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Jim Larkin’s fight against the mistreatment of Irish workers

Jim Larkin was born on 21st January 1976. He was an Irish socialist activist and trade union leader, and he was born to Irish parents in Liverpool. They later relocated to a small cottage in Burren, Southern County Down. Jim came from a humble background and began to work at a very tender age to provide for his family.

Growing up in poverty and the hard life in slums made Jim acquire little formal education and work at variety casual jobs while he was still young. Supplementing the needs of his family was never an easy task as he was forced to attend school in the morning and work in the afternoons.

Jim Larkin developed a passion for socialism in the year 1893 and joined Independent Labour Party. After working at the docks as a foreman, Jim together with his fellow workers organized a strike that led to his dismissal from his position. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Due to the impression he set while working at the Liverpool docks, the National Union of Dock Labourers appointed him as a temporal organizer, a post that later on became permanent. He was then allowed to move to Scotland and Britain where he successfully organized the workers through his campaigns.

In the year 1907, Jim arrived in Belfast to organize the city Dockers on behalf of the trade union movement. He managed to mobilize the worker’s fight for their right to fair employment and wages. The employees refused to give in to the grievances on salaries, and that resulted in a strike that was actively participated by workers in June.

Jim succeeded in mobilizing the Protesting and Catholic workers alongside the police who also joined the strike. In the year 1908, Jim made a considerable achievement in assembling workers in Waterford, Cork, and Dublin. Jim involvement in giving directives resulted in a conflict of interest in Dublin and thus resulted in his dismissal from NUDL.

The personal dispute led to his trial and conviction in the year 1910, in response to diverting the union’s funds pay for the strike. Jim served for three months, and he was released when the sentence was regarded unjust.

Creating New Business Model in Fast Foods; the Story of Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

As a senior undergraduate at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Nathaniel Ru and his friends Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet used to have difficulties looking for a healthy joint to eat. Besides getting food, they wanted a single joint that would provide both food and fun. This experience prompted them to set up such a joint as soon as they got out of school. The three buddies ventured into food, business. Today they boast of a successful chain of restaurants that offer food in the best way. Initial efforts to secure a place were difficult, but through persistence, they got a strategic location of their choice. They had resolved to call their food joint the Sweetgreen. Today, Sweetgreen has stores in America’s great cities providing fresh and healthy food. The motivation and driving force behind Ru’s success are living up to the co values of the company. Learn more:


To remain relevant each day, they have set values that guide their operations. Value number one is victory for the business and the clients. Secondly, creating a lifestyle brand that will outlive them and the third one is keeping it real all the time by being authentic. The Fourth value is “sweet.” Being nice to all in the system brings sweet tidings. The clients, the business and its employees should have it sweet. No wonder the name Sweetgreen. Indeed, this is a marketing strategy. If satisfied, clients have a way of using the “tell a friend “concept and this way the customer base expands. The last but not least of their values are whole, which can be defined as teamwork Ru reiterates that they do it together. The whole exceeds the sum of its parts and working together every day has helped them achieve the much they have today. Learn more:


One of their milestone achievements was joint they opened a new joint at Dupont Circle .the first two weeks were a disaster with no customers an obstacle they overcame by using music. It served the purpose as it created an emotional way of luring clients. The results of the experiment on food and music bore fruits and today its part of their culture. The trio seeks to engage in what will outlive them and thus endeavors to improve each day. Their enthusiasm keeps the business evolving. Sweetgreens in not just a typical food joint but a lifestyle brand. They take great pride in serving their customers with better food. The university friends have embraced technology in a big way. They do web based transactions through their website, and mobile apps and their management approach are client oriented. Learn more: