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Recounting the Career Life of CEO Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is CEO of EnergiparCaprica. He has excellent knowledge and experience in finance and financial strategy for individual and organisations. Felipe also offers economic waste solutions for different governments of the states and in helping them to establish stability in terms of finance. He has a degree in Business from Getulio Vargas Foundation and Global Business Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a branch of Arizona State University. His experience is built on several affiliations on board committees as well as working with chemical development, waste, energy, and water companies such as Atvos, FOZ, and Braskem among others. Read more about Montoro Jens at

He has been in different positions working with companies such as Paulo Oliveira De Melo and Luciano NitriGuidolin. In addition to his interests as mentioned above, Felipe Montoro Jens also operates as a consultant of both private and public infrastructure projects in Brazil. In addition to the educational background in business, he holds different degrees in Spanish & History and Kinesiology & Health promotions. The strategy he uses to develop, grow, implement and manage his ideas is by reading important articles in newspapers and magazines, watching appealing movies and exchanging ideas with smart people in society.

Felipe Montoro Jens is focused on essential issues in life such as eating, dressing and living a positive experience. His day starts with breakfast; then he visits the gym for some time before heading to the workplace. At the workplace, he makes a few calls, holds important meetings and writes reports to directors about the necessary investments of the company. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that for one to be more productive, he must be ready to avoid the social media as well as a small office or individual meetings; instead, focus on essential discussions that are short and precise. He advises people to do their best in their roles and avoid making life assumptions. Focus on the present and the future as they dictate the success of the business.

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Why You Need to Choose the Jeunesse Global Line

While there are a lot of high-quality health and wellness brands on the market, there is nothing quite like utilizing Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse Global has been in the business of health, beauty and wellness for over a decade. They are committed to offering only the best products to meet your needs. The brand is well-known for their anti-aging products that are ideal for customers of all ages. They also provide customers a fully-realized product line that helps with all areas of your beauty and wellness.

There are many different products within the Jeunesse Global line. One of the most popular and highly sought after is known as Nevo. Nevo is a low-calorie energy drink that is free of artificial colors, sweeteners and flavorings. You simply get energized through a drink that provides sufficient ingredient dosage without it feeling like you’re jittery or hyped up. For this reason, many customers of the Jeunesse Global are choosing Nevo and are loving the way that it makes them feel. What’s more, the product line comes in a range of delicious flavors to make it easier than ever for you to find the one that you are sure to love.

What makes Jeunesse Global a lot different from some of the other brands on the market is that you can become an independent distributor and actually sell the products that you love to use. You will receive a commission off of every sale that you make, allowing you to earn on your own time and at a pace that is easy for you. For this reason, a lot of people are choosing this as an option and are finding the benefit of choosing Jeunesse Global because of the work that they have put into developing the company. In order to learn more about this amazing brand, you can check them out on social media or look through their product line on their website. You can then order directly from the company or through a local distributor who will allow you to try out the products before you make the decision to buy anything.

Why Is Jeunesse Global So Loved?

It is truly difficult to explain the magical example Jeunesse Global has been leading for other corporations in the health and anti-aging scene. To fully grasp the picture, you simply have to read about them, to familiarize yourself with their business patterns. Once you do, you can understand the genius behind every one of their moves.

The board of directors that comprises Jeunesse Global is one of the single most sophisticated and philanthropic board of directors in the entire country. This is another one of their appeals; they truly care for the people surrounding them, and they worked hard every day to ensure that they can live comfortable. To put it simply, Jeunesse Global remembers their youths and the struggles of having little to no money. This is why they work so hard through charity to ensure that no one else has to endure the same fate. Truly, their efforts in charity are indicative of some of their most significant traits as a business entity.

This is largely the answer to what it is that makes Jeunesse Global so appealing. When a company shows that they have a true passion for helping others, it is hard to not root for them in all their future endeavors; after all, when a business helps you, you often feel compelled to help them out just as a result of your human genetic makeup.

People love a generous hero. Someone who earns half the world and gives it all away because material wealth does not appeal to him. It is pretty easy to root for this sort of hero, and this is exactly what Jeunesse Global embodies. Unlike many of their competitors, they practice consistently honest and ethical business. Every single one of their customers will, if they use the products they bought as instructed, will experience the desired effects. This is a care that many companies do not even bother to ensure, but Jeunesse Global stands out in this regard as one of the most attentive to qualitative details. It is due to their care for perfection within their craft that they have grown such a large following, and, to be fair, they have a pretty good point.

Talkspaceis the Solution

With the improvements of technology then we can say a solution to our depressing, sad and anxiety problems have been solved by Talkspace .An application that can be downloaded and pay required premiums to access a therapist. Talkspace is a solution to most individuals who feel they don’t want to express themselves to individuals on a face to face platform, and then this application is their key game changer as their just need a virtual therapist who fits into their needs. This even gets better as in the event one feels that they need a change of therapist then the application provides.

The talkspace application, a therapist can apply for a contract whereby they can set up appointments with their patients .it is highly recommended that businesses implement the use of this application to their employees as they will manage to deal or express their work challenges to an online therapist who will enable them improve their working relations.

Talkspace offers privacy to clients which are a key aspect to anyone going through a hard time and need to express them without receiving any judgment on face to face conversation. This is enhanced by its ability for the clients and therapist to use text in expressing one another and its 24/7 service thus being convenient. Talkspace flexibility and handling of privacy issues has made it to be the first choice when users want to express themselves.

Talkspace offers one time to think over the response to give, meaning that the client will have time reevaluate themselves and come up with the real answers to questions without feeling obligated or pushed to respond immediately. This is good as the fact that one can think over the decision making is not rush at all. Talkspace provides an easy to use platform through the use of graphical interface that provides effective interaction features and tools that improves communication. The automatic matching of users’ needs or request has greatly made this to be popular among many users.

Talkspace is the solution to all, it’s simple, easy, cheap as it is payable in different premiums either weekly or monthly thus providing flexibility to its clients.

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Louis Chenevert Talks About Rewarding Hard-Working Employees

Louis Chenevert is an important name in the world of business, having achieved success at a high level in multiple companies. The Canadian businessman started working for General Motors after earning his bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal in production management. While he started working as a first line supervisor, he managed to climb up the ranks and became the Production General Manager at the St. Therese operation of General Motors. He stayed with the company for 14 years, but decided to leave in 1993 and join Pratt & Whitney.


He managed to be successful at Pratt & Whitney as well, becoming President in 1999 and serving under that role until 2006 when he left to join United Technologies Corporation. At UTC he served as Director, but then later on, in 2008, became President and Chief Executive Officer – and Chairman in 2010. In addition, Chenevert is also a Fellow of the AIAA since 2005, and serves on the board of various committees, including the US-India CEO Forum, the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, The Business Council, and more.


Being an experienced businessman, Chenevert sees investing in current employees as being perhaps the best way accompany can increase its business. He supports his opinion by noting that knowing the employees and what they can and can’t handle plays a role, and also believes that there is a chance taking an interest in employees will result in discovering some with very high skill ceilings once they get bumped to the next level.


Chenevert considers that having an optimal workplace is a good way to invest in current employees, in order to make sure that they enjoy spending their time at work. According to the businessman, having employees that look forward to work every day will result in them being more productive. This can be done by having fun common places, and not playing office politics. He also talked about the importance of rewarding hard workers. Whether it’s by labeling them as “Employee of the Month or giving them small gifts, Chenevert considers that employees who work hard will appreciate the fact that their work is being recognized.

The Secret Behind the Success of Talkspace

Talkspace is a therapist-messaging application developed by Oren Frank, and it has become hugely successful because of the number of people who opted to use the services. According to Oren Frank, the creation of Talkspace is purely an accident. He was going under extreme problems about his marriage when he had the idea of contacting a therapist using his smartphone. He thought to himself that he should be creating an application for people who wanted to speak with their therapists even if they are far away. Using the technology used in creating video calls, Oren Frank decided to create Talkspace and promoted it heavily around the world. Read more Talkspace reviews at

At first, people who have heard about the service thought that it might be a great application to call someone, and soon, groups started to appear on the applications. However, Oren Frank wanted communication between everyone to become as smooth sailing as possible. There, he had the chance to contact other people who might be interested in his project and asked for their investment. Talkspace grew larger and larger as more investors are putting in money into the company. Talkspace would later invite therapists who can work with different people, and those who have seen the magic in using the application are saying that it effectively creates a bridge between an individual and the patient.

With Talkspace, people have the option to contact their therapists easily, and they will be given different exercises that they can follow to lower down the attacks associated with their condition. Therapists who are speaking with their patients through Talkspace are saying that working on the internet might be a great idea to meet hundreds of new people. Another major contributor to the growth of Talkspace would be the strong word of mouth that has been circulating about the grand services provided by the app.

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Talkspace Gives Alternative Therapy Option A Boost

Talkspace has grown in a incredible way in a small amount of time. This is the New York based app company that has given people a whole lot of things to talk about when it comes to therapy. If you have never seen any talk about this app there is a good chance that you have seen Michael Phelps talk about his depression. He is someone that has partnered with Talkspace to get the word out about mental health awareness.

People are getting a lot of opportunities to hear about Talkspace because mental health awareness has become such a hot topic. From Kanye West to people like Michael Phelps it has become a huge issue, and there is a stronger need for people to mention therapy much more because so many people are turning to drugs. Talking out your problems tends to be a better solution, but many people have not gotten it to the rhythm of doing this.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

When you don’t get the proper help for your problems things are going to automatically get worse. That is where a lot of people find themselves struggling. They become crippled by the problems that tend to build because they are not talking about their depression. If you are someone that has failed to get a grip on what is causing your issues it may be time to reach out to text therapy. That may be your best chance of getting connected to an outlet that will give you more control over your life. If you have struggled with controlling things in your life it is now time to look at what can be accomplished with Talkspace. People that want a piece of mind when it comes to getting help with their tissues should definitely consider Talkspace to talk out everything that is happening.

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Jojo Hedaya Founds Company to Combat Junk Email

Email is a very common way for people to communicate and get information within a matter of seconds. No matter where you go, if you have an internet connection and an email account, you will always have a way to be contacted. While email has become a standard form of communication, there are still some hassles associated with it. One of these is getting an inbox full of junk mail. These are messages that just take up a lot of space and prevent you from getting important messages efficiently. Junk email has become something that can be a real nuisance as a result.

However, a 24 year old entrepreneur named Jojo Hedaya introduced a product that can help prevent and eliminate junk email from your inbox. Hedaya founded the company called a website called Unroll.Me which specializes in organizing email accounts. It is a tool that can help anyone sort their email accounts and eliminate all of the junk email that they don’t want. Jojo came up with this company after finding out that his emails were never responded to by his business partner because of junk mail. As a result, the new product was devised. Unroll.Me scans through an inbox within seconds and gets all of the junk messages together through a process called The Rollup. Then you request to unsubscribe and the emails are eliminated.

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During its history, Unroll.Me has merged with another company called Slice. The two companies joined together in an effort to enhance the shopping process for consumers. It was also done in an effort to help consumers get shopping emails that are important to them and disregard the others. Unroll.Me now gets rid of all the pesky email subscriptions.

With the partnership between Slice and Unroll.Me, shoppers will be in better position to more easily keep track of their orders, locate their packages and also stay up to date on the latest discounts. The two companies will now help with this process by pulling up and analyzing all shopping receipts from a person’s email. Unroll.Me will also be able to focus more on eliminating unwanted emails while Slice will help take care of the other business related tasks of helping customers track their product orders.

Shaq O’Neal And Boraie Development’s Commitment to Revive New Jersey’s Real Estate Industry

Some parts of New Jersey like New Brunswick and Newark have the suffered the brunt of the real estate industry downturn. In these parts of the state, the real estate market took a nose dive long before the real estate market crash and has experienced minimal to no residential real estate activity in over half a century. But Shaq O’Neal believes that he can revive his industry in his hometown.

The NBA star hopes to achieve this partnering with the states most successful real estate company, Boraie Development. The two have already initiated two luxurious residential properties with the aim of drawing investors into Newark and New Brunswick’s untapped real estate potential.

Starting with One Rector Street condominiums

Their first step in this mission was committing personal resources in developing a $79million luxurious apartment complex on One Rector Street. Designed and developed by Boraie Development, the 168-unit apartment has already been dubbed Shaq Towers seeing that it will be the tallest residential property in the city. Its appeal to Newark, however, extends far beyond its unique design to the fact that it will be the first big residential project to tear up the city’s skyline in over five decades.

During the tower’s ground-breaking ceremony, Shaq O’Neal confirmed that he will also be taking an apartment within the building. To back up his argument about reviving the city’s real estate industry, Shaq added that upon the completion of One Rector Street apartments, he, together with Boraie, will committing additional $150 million towards the establishment of yet another 350-unit complex in the city.

Tagging New Brunswick along with The Aspire

Boraie Development company hopes to march Shaq O’Neal’s commitment to Newark by initiating a similar project in New Brunswick. Here the company set up the biggest and most luxurious mixed-use property yet that, like Shaq Towers, dominates the city’s skyline. The tower’s most prominent features are 238 residential units and 10,000 Square feet of retail space.

The apartment is built in the heart of the city center and in close proximity to the best that New Brunswick has to offer. These include easy access to hotels and entertainment joints as well as few minutes from the City’s train station. The apartment is designed to accommodate a complete work, rest, and play environment and features a gym and exercise areas, ergonomic apartment layouts and high-speed internet services. The Wasseem Boraie owned company adds that the apartment’s outdoor service area at the rooftop will feature a garden and BBQ space.

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DHerbs Full Body Cleanse: An Account On The Steve Harvey Show

Losing weight can be a tough endeavor. Everyone knows that working out and watching what we eat are the main ingredients for a successful weight loss. Once the goal is met it’s also about maintaining the results as well. Read more reviews about Dherbs at


As indicated, body cleansing is a method to help us lose the weight and maintain it by cleansing. We take a look at DHerbs Full Body Cleanse on This twenty-day regime “naturally cleanses the body to aid in weight management.” Ginkgo leaf, bitter melon fruit, rosemary herb, eucalyptus leaf, cranberry fruit, and black pepper are only a few named natural ingredients found in the product. Directions indicate to take with a full glass of water and at intervals according to the instructional booklet included.

Steve Harvey Show

In a youtube video, we watch an account of a consumer who has tried out DHerbs Cleansing regimen. In it, she states she lost a total of forty pounds using the amazing product. Before being greeted by Steve Harvey, a picture of the consumer before using the product splashes the screen. Moments later, she appears from behind the stage and the results are in. She is unrecognizable from the weight loss. Comparing her picture before to what she looks like now, displays the product’s effectiveness. She goes on to say that she feels amazing. She states that she had low confidence before trying out the Dherbs Cleanse. After seeing the results from the product, she now feels confident and says the product gave her “sexy back.” The video continues to convey how beneficial it is to use the product and about how easy it is to use. Steve Harvey attest that he, too, used the product and lost eighteen pounds.

To learn more about DHerbs Fully Body Cleanse and other products by DHerbs please visit their website at You will find that they have many cleansing products, herbal supplements, and even recipes to stay in shape and feel good while doing so.

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