ever determined to achieve the set goals. He always pushes himself to supersede his past achievements. Todd also enjoys improving the livelihoods of others by giving them advice to aid their business undertakings. Todd also revealed that nothing is a herculean task for him once he has decided to achieve something. He has built companies from scratch to world-class entities in his colorful career in entrepreneurial management. Check out Yelp to see more.

Todd has also ventured into the lending business and has gained immense success in this field as well. He has specialized in mortgage lending whereby clients can get a house through affordable installments for an extended period.

He currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland together with his wife and kids. Todd is a family man who likes to spend his free time with his kids. He also enjoys traveling to new places. You can visit his Instagram page.

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Todd Lubar: The Successful Entrepreneur Behind Legendary Properties

Entrepreneurs all over the world tend to take different paths to reach their end goals and attain success, and the same can be said for one entrepreneur, Todd Lubar. He is a prominent real estate investor and serves as the President for a company known as TDL Global Ventures. He also serves as the Vice President of a company known as Legendary Investments, which he built from the ground up. The real estate industry is where Lubar’s specialty lies, and he has worked with a wide range of clients and companies in the sector. He first started working in the real estate sector in 1995, and slowly made his way up the ranks to the position that he currently holds. However, he also had a plan of owning his own company and building it up to a prominent name in the real estate industry. These goals and experiences are what led him to be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

When Todd Lubar first started out his career, he worked at a firm known as Legacy Financial Group. The company provided financial solutions to people who were looking to buy homes, and also to real estate companies who were looking for loans to embark on their ventures. Through this company, Lubar learned a lot about real estate and the steps that he could take if he wanted to start out his own company someday. The company was also incredibly useful when it came to getting to know prominent clients and big names in the real estate industry. For more details visit Yelp.

The next step in Lubar’s career was to start his own company, which is when he set up the foundations for Legendary Properties. This company offered real estate solutions to corporates and clients and was the cumulation of all the hard work that Lubar had put into his career. During the initial phase of the company itself, Lubar managed to acquire several large clients that put Legendary Properties on the map. Through the years, the company has grown significantly and is one of the most prominent real estate companies in the state of Arizona. You can visit their Instagram page.

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Equities first holdings the best

Equities first holdings is a financial institution located in the United State and other countries as well. First holding help leverage financial stress in other corporate industry that needs financial advice. They are also experienced in helping individual small businesses who find it difficult to invest in different asset to maximize profit and cut down losses which every startup need to grow their business. They have also helped numerous organizations in trading in the stock exchange market. Equities first holding is still striving to open many branches both in the United State and in other countries as well. With many years of experience, the owner has equipped himself with the technical know-how and has successfully closed many transactions in helping many clients in solving their investment problem financial breakdown. It is one of the financial advisings companies that have helped numerous clients around the globe.

Jeanmarie Guenot – Helping Amphivena Therapeutics Inc Grow And Expand In Biotechnology Space

Jeanmarie Guenot is one of the most prominent names in the biotechnology space, and for over 20 years has been active in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry. Jeanmarie has worked with many different biotech companies at all stages of development, starting from research and development to corporate and business development and from alliance management to venture capital. At present, Jeanmarie heads the Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, where she holds the position of President and CEO. Amphivena Therapeutics Inc is a firm specializing in developing highly innovative and cutting-edge antibody and cancer therapies for effective cancer diagnosis and hematologic malignancies.

Jeanmarie Guenot has experience in many different areas of the biotechnology industry, which makes her highly knowledgeable and skillful as a leader. Few of her expertise include commercial and corporate development, client management, fundraising, venture capital, business development, licensing, commercial product portfolio, research and development, and more. Jeanmarie Guenot has done Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco and completed her studies in business, receiving Masters in Business Administration degree from Wharton School of Business. She started her career as a principal scientist at Hoffman-La Roche on, working for the firm in Basel and Shanghai, and went on to become the business advisor for the company in the following years.

Jeanmarie also founded SKS Ocular, a biotechnology research firm that focused on finding effective therapies for ocular inflammation, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Jeanmarie was awarded the Deal of Distinction award in 2006 by Licensing Executives Society and in 2005 received Bio-Partnering Award by BioBusiness Network. Along with working for Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, Jeanmarie is also affiliated to Harpoon Therapeutics and is the co-founder of Maverick Therapeutics. Jeanmarie is also the founder of Guenot LLC, a venture capital and business consultancy firm in the biotechnology space, offering its services to numerous biopharma companies in the country.

According to, Jeanmarie has previous experience of working with Atlas Venture, which is another venture capital firm in biotechnology world, where she learned about the business angle of the pharmaceutical industry. Under her leadership, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc received additional funds from Janssen Biotech Inc to continue with advanced research. She continues to help the firm grow and expand with her strategic vision and exemplary leadership skills at

Major Projects Implemented by Boraie Development in New Brunswick

If you are a resident of New Jersey, more so New Brunswick, you must have heard the name Sam Boraie severally. Sam is part of the management team of Boraie Development, serving as the Vice President. Boraie Development is a property management company located in New Brunswick, NJ. The company has been focusing on development of urban real estate, and it has helped in revitalization and redevelopment of New Brunswick, and other main cities in NJ. Sam’s father is Omar Boraie, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Boraie Development. For many years, Sam has been involved in running the family business, where he mainly focuses on locating new development targets.

Development Executed by Boraie Development

In 2013, under the leadership of Sam Boraie, the company constructed One Riverview, a high-rise residential apartment in Newark. This area has not developed such a project in over 50 years. In fact, Boraie teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal to develop this project. O’Neal is an international basketball player who was brought up in Newark. The initiative by the two individuals was aimed at supporting the community, and ensuring there is incredible transformation in the neighborhood. Click here to know more.

In 2015, the company also completed another building, The Aspire, in New Brunswick. This is a luxurious rental tower, which many individuals have praised for its cool, modern appearance, and design meant to attract the expanding population of younger generation of renters. The new occupants of The Aspire have played critical role in revitalizing New Brunswick, thus helping in redevelopment efforts of the city. On the horizon of The Aspire, Boraie has developed commercial residences, helping further push redevelopment effort of the city to another level. Boraie Development has an excellent track record of partnering with other property management companies and real estate developers in order to initiate projects to help various communities across the U.S.

Sam Boraie’s Other Commitments

The main objective of Boraie is to help the community, regardless of whether he is working in the capacity of Vice President of Boraie Development, or in his private life. One of the institutions Sam has helped is the Historic State Theatre of New Brunswick, where he serves as a Board of Trustees. This is a famous landmark in this city that organizes different events meant to embrace the culture of New Brunswick. Boraie Development has sponsored an annual summer event held at State Theatre, featuring movies like Babe, E.T., Frozen, and Despicable Me 2. Besides being an entertainment event, individuals from different backgrounds associate in one of historic venues.

Boraie is also engaged to another charitable cause, Elijah’s Promise, based in New Brunswick. The charity aims at ensuring there is food for all, hence preventing hunger among the communities. Boraie is on the Advisory Board for this charity, meaning he is committed to building a better world. Some of the programs undertaken by this charity are funded in part by Boraie Development. Indeed, it is obvious Sam is a true philanthropist who wants to transform and improve lives of communities.