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José Auriemo Neto – Man with a mission

JHSF Participacoes SA is a leading Brazilian company in the real estate sector, generally famous in the São Paulo region for its involvement in some big projects there. José Auriemo Neto is the chairman as well as the CEO of the organization. He is actively involved in a lot of commercial projects and is also a pioneer of bringing luxury brands into the complexes owned by the parent organization.

He started his career at JHSF in 1993 and JHSF has earned a lot of accolades for his contribution and leadership. He also contributed positively in terms of transforming a mall with just a few stores to a shopping arena with a subway station. He took key initiatives focused on expansion and diversification of the company. JHSF was introduced to the outside world and it has an office in New York City.

Through him, the organization launched the state-of-the-art shopping complex, Cidade Jardim. This was a key step as it introduced Brazilians to the world of international brands. José Auriemo Neto is known for his keen business acumen; he is extremely good at finding untouched opportunities and shaping them into modern day infrastructure. No surprise he is a well-known figure in the Brazilian real estate world.

Under his leadership, JHSF expanded into major industry verticals like airports and residential buildings. He has revolutionalized the parking industry in Brazil by founding a company named Parkbem. His excellent academics at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado university popularly called as FAAP has definitely helped him to apply his technical skills to the real estate industry.

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Omar Yunes Highly Successful and Passionate Entrepreneur from Mexico

Achieving success in the food and restaurant business is a tough feat to accomplish, but it is what Omar Yunes from Mexico has made remarkably. His journey to success is awe-inspiring, which has made him a role model for many of the young entrepreneurs who want to start their own restaurant business.

Omar Yunes recently won one of the most prestigious competitions named Best Franchisee in the World Competition where hundreds of participants from different countries participated. Omar Yunes won the BFW Competition held in Florence, Italy on the basis that he contributed significantly to the network of fast food restaurants that he owns and represents. At present, Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto fast food restaurants, which represents ten percent of the total fast food restaurants under the brand of Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes has made sure that the joints he owns are managed properly, and he has implemented many marketing techniques that have contributed to the growth in popularity and revenue of the Sushi Itto brand in Mexico. Omar Yunes started with the first Sushi Itto franchise when he was 21 years old. The success achieved by the first restaurant led to the expansion of his franchise portfolio, and today he owns a total of 13 Sushi Itto franchise spread in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. To know more about him click here.

It has not only made his financial gains but also made him a popular figure in the restaurant industry. Many people are following his example and trying to do things his way to achieve similar success. Omar Yunes believes in the mantra of nothing is impossible, and it is evident from his journey when he started at the age of 21 years old and went on to become one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the food industry of Mexico.

Omar Yunes said at the BFW Competition that achieving such a remarkable feat wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his 400 employees that work across his network of restaurants. Omar Yunes is also invested in other sectors and has many profitable investments made in the real estate industry. In the future, Omar plans to open several more restaurants in other parts of Mexico.

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The Inspirational Life of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is one of the great philanthropists of today. His pro-Israel organizations and messages made him world-renowned. He’s one of the foremost speakers of Jewish heritage and pride. An Israel native, Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel and raised in Kiryat Motzkin.

Both his parent were emigrants to Israel. His father, Hillel, immigrated from Argentina, and his mother, Eva, immigrated from Mexico. After he served as a combat sailor in Israel’s independence war, he married Eva in Haifa. Years later, she gave birth to Adam and his younger siblings, Joshua and Dalit.

Adam grew up working closely with his father. He got his first taste of real estate as a teenager. When he turned 18, he submitted to his mandatory service in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). In 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, he served with the Ariel Sharon’s army Division.

After completing his mandatory service, he attended the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, he began working more with his father in real estate. Chasing bigger dreams, Milstein moved his family, wife, Gila, and their daughters, to the United States. Adam Milstein immediate enrolled at the University of Southern California and earned a Master’s degree.

While attending USC, Milstein overheard some recruiters hiring undergraduates. He didn’t like what the recruiters were offering and figured he could do better on his own. Using the knowledge and experience he earned working with his father, Adam starting working in commercial real estate.

He started out making the same mistake all new entrepreneurs do. His biggest problem was putting too much into single projects. He learned patience and dedication lead to success. Now, he’s a manager partner at Hager Pacific, a company he co-founded.