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The Outstanding Leadership of Sheldon Lavin

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has grown into a leader in the use of sustainable food production methods. This approach in running the business is in line with the history this company has upheld for many years. OSI Group has been a leader in coming up with innovations that are yet to be invented by any other business in the industry. By adopting sustainability, Sheldon Lavin is keeping the company in a path that it has been known to take all along. It is through such initiatives that this company has managed to get to the top of the food production business.

OSI Group is now the leader in the meat business, with a presence in 17 different countries. One of the key achievements that this company has recorded is rising from humble backgrounds to becoming a multinational under the guidance of Mr. Lavin.

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In the early 1900s, OSI Group was launched as a small meat business located in Chicago. It would later gain regional influence after it entered into a partnership with McDonald’s, a restaurant chain that had just been opened in Illinois. The partnership between the two would see OSI Group, then known as Otto & Sons, gain massively as it followed the footprints of their partner, who was growing by leaps and bounds.

In the 1970s, Otto & Sons was looking for financing to expand their business operations in the entire country and beyond. The then managers approached a bank where Sheldon Lavin was working at. It through this interaction that Sheldon joined Otto & Sons to help with the expansion plans. Although initially, he felt that his heart was in the banking sector, the rapid growth of Otto & Sons was too attractive to resist.

After his entry, the company rebranded to OSI Group, and Sheldon Lavin became a managing partner with equal powers as the rest.

Sheldon Lavin rose to the position of chairman and CEO of the company shortly after joining the food industry. Since he was experienced in matters of finance and investments, he was the best-suited partner to spearhead the operations of the company. Backed by McDonald’s, he managed to take up the senior role, a position he holds until today.

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James Dondero Helps Dallas Nonprofits


Clients rely on Highland Capital Management’s executives to make smart decisions. They don’t want to lose their money. Co-founder James Dondero works hard to make sure that the $17 billion of funds placed in Highland’s hands is effectively managed. While professional duties keep Jim Dondero busy, he does take time out to help local Dallas nonprofits. Without his support, many excellent charitable endeavors wouldn’t receive the assistance necessary to thrive.

Audiences love the arts, but the price of a ticket isn’t near enough to fully support event costs. The Dallas Symphony, for example, leaves packed audiences thrilled with exceptional performances. However, the prices of running the symphony extend beyond the expenses of each individual production. The nonprofit relies on private donations, including donations from corporate entities. Jim Dondero did his part to help out the symphony and keep the cultural scene in Dallas alive.

The symphony isn’t the only benefactor of Highland Capital Management and Jim Dondero. Some may find it surprising the Dallas Zoo receives funding. Again, ticket sales alone can’t cover the costs of running everything. And the fees associated with caring for scores of exotic animals are stratospherically high.

By directing funds to the zoo, the animals receive exceptional care. The employees tasked with running the zoo benefit as well. The additional funding may very well keep some people secure in their jobs. See This Article for more information

Nonprofits do more than provide diversions or entertainment. Often, they contribute greatly to the soul of a city. Dallas would be a different place without the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Museum of Art. James Dondero did a lot to help these and other entities thrive.

Direct financial assistance is all that Jim Dondero provides. Jim Dondero business knowledge is impeccable, as evidenced by a successful career. The nonprofits gain a lot from access to those insights.


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James Dondero and Aiding Dallas

James Dondero works hard for his money. He also happens to be Highland Capital Management’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Jim Dondero has a true penchant for charitable matters. No one could ever say that he doesn’t have a generous spirit. Jim Dondero frequently makes donations that do a lot for not-for-profit organizations that are based in the lively Dallas, Texas region.

James Dondero is an All-American man through and through. He’s a proud alumnus of a public institution that’s called the University of Virginia. Once his education at the school was up, he headed into the workforce. He secured positions with all sorts of widely known businesses. Key examples of these are American Express and JP Morgan.

Working for these massive companies empowered him to do something memorable, too. That’s the reason he chose to create a company with a man by the name of Mark Okada. Okada was just like James Dondero in that he also worked in the investment banking sector. They made Highland Capital Management come to life. Although the firm commenced its existence in Los Angeles, California, it transitioned to Dallas, Texas in the middle of the nineties. Find Related Information Here.

Jim Dondero has so much to do due to the existence of Highland Capital Management. He also has a jam-packed schedule thanks to the Highland Dallas Foundation. It’s a group that has the assistance of Mary Jalonick, the diligent woman who is at the helm of the Dallas Foundation. Read This Article to learn more.

The Highland Dallas Foundation is distinctive due to the fact that it offers grants that can be suitable for human beings who are searching for assistance options that go beyond pure wherewithal. This entity is one that grasps that there are things out there that require resources that aren’t accessible in cash form. Jim Dondero adores pushing Dallas forward.


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Iskandar Safa Becomes an Household Name in the Business World

Iskandar Safa is a household name in the naval industry and he has extended his business prowess to the real estate, media as well as hospitality sectors. Born in 1955, Safa serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Privinvest Group, a leading company with a number of facilities in Europe as well as the Middle East. The company specializes in the commercial vessels, superyachts, as well as naval construct.

The entrepreneur prepared for his future by pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the American University of Beirut. Iskandar Safa also strengthened his educational background by pursing an MBA at INSEAD in France. From the moment he was in college, he was sure about what he would like to do as a career.

Starting from the United States, Iskandar Safa gained valuable experience working for various organizations. He even traveled to Saudi Arabia where he was in-charge of an airdrome construction site. After sometime, he decided to get into the entrepreneurship path by partnering with his brother to start Privinvest. He ventured into naval shipbuilding. See Related Link for more information.

1992 was a turning point for Privinvest because it acquired Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN). Iskandar Safa and his brother helped the company which was financially struggling to get back to its feet. Today, it is one of the largest shipyards in France with more than 400 employees. The businesses continued to grow and in 2007, it gave birth to Abu Dhabi Mar shipyard co-owning it with AI Ain international.

Iskandar Safa has been highly successful in the business world and today, he is focusing on giving back to the community as an appreciation for the support has received. Particularly, he is helping in the restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral after it was consumed by fired. He is donating marble from his quarry in France to help in the reconstruction.


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Robert Deignan: Business Operations that you can Outsource

Business owners have to spend so much money when making all the processes run smoothly. Business operations can be costly when the management does not know how to save their resources. A company can outsource some of the services to make it productive. Hiring the right people in your company comes at a high cost. Maintaining an employee for a long time drains your company, and this is why Robert Deignan advocates for the outsourcing of some of the services. His institution makes so much profit because of outsourcing the following; 

Technical support

Robert Deignan values the kind of support given to customers. His clients are always in need of help. Business experts always advise the owners of a business to accommodate all the clients and their queries. It is common to get good reviews, but the complaints will need an experienced professional to handle. When a customer is not content, they will look for other companies to get their product. In some few instances, the client will return the item they bought from you. Technical support works perfectly when it is outsourced. The professionals who handle this responsibility are highly experienced, and they will not fail you in any of the operations. With the help of technical support, your clients will mostly return with positive reviews. Clients like getting their activities done when they are at home.

Answering service 

There are companies that get too many calls in a single day. When you notice that your staff is spending too much time answering calls, then you can outsource the services. Missing just one phone call can result in loss of excellent business opportunities. When you outsource this service, clients will have a full-time operator to ensure all calls get attended. The massages from clients will arrive at the right time. This is an excellent platform to help manage your complex calendar. Professionals who are keen on professionalism stand a chance of benefiting from the answering service too. Business owners who have outsourced the answering service get more clients because they appear to be legit and respectable. These are the organizations with the highest number of customers too.

Privinvest Remarkable Success Story: Iskandar Safa at the Helm


Known to some as just “Sandy”, Iskandar Safa is a multifaceted visionary. He’s a pioneer of the shipbuilding commerce. Today, he plays an active role as principal of the renowned world leader of naval shipbuilding, Privinvest. He established the empire with Akam Safa, his brother. The Lebanese tycoon, philanthropist, engineer, and industrialist serves a diverse clientele through this platform.

He holds a first-class education, having earned multiple degrees from prestigious schools across the globe. In 1978, Iskandar Safa received a civil engineering degree from AUB (American University of Beirut). He also studied business administration at INSEAD, where he earned an MBA. This education has been critical to his entrepreneurial career. It led to him making lucrative capital investments, one of which included a prominent European hotel.

The Safa family owns and operates a prominent civil engineering business in the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. It provided the platform and experience Iskandar Safa needed to launch into the civil engineering field. He later turned his attention to international trades, which led him to consult for numerous Middle Eastern-based Western companies. One of such contracts included the influential US defense liaison, Northrop, which had engagements in the South Korean region.

He bought the infamous Cherbourg shipyard called CMN or Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie in 1991. He managed to transform the site in as little as two years. In 2007, he engaged his acquisition vehicle, Privinvest to secure ADM, a top European and Middle Eastern shipbuilder. He has negotiated the release of civilians held hostage by terrorist groups on numerous occasions. His acts of heroism captured public recognition and the attention of the French PM, Jacques Chirac.

Privinvest is the chief architect of state-of-the-art mega yachts, commercial vessels, and naval ships throughout the Arabian domain and Europe. The shipbuilder continues to refine nautical technology for commercial utilization and security services. It maintains a long-standing relationship with NATO countries as the source provider of high-end naval equipment and solutions. The Beirut shipyard has designed over 2,000 vessels for over 40 navies worldwide.

In the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where it has its headquarters, it creates jobs for over 2, 500 tenured employees. The shipbuilder designed and engineered the world’s fastest tactical strike naval vessel called the WP18, which recorded a new market high. Privinvest shipyards provide comprehensive nautical solutions for weapons development integration, management, logistics support, and construction services. Go Here for additional information.


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Carsten Thiel On Maintaining Integrity In The Biotech Industry


Many people are wondering how Carsten Thiel managed to accomplish so much in the biotech industry. Well, he recently sat down to discuss some of the ways in which he is attempting to improve the way they market certain types of drugs to consumers. He was in the midst of marketing a new drug designed to help those who suffer from colorectal cancer.

Commonly known as Vectibix, he discovered a biomarker which would enable medical professionals to determine whether or not the drug would be effective on each patient depending on their genetic makeup. If they chose not to divulge this information, however, many consumers could stand to lose a great deal of money but, fortunately, he rectified the situation before this product ever hit shelves. See This Page for more information.

Another project he was working on enabled him to promote a new weight loss drug commonly referred to as Xenical. During this time, Carsten Thiel discovered that they were telling consumers things about the drug that they knew they weren’t true so he confronted them about this and made sure they rectified it before the product ever went into stores.

Thiel’s integrity and compassion are two of the things that make him a role model for future generations. He learned how to be ethical when he was growing up in Berlin. He quickly proved to be an excellent student and, as such, was accepted into the University of Bristol where he would go on to major in biochemistry.

After graduating with a bachelor of science, he went on to pursue his Phd at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry. After the completion of his academic career, Carsten was offered his first job as a member of the marketing team at a company known as Hoffman Laroche. He’s been helping people ever since.


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It Is Easy To See How Wes Edens Has Become So Successful In Sports Ownership When One Considers His Credentials:

Renowned investment professional and pro sports owner Wes Edens has had a lot of big career moments over the last thirty-plus years that he has been active in business and it all started with landing a position with Lehman Brothers after he completed his college degrees at Oregon State University. Joining the firm in 1987 was the start of a big career for Wes Edens and he has been pushing forward ever since. Along the way, he has made himself an impressive fortune that allows him to pursue his passions. One of those passions is an obsession with sports. This love of pro sports had subsequently led to Wes Edens purchasing the Milwaukee Bucks. He also just recently acquired the Aston Villa Football Club of England. Find out more about Wes Edens at

Wes had a successful tenure working in several key roles with Lehman Brothers. This included serving as a partner with the firm. He also worked for Blackrock for a time but his professional destiny eventually led him to a three-way partnership with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. This partnership became known as Fortress Investment Group and it is one of the defining moments for the career of Wes Edens. Fortress Investment Group quickly ascended to the position of a leading firm in the world of alternative investment management. The firm’s two-plus decades of success recently culminated with its recent acquisition by SoftBank. The Japanese mega-company was excited about the opportun9ity to acquire Fortress. A major part of the deal was the fact that the key leaders at Fortress have remained in place.

These are the kinds of professional successes that have allowed for Wes Edens to jump into a true passion of his. This is the world of professional sports. In 2014, he purchased the Bucks basketball team. He has been working hard to build up the team’s strengths and the results have been impressive. His success in this area has led to the recent purchase of England’s Aston Villa soccer team. Wes is now endeavoring to build Aston Villa into a team that can earn entry into the prestigious Premier League. He plans to utilize the same kind of dedication that he has put into the Bucks in working toward this goal.

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Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an investor who works in the United States. He is well known for helping to start Fortress Investment Group. He also owns the Milwaukee Bucks. Wes Edens has a huge impact on major industries and has been changing lives around the world all throughout his career. Ever since he started with Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens has been known as one of the most creative investors in the world. He has really helped to grow the investment firm and has worked with some of the biggest investment partners you can possibly deal with.

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Eden has joined some companies investments that include energy, financial services, healthcare, and so much more. One of the biggest jobs he has worked with is the Virgin Trains USA. this is a private operated and funded railroad system that has been run throughout the United States for over 100 years. They are looking to expand the rail line and Wes Edens sees this as a huge opportunity for investment. He has also led a huge investment with an energy company. This investment with the energy company focuses on the company providing cleaner more reliable energy throughout the world.

Wes Edens has been very successful with his investment career, but it does not stop there. Owning the Milwaukee Bucks has also been huge for him. Edens has always had a love for investment and sports, so being able to work in both has been his life long dream. He has worked hard during his life to make sure that every dream he has has become a reality. Edens has accomplished many achievements throughout his life. He has also tried to always give back within his community and all across the world. Wes Edens is a hard working individual who wants people to see to reach your dreams all you have to do is work hard and stay determined.

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Innovacare Health Contributions of Penelope Kokkinides.

Innovacare Health is a company which has fully embraced creativity in providing the best healthcare to the patients. It has a competence and very qualified team who are very skilled in the administration of treatment to patients with complicated health problems. The Innovacare Health team has also the capabilities of assisting other healthcare companies to overcome the challenges facing the Healthcare industry. Richard Shinto is the current CEO and President of Innovacare Health.

He is also the founder of the Healthcare organization. He is a skilled physician and he got trained at the North American Medical Management. While at the institution, Rich Shinto realized that there was a need for change in the way health care was being delivered to patients. Together with the North American Medical Management, they worked to help healthcare companies to provide health care in a better and effective way. Innovacare is a company that deals with government health plans and also controls them. It focuses on coming up with health plans that are affordable to all the people regardless of their social status and also embrace the current technology.

One of the biggest contributions of Innovacare was when it intervened to help the people affected by Hurricane Maria and helped in raising funds to help the victims. The company also provided health care to the victims. Penelope Kokkinides is also a healthcare expert who has gained a lot of experience from working at Innovacare where she has spent 20years of her career. She is quite a learned person and she has acquired a lot of knowledge from various universities that she has studies at. You can visit


She holds a degree in biological science and another degree in public health. In addition to that, she has a masters in social work. She is quite flexible and can work in any of the areas. Currently, she is the Chief Operating Officer of Innovacare. She qualified for this position due to her exemplary skills in leadership and management and is more than capable to handle healthcare programs and healthcare process. Penelope Kokkinides has been given the responsibility of taking care of government program that deal with health care such as Medicare. Penelope Kokkinides has the vision of developing the various tools used in treatment so that they can be made more reliable and fast in administering treatment. Check out




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