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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Efforts in Advancing the Thermoelectric Power Sector

As a young business person yet to reach 40 years, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has maintained a very vibrant career profile that people all over the world admire. Betancourt has worked in many leading companies where he has amassed massive skills and knowledge in many sectors. In his academic life, he holds two undergraduate degrees in economics and business administration from Suffolk University. He is also the great-grandson of Venezuela’s former president in the 19th Century, Hermógenes López.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stands out to be an entrepreneur who has transformed many sectors, especially the energy sector, through various innovations and new technologies. His sensitivity to new technologies has made him develop many businesses that embrace very new approaches. It has also allowed him to work in the continents of Africa and South America.

Before engaging in his private businesses, Alejandro worked in many companies as a manager. Some of the companies include Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy. In Latin America, he was the commercial manager of the ICC-OEOC company, which has its roots in the UK and solves technology problems at the offshore oil Industry.

Upon moving out of the abovementioned companies, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had deeply understood how many sectors conduct businesses. He also knew how innovation could transform the modern economy. So, he decided to start his company – His company, in 2007 together with Pedro Trebbau López. With His company, Betancourt had the vision to lead in the expansion of the thermoelectric power sector. They concentrated on ensuring that proper electricity production facilities are in place and to enhance their supply chain operation.

His company grew so well, and within a few years, it became the leading in Venezuela and the entire region. The company has brought an input of 1,386 megawatts of electricity in the power grid of Venezuela through the eleven simple-cycle Thermoelectric power plants they have established. They are also exploring other sources of energy like wind and solar. Their goal is to provide opportunities for research and development within Latin America.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s company has taken a step ahead to sponsor students that want to advance their careers in the energy sector by partnering with Simón Bolivar University. He has also established a foundation to give back to society in education, sports, and technology.


Financial Sheldon Lavin: A Leader With Experience

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group which is in Chicago. He is responsible for Otto and Son’s success as a butcher-shop that ended up being a success in supplying to different restaurants. As a result, the company changed its name several times, and is now a global force in the food distribution industry. They have several facilities in many countries and have even taken over some meat plants. To now those wise decisions were made that made this company successful is a good thing that we all should appreciate because it’s about getting fresh food that’s of good quality.

Sheldon Lavin helps companies with funding so that they can succeed in the business. You need money in order to make money. He helped OSI Group achieve its goals, and look at how this company flourished. Who would have thought that a small butcher shop in Chicago would turn out to be something great? Sheldon Lavin also believes that a company should always have a thoroughly laid out business plan. Without one, no company will last that long. A business can also lose a lot of money. You will find spending money where you shouldn’t.

If we learn anything from Sheldon Lavin, it’s to make sure we know how to get money in order to get our start-up off the ground. Plus, we should make use of technology for our marketing strategies. Also, you have incorporated any marketing strategy that is used in your business if it will increase your revenue. Just think about how great your company would be if you understood the how much a financial consultant could help you which is what Lavin still does. He has not retired.

If you find yourself needing business funds, Sheldon Lavin does have some good advice on how to get it. Plus, he is part of the reason OSI Group is doing so well. Now is the time to start planning what your business needs in order to dominant. You just never know what could come of your hard work. Lavin is an example of that. Source:

Sergey Petrossov-Pioneering Private Air Travel

Getting Started


Sergey Petrossov is the 31-year-old CEO and founder of JetSmarter, an innovative company that is worth more than a billion dollars. He was born in Russia. His family moved to the United States; at the time he was four. Later, they would move from California and Colorado to settle in Florida. This is where Petrossov would go to high school and start his first business, an import/export service that dealt with selling car tire rims.

After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Florida to obtain a degree in the field of finance. During his years there, Sergey Petrossov became interested in technology and partnered with some of his colleagues to start a chat service. Soon after completing his education in 2009, he became a partner in another tech business that taught educational courses for Russian and East European students.

Continual Progress

You could say that the results of his next phase in entrepreneurship came through a twist of luck. In 2009, Sergey Petrossov was invited to fly on a private plane. To make this happen, he discovered he would have to call in to the aviation office and wait for someone to send an invoice. After signing it, he would have to fax it back. This method seemed so outdated to him as regular flights were digitized.

Seeing a vast opportunity for improvement in the private plane sector, Sergey Petrossov created JetSmarter. His idea was that individuals were not using jets to their advantage. He developed a plan to make sure that private planes were being used and not grounded for days at a time. He would establish a way distinguish individuals could reserve flights on personal jets, for their own crew or share with other folks who were like-minded in business matters.

In 2012, Sergey built a beta app that allowed his inner circle to test it and see how it worked in real time. The software program was so well accepted that it was released to the public in 2013.


Alejandro Betancourt Lopez On Considering The Views Of Others

It is likely due to the fact that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was raised in a family that valued the principles of education that he is so comfortable in an office work environment. Ever since he was young, he has found it easiest to work in a quiet space where people are open to express their ideas about their prospects and hopes for the company’s future, and it is because of his love for this environment that he tries to maintain a base of employees who truly care about the outcome of his company’s future.

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He believes that ensuring every single person involved with the process of business is fully on-board both physically and emotionally with what they are doing is absolutely essential. If even one person is not displaying passion for the work they are doing, this can throw off an entire team. That one person can often be enough to convince the others within the company that they do not have to exercise care or interest for the things they are doing in order to get by, and this, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has noticed, can have a “broken windows” effect on the rest of the workers. This is why he always tries to make sure that everyone has an avenue to be fully-invested with the work they are doing.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez tends to notice that the best way to ensure this reality is to assign people to jobs that they will truly and honestly care about. Without this basic characteristic, they are already at a disadvantage in a proper work environment. This is why his employee-selection process is so filtered and seemingly picky; Alejandro Betancourt Lopez simply wants to make sure that there are no weak links in his company. At the same time, he knows that it is important to consider what everyone has to say, even if it seems as though they do not care for the future of the company, as oftentimes, looks can be quite deceiving. Someone who appears lethargic and uninterested could actually just be off in their own world trying to come up with new and fresh solutions.

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Career approach as advised by Max Salk

The world of professionalism is on the verge of taking a paradigm shift in the sector of career specialization. In the past, graduates would walk out of college with expertise in a particular field, for instance, medicine, engineering, and business accounting. However, the trend has changed as youths are expanding their knowledge in different areas and not just a specific one. The technology is providing a platform for exposure that is helping people to learn several skills. Getting an engineer or a dentist with skills in certified public accounting is very common nowadays. However, there are risks in diversifying your areas of expertise.

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Author David Epstein explains in his book, ‘Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World’ the benefits of knowing different professions. According to his research on most successful individuals, he discovered that most of them are a generalist. Generalists have skills in connecting with other people in different areas, which helps them in developing ideas and in ethical decision making. To understand how generalizing your potentials are better than specializing them, let us look at the life of Max Salk. He is a true definition of the difference between the two aspects of career success.

Max Salk is one of the most successful individuals with more than one profession. In addition to his business as an investment analyst, he is also a Photographer majoring in landscapes. Max Salk is an alumnus of the University of Illinois, a graduate with a degree in History and Finance. As a student, he would perfect his financial skills by taking risks such as stock investments. Luckily after his graduation, he managed to secure a contract to work with an investment management firm in Chicago. The firm was known as PPM America. 

As much as he was excelling in his business career, Max wished to rekindle his passion for photography. He developed an interest in photography during his time in the Netherlands before his undergraduate program. Max Salk is currently working with Blackstone as the vice president and still a passionate photographer. Max asserts in an interview that he loves photographing as much, and it does not look like work when you love what you are doing. He believes that the world is so vast and limiting your potential in one profession will not guarantee success in life.

Financier and Philanthropist Clement Perrette Gives Career Advice for Young Adults


In more than 20 years, Clement Perrette has built a solid reputation in the capital markets industry. Working globally from New York to Paris, his career has skyrocketed to heights he may not have foreseen. Today, he’s settled in Geneva where he currently works as a Senior Portfolio Manager for RAM Active Investments. Perrette is credited for almost tripling the company’s starting capital since joining in 2016.

While enjoying a career most would describe as illustrious, Clement Perrette has another passion – ocean preservation. His full-color, hardcover book; Call of the Blue, presents sea life in a vivid but natural setting. The purpose of this project is to bring ocean pollution and the livelihood of sea creatures to the forefront. Marine biologist Tom Hooper and ocean conservationist Phillip Hamilton collaborated, and the combined efforts have led to rave reviews from the media. The Guardian describes it as “groundbreaking” and the Sierra Club calls Hamilton’s photographed subjects “stunning”.

Following the success of Call of the Blue, he would partner with the Uproar Fund, a wildlife preservation organization. Although it seems Perrette has a busy plate, he attributes the ability to plan and be flexible creates balance in his professional life. Although many college students and aspiring financiers may wonder about his career strategy, the answer is simple.

While having ambition is good, Clement encourages forming solid relationships that last. In his professional life, he’s also learned the art of working proactively with constructive criticism and having patience.

These traits and more help Clement Perrette became a recognizable force in bringing awareness to climate change. He feels that if more people lead by example, it can positively impact future generations. Working hard to improve the environment and help those without a voice is what makes a true leader.


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Businessman Sudhir Choudhrie Is Thankful For Each And Every Day:

Sudhir Choudhrie is an aviation, healthcare industry and hospitality sector businessman who bases his operations out of London in the United Kingdom. He is a dedicated philanthropist who is involved in many positive works including the education sector. His current professional role is as the Executive Director at the Magnum International Trading Company which he founded in 1975. Other prominent positions that have been held by Sudhir Choudhrie include serving as a non-Executive Director with the Ebookers PLC organization and serving on the Board of Directors with Deccan Aviation. The businessman and philanthropist holds a degree in economics from Delhi University. Learn more about Sudhir Choudhrie at

The medical field is one that Sudhir Choudhrie has always been supportive of. He is a passionate individual when it comes to the topic of heart health due to the struggles he has faced throughout his own life regarding the topic. From early in his life, Sudhir Choudhrie has struggled with the issue of a heart valve that leaks. 1996 marked a particularly difficult year for the entrepreneur because his heart issues came face to face with his brother Rajiv was diagnosed with a heart issue as well. The following year, Rajiv passed away and this left Sudhir absolutely heartbroken. While his brother during the waiting process for a transplant, Sudhir would go on to have his own transplant in 1998. The fact that he still survives to this day makes him one of the longest-lived individuals post heart transplant. The fact that he was able to get the heart transplant that he needs has prompted Sudhir to be an ardent supporter of organ donor programs and he is also passionate about inspiring hope in those who deal with issues related to the heart.

Through is philanthropy, Sudhir Choudhrie has supported many causes in the realm of education and he is also passionate about finding ways to give back to the medical field. His donations have been many over the years and he has become a regular contributor to the New York City-based medical center at Columbia University. It is yet another way that he can give back to the world by way of the success he has enjoyed over the years.


The Work of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer


The Brazilian media giant, RBS Group, was founded on August 31, 1957, by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. At this time he formed a very fortuitous partnership with Radio Gaucha which enabled him to form or buy other small local radio and TV stations through the years. In 1967 the company founded its first regional TV broadcasting network. From that point on it has expanded in many media-related directions. The year 1986 saw it also expanding into the newspaper industry. The 1990s saw it also branching out further into the radio industry.


The 2000s saw it get into the book-publishing business. That same decade saw it getting into the music business. In 2017 it turned its attentions to providing business solutions. It has since remained owned and led by his family. In 2012, his son Nelson Sirotsky, retired as leader of the company after helming it for over 25 years. He was succeeded by his nephew Eduardo Meltzer (commonly known as Duda). Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was born into this family in Porto Alegre in 1972. After graduating from high school he spent time in business education in the U.S., attaining to an MBA from the Harvard Business School in 2002.


After this education, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer would remain involved in the U.S. business world for a short while longer before returning to Brazil to join the family business. Today he is one of the most respected business leaders in the world. In 2015 he was awarded the Merit Award in Administration from the Regional Management Council of Rio Grande do Sul. In his role as top leader of RBS, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer oversees the work of his 6,000 employees. It has a massive network that includes 14 TV broadcasting stations, 24 radio stations, and eight newspapers.


Today in addition to his leadership of RBS, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also chairman of e.Bricks Digital and a shareholder of e.Bricks Ventures. These companies are actually the child companies of RBS. E.Bricks is not the only child company of RBS. Other child companies include HSM, Kzuka, RBS Publicações, Orbeat Music, Mídia Gráfica, Vialog, and Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho.

Ted Bauman Knows What Aspiring Investors Need To Know And Is Willing To Deliver Just That

Ted Bauman has been working hard for the majority of his life to connect people with the resources and information they need to live a happier and more financially secure life. He moved to South Africa when he was a younger man and studied at the University of Cape Town where he received degrees in economics and history. Bauman served as a fund manager for many different nonprofits in South Africa and was able to help millions of people in the process. A little over a decade ago he moved back to the United States and became the director of international programs.

Today, Ted Bauman serves as the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. He also created “Smart Money,” which is a weekly stock trading service that is a great help to many investors. He has found that his knowledge of the finance industry as well as economics has helped him to reach people in a meaningful way. He admits that he was a bit of a slow starter in the beginning when he got to work with Banyan Hill as an editor of multiple newsletters but that he now understands how to create the kind of content that aspiring investors crave.


When Ted Bauman first started writing, he had already gained a lot of attention because of his father’s work in the industry. Since his earlier days with Banyan Hill, he has learned how to keep people’s attention by offering up his advice and his skills as a low risk investment professional. He recently commented that many of his readers are beginning to want to know more about how the global economy functions and that he is more than happy to educate them about it.

Ted Bauman once had an issue with time management, but he has since become much better at making time for himself and focusing on his work when he is at his sharpest. While he has been able to earn a lot of money in the past, he feels that he is now at the height of his career as he helps others to create wealth and protect it. He is hoping that he will continue to be able to attract more readers to his newsletters in the near future.


Max Salk: A Millennial with Vision

 Max Salk knows how to separate work from pleasure and practices his time management in his daily life. He takes time for himself to work on his passions, allowing him to nourish his spirit so that he is not as likely to burn out from his work. These practices of poise have rewarded Salk with professional analytical success as well as fulfillment in many other aspects of his life which are just as, if not more important to his identity. Salk is talented in looking at problems and finding solutions in his business endeavors as well as his personal pursuits. Salk is careful to determine which problems deserve his attention. His preparation is a crucial tool which he utilizes when identifying problems that will have the largest impact once a solution is reached, this requires tremendous foresight.


Salk’s mentality bears resemblance to a simple saying, “Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Max is fully aware that preparation is crucial to success but at the same time his willingness to accept change around him makes him versatile and adaptable to the dynamic world which surrounds him. Fighting the onset of unexpected situations is comparable to attempting to stop waves in the ocean wasting precious energy and in no way affecting the outcome.

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In all walks of life people face obstacles which may seem to halt progress. Salk also shares that it is imperative to discover a mission which you are truly invested in, one that you have the mental stamina to attain and with persistence you are sure to achieve your end goal. Finding this passion is two-fold; it allows you to find happiness in your labors, it also gives you a competitive advantage over others in the same line of work by being more devoted to your cause. This determination allows you to log more time with your undertaking than rivals, eventually giving you a wider breadth of knowledge of the given subject matter.