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Jacob Gottlieb Is Back In Business As An Entrepreneur

Jacob Gottlieb is back in business as an entrepreneur. He is happy to be working with his old friend Stuart Weisbrod. Weisbrod and Gottlieb met when they were both at Merlin Biomed Group, which is a company that Weisbrod co-founded. Jacob worked as a portfolio manager for Weisbrod in 2000. He gives Weisbrod the credit for providing him with his management style in business. Gottlieb learned a great deal from Stuart. He did great things for Merlin and brought several high-profile clients to the company before it closed for business in 2007.

Jacob Gottlieb moved on to other successful ventures. He launched Visium Asset Management with a 300 million dollar investment. The company grew very rapidly. Soon it was worth 2.5 billion dollars. Visium sustained success and even broke ground during the 2008 financial crisis to become an 8 billion dollar hedge fund. The company had over 200 employees with offices in London, New York and San Francisco.

Visium Asset Management would run into serious adversity when its top executives were accused of insider trading. The FBI was tipped off by an informant working on the inside of the organization. They immediately began an investigation and brought charges to members of company.

Jacob Gottlieb was never charged of any unethical practices. He remained with Visium as its CEO to wind down the company. He also dedicated himself to returning funds to investors. Visium remains under the watchful eye of the SEC.

Jacob Gottlieb is currently setting up his next business venture. He has founded Altium Capital Altium Capital will be a hedge fund that focuses on investing in healthcare systems. Gottlieb is getting back to his area of expertise. The company already has a stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, which is a cutting-edge healthcare provider that will save millions of lives in the future.

OG Juan: The President of the 40/40 Club

OG Juan is a close friend of Jay-Z, and they were introduced to each other back in the year 1996. Kareem Burke, the founder of the Roc-A-Fella Records, is the one who made it possible for the two to meet. The studio was run by OG Juan and Jay-Z from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Later in their careers, they decided to set up their own record label company called the Roc-La-Familia, which soon became defunct. Their business venture never stopped, and they also founded a sports bar called the 40/40 Club, which was established in 2003. The friendly relationship between the two individuals would deepen as years go by, and Jay-Z would even mention OG Juan in his songs and albums.

Through the years, the 40/40 Club owned by Jay-Z and OG Juan would keep on receiving more patrons. It became the driving force for their relationship, and because of its success, they decided the launch another business called the Roc Nation Sports. The business was announced in 2013, and together, they are working with each other to manage it. Jay-Z and OG Juan stated that the reason why they opened the Roc Nation Sports is that they wanted to see how successful business collaboration between entertainment and sports would look like.

They thought that nobody had made it in the past, and years after it was founded, the business became stronger than ever, and OG Juan serves as the company’s president. OG Juan is the husband of Desiree Perez, who is the Roc Nation COO. She handles the contracts given to Jay-Z and has been with him since he started his career. Together, OG Juan and Desiree Perez contribute a lot to the career of Jay-Z. They are helping him with his career, and at the same time, Jay-Z is also helping them in running their businesses.

Malcolm CasSelle: Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Virtual Asset Exchange Revolutionary

Any time you hear of an individual who can claim true success in a wide variety of disciplines, it can certainly be awe-inspiring. This does not make the individual any greater than anyone else as everyone is human at the end of the day. However, this does not diminish the fact that in order to achieve such levels of success they must have applied an intense level of focus and dedication to their endeavors. Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who fits the mold that has just been described.

You may not believe it, but Malcolm CasSelle has been a successful venture capitalist in addition to successfully helping several startup companies launch their organizations and has been able to hold several leadership positions in a number of Internet and technology corporations. If that were not enough, he has also just launched a new company that promises to revolutionize the virtual asset exchange industry.

Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm CasSelle is not only a highly motivated individual but is also highly intelligent and possesses a high degree of sophistication. He is able to speak English Japanese and Mandarin which makes him one of the few individuals of American dissent that can claim to be truly trilingual. He holds two degrees both in computer science. Massachusetts Institute of Technology awarded him a bachelors degree in computer science, while Stanford University bestowed a Masters degree in the same field on to Malcolm CasSelle.

Due to the unique combination of both expertise and knowledge that he possesses Malcolm CasSelle has been able to identify issues that have been inherent in the virtual asset exchange industry for the entirety of its existence and develop solutions in order to eliminate them forever. The two biggest issues that are part of the virtual asset exchange industry a result of the centralization of typical exchanges. Malcolm CasSelle’s new company, Worldwide Asset Exchange, is going to decentralized the industry by implementing the same technology that bitcoin is based upon, the technology of blockchain. By decentralizing the industry the issues of geographic fragmentation, which causes users to increase their expense needlessly, and fraudulent activity should be nearly entirely eliminated.


Ronald Fowlkes Accomplishments

Ronald Fowlkes is widely known in the United States. The businessman has earned the respect of many individuals because of his numerous roles in the community. His work history has made him very popular; as it speaks volumes about his personality. Ronald started his career at the well-known United States Marine Corps. As a young man who had started working, Ronald Fowkes was looking for ways to make the lives of his colleagues better than the way he found it. His passion for the law enforcement industry has earned him a lot of respect. At the moment, Fowlkes is serving at a prestigious company that is known as Eagle Industries Limited. As the founder and managing partner of the successful firm, Ronald Fowlkes has numerous activities to carry out, and he has proven to the world that he can handle all the work perfectly.


Ronald was at one time serving in the First Gulf War. This happened when the successful law enforcement officer was working for the Marine Corps. In his tenure in this department, the businessman was given several promotions due to his dedication and hard work. This industry can be very complicated for most people. Before joining the sector, Ronald chose to acquire his skills from one of the best facilities, known as Marine Corps School of Infantry. The skills he received at the popular institution have assisted him to become one of the leading experts in law enforcement. The knowledge prepared him for the complex job activities that were ahead of him.


Apart from serving at the Marine Corp, the businessman has also been fortunate to secure a working position at the prestigious Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. While in this position, the businessman was involved in small unit parachute operations, and he proved to be very knowledgeable. The job needed an individual who is highly skilled in naval gunfire missions, and Ronald did very well. The position allowed him to use various types of encrypted and non-encrypted radios. He also acquired expertise when operating the machinery in the industry. By the time he was leaving the institution, the businessman was a role model to many young people who wanted to excel in the complicated department.


Ronald Fowlkes impressive career in law enforcement dates back to more than one decade ago. The businessman served with the Louis Metropolitan Police Department for more than a decade before joining the popular St. Louis County Police Department.The businessman then realized that the people in this department were looking for numerous products that were not available. This is why he chose to spend his career life offering these professionals the type of products they need so that they can carry out their operations without any challenges. Ronald has experienced a lot of success in his new role.


What’s Happening in Real Estate This Summer in Atlantic City

Did you know that a new 250-unit rental project will be completed in Atlantic City this summer? As luck would have it, this project, developed by Boraie Development is long time coming. Residents and commuters that work within the city are thrilled to hear that new rental units on are on their way. This project will also be the first market-rate development in more than 25 years to be built in Atlantic City.

Recently, in article, a group took a tour of the development to report more about how it came about and what it would be like upon completion of the project. The Press of Atlantic City was the firm to report, discussing how far it would reach. The streets that will border this complex include Pacific, Atlantic, Connecticut and New Jersey avenues. The financial investment behind this complex, equaling $81 million dollars, could serve as many as up to 50,000 people. This is the estimated number, including those who may already live in the area but would like to live in the city. This number also accounts for those who may currently be commuting, but would love to be closer to their work. Visit to know more.

According to Patch, the Beach at South Inlet signifies hope for the city, giving it a new look and a fresh vision for the future. This all comes on the heels of a downward economic spiral over the last 10 years. Although casinos have closed and businesses have struggled this will be a welcome change for the community and those living and working in it. For more details visit Crunchbase to see more.

Boraie Development is known for the hand in urban investment strategy above anything else in real estate. Their focus has always been service, outside of their ability to bring forth stellar design, and some of the most reputable properties in the area. Their ability to secure financing from some of the top financial institutions puts Boraie on the map as one of the most desirable commercial real estate developers in the country, let alone New Jersey. In addition to their ability to work in urban development, Sam Boraie also serves the community through property management services, sales and marketing.

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Talos Energy is expanding the Drilling Industry

Until recently, Mexico has not allowed foreign countries to drop an oil well in its waters. For the first time in 80 years, the joint venture of three oil companies began drilling the well in May of this year. Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico, Talos Energy, LLC based in Houston, Texas and Premier Oil Plc from London established the first offshore exploration well. Mexico nationalized its the oil industry in 1938 and only Petroleos Mexicanos has executed any oil drilling. The three companies bid for the right to drill in 2015. The cost to drill the well is $16 million and will take 90 days to complete.

The area being drilled, off of Tabasco and estimated to hold an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The structure of the basin where the well is being dropped suggests the venture will be successful.The well is being drilled as part of Mexico’s energy reform process and will be under industry scrutiny. The project will be one of the most interesting exploration well projects. Talos Energy is the well operator and owns 35 percent of the venture, with Premier holding 25 Percent and Sierra holding 40 percent in the project.Talos Energy was started by Tim Duncan with $600 million in equity from backers involved in other oil and gas ventures.

The original entity produced more than 15,000 barrels of crude oil per day with a team of more than 60 professionals located in Houston, Texas. The total number of team members is 120 employees, increased from 15.Workplace Dynamics named Talos Energy the best workplace in the local small business environment. While the perks of on-site day care and happy hour on Friday are enjoyed by the employees, it was the equity each person receives for being an employee that makes the most difference. Giving employees a stake in the company provides an incentive for the team to work together for the betterment of the company. Everything each team member does can make or break the company and knowing that allows team members to be more conscientious. Talos Energy is well positioned to expand and continue to grow.

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What wikipedia says about Equites First Holding

Equities First Holdings have created an innovative way to help business owner secure a loan, even if their credit scores are not the best. They have mastered the skill of offering liquidity at better terms all while remaining efficient and productive. You no longer need to worry about fluctuating interest rates because Equities First Holdings use stocks as collateral which comes with a higher loan to value ratio than you would typically receive in margin loans. Equities First Holdings has been around for 17 years, and they are thriving! Since 2002 when they exploded on the scenes, they have developed into one of the nations leading providers of security-based loans for all kinds of business ventures. The company has completed more than 625 transactions.


Todd Lubar: Trendsetter in Baltimore.

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate business for more than twenty years. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures. He has seen first hand the ups and downs of the real estate market. His main advice for people is to believe in themselves when it comes to new ideas. His approach has been and always will be if there is a will there is a way to create something new.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree n speech communication. This is a critical skill when it comes to the real estate industry because without it new ideas in the industry could never take root. With that in mind here are some of his thoughts on the newest trends in the Baltimore real estate market.

One of the key things that Todd Lubar sees in this market is that Baltimore is becoming the new hot spot for millennials. This is because Baltimore has a cheap cost of living so these young people can move to a nice city and not have to break the bank to do it. Baltimore is also a key location in that it is very close in proximity to Washington D.C. This allows new entrepreneurs to travel to a big city at an inexpensive price. A second main point Lubar see is the fact that new businesses can start up. With the flow of new businesses coming in this can increase property values in Baltimore and make it a more viable option for those entrepreneurs to find a new home. A final point is that the unemployment rate in Baltimore has gone down. This is the turnaround that Lubar has been waiting for in the last few years and now it has come to fruition. These are trends that Lubar hopes will make Baltimore one the top business cities in the United States. Check out for more.

Todd Lubar has seen many things and people come and go in the world of the Baltimore real estate market. Now Baltimore is revitalized and reinvented itself in this industry. Todd Lubar couldn’t be happier. You can follow him on Facebook.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden And The Career She Chose To Help Women

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon and has been practicing medicine for eight years. Her specialties include breast augmentations, eyelid lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, botox and face lifts. Female plastic surgeons are not common and out of the 8,100 who are board certified, only 851 are women. Only a dozen of these live in Texas.A plastic surgeon must attend an additional five years of training in post medical school and often another two years in fellowship. Dr. Walden believes many women do not pursue this path because it delays their having children. She also sees a lot of advantages including 91 percent of cosmetic surgery being performed on women. Her patients are more comfortable discussing their concerns about their bodies with a woman as well. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews empathizes with her patients. She saw changes in her body after her twin sons were born.

Dr. Walden spent seven and a half years working on the Upper East Side in New York before moving back to Austin for her boys. She is single by choice yet wanted her children to be closer to her family. She was concerned because there was no cosmetic surgeon in Austin. By the time her planes landed two patients had already booked the surgery for breast augmentation.

Dr. Jennifer Walden chose to become a plastic surgeon because she had a desire to help women improve themselves. She wanted them to have the self confidence they were lacking and a better quality of life. She made these women look and feel better and believes that is the whole point of becoming a doctor. Dr. Walden is happy and knows she could not sleep at night if she wasn’t helping people or hurting her own gender in any way. Her work is about helping women, not vanity.

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Mike Baur Leads A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

The business world has changed a great deal over the past few decades. One of the biggest changes has been the use of the Internet as a primary business center. The Internet has helped to transform the business world into a digital world where almost any business activity can be accomplished in the same manner as a physical visit to a business location.


The emergence of e-commerce as a viable method to make purchases online has forever changed the way millions of people shop, pay bills, and approach conducting business with companies. The Internet allows people to go online to determine if they want to do business with a particular company. The Internet provides a ton of information on companies through basic company information, reviews, and other ways to give people enough information regarding companies to make informed decisions on whether to do business with companies.


As the Internet has been integrated into the core operations of many companies, the way that entrepreneurs look at the Internet has changed significantly. The Internet has become a new business model for many entrepreneurs. A new term has been created from the development of the Internet and related technology called the digital entrepreneur. This is a new type of entrepreneur who is interested primarily in starting businesses that operate exclusively or almost exclusively online.


A company that is helping many digital entrepreneurs get started with their business endeavors is the Swiss Startup Factory. One of the partners that helped to start the Swiss Startup Factory is Mike Baur.


A business veteran with over 20 years of experience, Mike Baur brings a perspective to the clients of the Swiss Startup Factory that is very important. Mike Baur provides assistance at the Swiss Startup Factory regarding training, consulting, mentorship, and other learning methods for digital entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start and operate successful digital companies.


Mike Baur has a vast amount of business experience that covers various aspects of the business world. He is able to provide strong leadership and communicates very well with people. Mike Baur offers executive guidance to digital entrepreneurs who are looking for key information to help them succeed in the digital world. The way that business is conducted online is different than in the brick and mortar world. Mike Baur is helping the Swiss Startup Factory to become a household name in the area of digital business development and learning.