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Jed McCaleb: Visions Of Complete Inclusion

Jed McCaleb is perhaps best known for sponsoring the first online exchange for BitCoin in 2011 through his already established (2006) web domain Mt. Gox. The demand for the service was great enough to warrant more management than Jed could devote. Accordingly, within less than a year he sold Mt. Gox, BitCoin division. This experience, however, would commence his reputation as a cryptocurrency expert.

Jed McCaleb, a programmer, founded the Stellar Network and the Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. Stellar is a throughway for international currency by use of open sourced protocol technology developed by Jed. He functions as the Company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The Stellar Development Foundation supports Stellar Network’s expansion into untapped and unbanked markets. The Stellar Network sells and deals in its own cryptocurrency called LUMENS and is traded on various cryptocurrency exchange sites under the ticker symbol, if you will, XLM.

According to Global Coin Report, the digital protocols established monitor and designate acceptable transactions in record timing. Jed McCaleb proposes that this type of exchange called block chain technology will become popular for use with even noncryptocurrency transactions in the near future. In a post from Bloomberg, he explains that this methodology processes transactions light years faster than the current options for sending and receiving international currency transactions. Similarly, Jed advises that it’s markedly less costly which permits a greater number of consumers to participate in its use.

Some noncryptocurrency institutions that are currently testing Jed McCaleb’s blockchain technology include the ubiquitous IBM and the new kid on the block Securrency, Maryland incorporated in 2016. Jed predicts that noncryptoassets will also soon employ this digital technology for the holding and exchanging of its products as an enhancement to their consumer services. Jed McCaleb suggests its use for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), investment stocks, global remuneration, charitable funds accrual and the like. Stellar’s central office is located out of San Francisco, California and employs over 500 people worldwide.


Talk Fusion: The Future Is Exciting!

A lot of people out there are probably familiar with the name Bob Reina, as he has really made a name for himself in the IT and technology world with Talk Fusion. It is a company that has truly transformed the way people are living their lives and earning their money. Whether people like it or not, money is ruling the world and has always ruled the world. People need money in order to feed their families, have a roof over their heads, and take care of things. Even though it rules the world, it does not need to be something that causes people so much stress and so anxiety. That is not good for anyone in any situation.

People deserve to be happy and people should be happy. They should be able to make money but money should become something that does not dominate their thoughts. They just know it is coming in and they are going to make it. They don’t have to worry about any bosses that are down their neck or anyone getting in their way. Everything comes naturally. Of course, there is work involved, but they often say that if someone is doing what they love, they are never working a day in their life.

That is why people love what Talk Fusion has done for them, as they are the very best in voice, data, and chat. They allow people to have that stay-at-home experience where they can work and also have time for their family and their own alone time. Everyone needs balance in their life and Talk Fusion offers that balance. It is not all work and no play. That can really stress someone out and put a damper on how they are feeling and just their approach to life.

Talk Fusion recently made the news for winning two awards in 2016 from what is considered a media giant in the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year speaks volumes to what is going on within Talk Fusion and the type of work they are doing.

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White Shark Media: Is It Worth the Hype?

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency. Their goal is to help small to medium sized businesses prosper in the digital world. White Shark Media not only campaigns for these type of companies, but they also watch their marketing efforts in great detail. This helps for White Shark Media to address what needs to change in order for the smaller company to see their sales improve.

Many people have commented about their personal experiences with White Shark Media. So far, everyone who has commented has had nothing but good things to say about White Shark Media Review. People are leaving their testimonials about how this company has helped their sales flourish. They also mention that the number of sales calls that they are now receiving is through the roof.

While reading through some of the reviews listed on the White Shark Media page, a White Shark Media Review representative began talking with me. She told me about how their customers like that they are not tied down to any contract. Therefore, they are able to leave whenever they feel as if they have learned enough to keep their company’s sales increasing. She also talked to me about her own personal experience with White Shark Media Complaints before she began working with them. She and her husband ran a huge business from their home. They made homemade crafts from their home and sold them to people online. However, their sales were not steady enough to pay their bills. As a result, they turned to White Shark Media. They began to receive counseling about what they could do differently with their business. Within a week, she and her husband began to notice an enormous increase in the amount of sales they were completing. It was almost too much for them to keep up with. This great volume in sales from their customers helped them to keep their small crafting business that they ran from home up and running. They were able to pay the bills and have some money left over for business related or miscellaneous spending. White Shark Media’s main goal is to see their customers succeed, and she and her husband can definitely say that that is true.

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The Result of Good Leadership Under Darius Fisher

Status labs is a relatively new firm. Founded just a year ago the dedicated team of then just 25 search engine optimization, or S.E.O. specialists got started with the goal of making websites pop to the top of search results from any engine a consumer might be using and that initial dedication hasn’t changed or diminished in the slightest.


Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of status labs has continued to lead the way toward bigger and better things from the company’s inception to the present day. Now at the helm of a group of exceptionally talented S.E.O. operators 35 strong, his guidance and vision has been featured in Forbes magazine, and not just in an interview, Fisher is a contributor to the distinguished business publication.


Fisher and Status Labs are now serving clients not just locally but in thirty five countries and they are doing it with their priorities in the right place. The recent year has been described as a whirlwind in a recent post on the Status Labs Blog, and a quick glance at the page is all it takes to see why. Displaying an impressive client list and disclosing just what those priorities are, the post puts the firms ethos and integrity in ink. From rescuing damaged reputations pro-bono, to putting health care providers at the top of the list for the clients who need them, a new standard is being set.


As Fisher continues to lead the company, his command focused on lifting his employees and board members to new standards of their own along the way, even more excitement is likely around the bend. In an interview recently featured in DuJour Fisher defines himself as a “Fixer.” Going on, he talks about the importance of networking at the human level and how critical that human contact is in the field.
Darius Fisher and Status Labs, quietly and behind the scenes, because that is the nature of the S.E.O. business, are building a brand that is generating confidence and a reputation par excellence in their rarified profession.