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Class Dojo: Premiere Education Product

Despite a drop in education-technology investments, edtech entrepreneurship will reach a $1.4 billion payout by the end of 2017. In 2015, Ed tech was all the rage because of reaching a $1.5 billion point. The U.S. education budget is facing heavy cuts in 2018. Edtech startups involving coding premiered a new kit this year to very nice reviews. ClassDojo is a networking tool that brings parents, teachers, and students together.

Work doesn’t take time away from school or vice versa. Teachers show parents what is going on in the classroom. Classdojo is a for profit educational start-up with the wish to make incredible classrooms come to life for parents. Having been founded in 2011, Classdojo is based out of San Francisco. Teachers, parents and students can communicate what goes on in their day to each other through photos, videos, and messages. This company is a fast growing education company with a communication platform, and the program is used by 90% of K-to 8th schools. The team is made up of engineers, designers, and educators.

Parents testify that ClassDojo has made an impact in the classroom by helping students maintain focus. ClassDojo wants to make learning share details. Classdojo has raised $21 million in a Series B round of venture capital funding. The tech connects students to parents in order to communicate consistently about student activities. Parents are able communicate throughout the year with the school. The founders are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who closed the VC round in 2015, as well as are using the capital for their team. They are studying what kind of content and features can be used in the app, both in school and while parents are working. ClassDojo have seen lots of other education tech people making businesses. Classdojo is unique for having a free and easy to use digital app because ClassDojo has been marketed to 85,000 schools in the United States. Both public and private schools are a part of this effort yet the startup has not generated revenue, nor will it use its data to do so, having raised $31 million in funding to date.

Disaster Aid with Wessex Institute

In a time where natural disasters are consistently breaking records and shattering lives at unprecedented rates, it is all the more important for more expedient responses to aid the people who are lucky enough to survive the initial storm and making the recovery not to be nearly insurmountable. There are still people living in squalor in Haiti since the massive earthquake in 2010, regardless of the $13 billion rose in donations, with the only results to show for it are new soccer fields in Port Au Prince.

Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia provides a short course on how to improve and properly implement disaster aid plans in numerous scenarios to find actions that should become common place for the punctual rescue, recovery and reconstruction of the affected area.You can also visit their Facebook account : Click here.

The focus is to find ways for conglomerates and for-profit companies to profit from the relief of the disaster, instead of their focus being on the soon depreciated value of property and people of the recovering economy.The biggest question still remains, where is all the money going, if not to the decimated area, and why the survivors are suffering so unnecessarily that they later become envious of those who died in the storm?

Enriching Existence Through the Kabbalah Centre

Founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre now has brick and mortar locations in 40 difference cites around the globe. The Kabbalah Centre has also developed extensive opportunities for interested people on the Internet as well.

Kabbalah is the oldest collection of spiritual wisdom in existence. Kabbalah includes what are considered long-hidden keys that help explain and understand the secrets of the universe. The wisdom of Kabbalah is also designed to illuminate the mysteries of human heart and soul.

The teachings of Kabbalah help us better understand and appreciate the complexities of the material world and universe as well as that which is nonmaterial. Kabbalah assists in connecting and understanding the physical and spiritual nature of humanity.

One of the key objectives of Kabbalah spiritualism is navigating life. The spiritual wisdom ultimately is designed to eliminate chaos, pain, and suffering in life.

Over the course of thousands of years, Kabbalah, and its sages, have taught that all humans are born with the ability to achieve true greatness. Kabbalah itself provides the means for achieving that greatness in life.

Kabbalah is more than just something to be learned. Rather, Kabbalah has always been intended as something to be practiced and utilized in life. The practice of Kabbalah is designed to provide clarity in life. The ultimate objective of Kabbalah is the erasure of death itself.

Kabbalah extends a welcoming invitation to all people, no matter their backgrounds, religious beliefs, or other spiritual practices. The Kabbalah Centre offers scholarships to interested in learning and studying, and implementing the spiritual practices into their lives who need financial assistance to do so.

In addition to classes at brick and mortar world Kabbalah Centre facilities, classes can also be taken online. The same types of programming is now available online that can be found at real-world Kabbalah Centre locations.

Wessex Institute of Technology’s Journals

The place is located in England. Professor Carlos Brebbia is the Director. He is the Editor of several journals which are International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering and the International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements. It’s an organization serving the international scientific community. The goal of the Wessex Institute of Technology journals is to make a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms. Its has been in England for 25 years now. The program offers higher degrees. The Institute’s activities are divided into 3 areas: Research, Conferences and Publishing. This Institute has been established with many organizations throughout the world. It is also known as WIT.

Discover How a Woman was Actually Responsible for the Kabbalah Centre’s Opening

While some believe that the Kabbalah Centre’s start was in 1984 when the Los Angeles headquarters was opened by Rav Philip Berg, its history actually began earlier with Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who attempted to bring Kabbalah into the 20th century. Unsuccessful at teaching Kabbalah to Jewish men outside of the circle of elite scholars, Rav Ashlag asked his favorite pupil Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein to continue his work. Seeing that Rav Brandwein did not have to resources to carry on Rav Ashlag’s work in Isreal, Philip Berg, who was Rav Brandwein’s student, returned to his New York home and founded the National Institute for Research of Kabbalah Centre, which began distributing Rav Brandwein’s books. Several years before his passing, Rav Brandwein ordained Rav Berg as a master of Kabbalah.


Now on his own, Rav Berg continued Rav Ashlag’s work of making Kabbalah more accessible, even as his marriage broke up. When Rav Berg met his second wife Karen, she surprised him by asking for lessons in Kabbalah. While Rav Berg was committed to his teacher’s idea of opening up the spiritual study of Kabbalah, he never believed that a woman would express interest in lessons. Rav Berg taught her the principles of Kabbalah, and in that one radical move, the idea for the Kabbalah Centre was born.


Phillip Berg decided, after some hesitation, that he and his wife would share the wisdom found in Kabbalah with anyone, including non-Jews, who expressed interest. Rav Berg began publishing books, such as “Kabbalah for the Layman,” in English from his home in Queens, New York and teaching Kabbalistic principles. They opened a Kabbalah Learning Centre in Canada, and then more Centres followed, both in the United States and in other countries. The Bergs were on the road constantly, until they decided to settle in Los Angles and incorporate as the Kabbalah Centre International.


Once people realized that they didn’t need to read Hebrew to study the ancient mysticism, they flocked to the Kabbalah Centre, eager for spiritual enlightenment without heavy religious overtones. Sadly, Rav Berg is no longer with us, however, his family is committed to continuing with his work.

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Teaching the Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish teaching that expands the religion in order for people to learn more about the different things that were lost in translation. In order to learn about the Kabbalah Centre, it is often a good idea for you to learn it from a professional who knows it bit by bit. While it may seem okay for you to teach yourself to Kabbalah, it is often detrimental to your learning because of the fact that you are not experienced with the Kabbalah and do not know it at all. This is why it’s often a good idea for you to check out the Kabbalah center to see what it can do for you.

The Kabbalah Centre is a wonderful facility that is home to thousands of members who go there each and every week to learn the Kabbalah and any other Jewish religious belief that is out there. You can feel part of a community when you visit the Kabbalah Centre and this is why a lot of people go there on their own time. If you have been struggling to learn the Kabbalah yourself, it might be a good spiritual idea for you to check out the Kabbalah center to see what it can do for you. It has benefited a variety of other people when it comes to learning the Kabbalah and knowing that they are doing so from experienced professionals who care about their spiritual growth and want to see the best out of each and every member who comes their way.

The time is now for you to start learning the Kabbalah if you are a Jewish individual who would like to begin growing spiritually. You can visit the Kabbalah Center alone or with your loved ones if this is something that interests you in the least. Make sure that you visit the Kabbalah Centre website to learn more before visiting the facility so that you can have a bit of knowledge about what is available to you before you even step foot through the doors. Lots of people visit the Kabbalah Center every single day because of what it is able to do for them and their loved ones. This might be a wonderful option for you if you have been struggling to teach yourself to Kabbalah I would like to learn more about it in a more religion professional manner.

The Great Fight for Human Rights

Anyone that has heard the harrowing story of Yeonmi Park on youtube would probably be driven to tears. It is a hard wrenching tale to listen to, but Yeonmi Park does something that most outsiders in the human rights fight will never been able to do. She sheds a blinding light on the need for human rights. As a young person that is not that far removed from her struggle for freedom she encourages people to look at the whole picture and see the terrible acts that are happening in the world today.

In most cases the platform to any success in changing the severe injustices in the world is channeled through America. There are people like Yeonmi Park from many other countries that have the similar stories of Yeonmi Park. The difference is that she broke from North Korea soil and found her way into America. This would prove to be one of the most important steps in her fight for human rights for others. She may not even see herself as someone that fighting for human rights. It may be possible that Yeonmi Park simply sees herself as a narrator that is telling her own story. What she managed to do is relay her story in book format to an America audience. This has also led to speaking engagements. That would eventually put her in the spotlight as someone that would serve as a voice to others.

There are lots of cases of abuse, neglect and child labor issues that affect human rights, but in many cases these things get pushed under the rug. The people that are involved may get fined for their actions, but these things continue to go on. In the great fight for human rights it will often take someone like Yeonmi Park that will change the attitudes and mindsets of those that overlook this cruelty.

Books about certain things will take the form of a message that motivates some people to take action. There are other times when a person may find themselves disturbed by a photo or video that shows some issues with human rights. Everyone has different triggers that will lead to some form of action that is taken. The main thing that people have to do is pick a cause. This helps a lot of people make better decisions about what they can do to improve certain environments.

There are people that are being used as mules for drug trafficking. There are children that are reduced to child labor workers. There are sex slaves that are being bought. There are so many issues that affect the human rights of people around the world. In many cases the best thing that a person can do is research the different areas and pick a cause that you are passionate about. Many people spread themselves thin with worry about every aspect of human rights. No one person can do it all, but one person can help an organization improve the lives of those that suffer.

Susan McGalla an American success story

Susan McGalla on is an American success story in the business world. She is head of a consulting firm she created in 2012, which provides insight and direction to executives in the retail and financial industries.

She started working as a private consultant in 2009, and then became CEO of Wet Seal in 2011. Halfway through 2012 she returned to private consulting and founded the P# Executive Consulting company. She is also director of planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team.

It was with American Eagle Outfitters that she made her mark on the business world, staying with that company for nine years. She started her career with the Joseph Horne Company, but soon moved on to American Eagle Outfitters.

She was a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing at first when she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. She held various positions there and eventually became chief executive officer and president. She was in charge of American Eagle brand before taking over the entire company. McGalla helped launch two new brands, Aarue and 77Kids.

Under her direction the company had $3 Billion in revenues, launched four brands and an e-commerce website.

She grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio, with two older brothers. Her father was a football coach. She attended Mount Union College where she earned a Bachelors degree in business and marketing. She now sits on the college’s board of advisors.

She attributes her success to hard work, and she is perhaps unique in that she does not want to be considered a successful woman. She would rather be considered a success as a person firsts. She said she never tried to break ground as a woman business person, but rather sought to be recognized for he work.

She said her own gender, and the genders of those she worked with, were not considered important, and that is something she likes. McGalla encourages other women to adopt the same attitude, and to try to be successful on their own merits without regard to anyone’s gender.

In a story published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she said she was “always taught that I was a person. I was not a man or woman.”

She appreciated the culture and attitudes of people at American Eagle outfitters. The company was male dominated, but she said she always felt she was judged based on her ideas as opposed to her gender, which she appreciated.

Get Fresh and Bold…Get Lime Crime

Make-up is a massive part of my everyday life. Whether I’m going to work or having a night out with friends, I always want my look to be polished and attractive. I’ve tried nearly everything from high-end brands, to drugstore brands, to dollar store brands. And, believe it or not, I’ve found some staple products from each of those categories. Until recently, I thought that I had seen everything that the make-up world had to offer. Fortunately, I ran across the Lime Crime line.

If you are a girl who wants to stand out from the crowd, Lime Crime would definitely satisfy your make-up hunger. I know that I was blown away by the majority of the products that they have to offer. Lime Crime proves to have you feeling like you’re the only girl in the room.

First of all, having an eye-popping color is crucial to a finished look. Lime Crime keeps you on your toes and puts your face on display with the eye color palettes that they offer. Venus: The Grunge Palette is a must-have to place at the top of your make-up kit. For less than forty bucks, you get an array of earth tones that are anything but boring. With bright browns, peachy corals, and shimmery grays, this product succeeds in complimenting any of your looks.

Another one of my cherished products from the Lime Crime collection is the Velvetine Matte lip color. You can grab one of these gems for about twenty bucks a pop. Now, that is a real steal for a long-lasting lipstick that comes in 14 different shades that range from fun and flirty to sophisticated and charming. The Velvetine Matte lip color glides on as a liquid and quickly dries to a matte finish. It is without a doubt that I would feel totally naked if I left home without my matte lip.

Finally, the most super-duper thing that true Lime Crime customers love about the full collection is that it is environmentally friendly. None of their products are tested on animals. They are honestly vegan and cruelty-free. PETA loves the Lime Crime family; and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, if you are a girl or a guy who loves to try new things and have fun playing around and experimenting with bold colors, Lime Crime should be in your top five. I already have mine and I still can’t get enough of this spectacular thing.

Gay And Bisexual Teens More Likely To Get Pregnant Than Straight Peers

According to a recent study done on New York City teens, it has been discovered that gay and bisexual teens are twice at risk of getting pregnant than their straight counterparts. The study utilized data from surveys done by the Centers for Disease Control.

The Centers for Disease Control considered two different factors. The way which people label their sexual orientation and how they actually behave sexually. A person may not admit to being gay or bisexual but may still have both male and female partners.

Those gay and bisexual teenagers may consider themselves to be at a lower risk of getting pregnant. This is because they wouldn’t normally consider a partner of the opposite sex in normal circumstances.

According to the study, 14.3% female teenagers and 10.8% of their male counterparts have been involved in pregnancies. Women who have admitted to being lesbians or bisexuals and those who may not have labeled themselves as such but have admitted to having women partners, were at greater risks of getting pregnant. Susan McGalla is surprised by this interesting statistic.

The same could also be said of the men. There were more gay men and men who have male partners involved in pregnancies than straight men.

The researchers are attributing these statistics to double standards when it comes to providing teen reproductive services. There are a lot of assumptions being made about gay people. The research was published in American Journal of Public Health.