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Clay Hutson Completes 2018 Live World Tours With a Blast

In 2018, Clay Hutson traveled over the world producing, managing, and designing live world tours for known artists with great success. He worked for Kid Rock, Halsey, and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as production and stage manager. Hundreds of thousands of patrons packed venues for the Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll, American Rock N’ Roll, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and Soul2Soul events. Clay was busy last year beginning in January until the end of November managing productions and the stages. While serving the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, he gained much experience and offers his advice to future producers.

Kid Rock’s Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Tour and The American Rock N’ Roll Tour were two successful events Clay Hutson managed in 2018. He worked on the first tour, American Rock N’ Roll earlier in the year as the stage manager followed by Red Blooded in August. In between the tours, Hutson worked on the Soul2Soul World Tour for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on May 31 in Richmond, VA.

The best advice Clay Hutson shares with his followers is to always be true themselves which leads to being truthful with others including family members. His truthfulness is a characteristic that attracts repetitive clients and referrals while building a reputation in the music industry. By working long and hard hours in his career and developing an authentic character, he accomplished growing his business. Clay never had to advertise to increase his clientele because his dedicated clients referred him to other artists looking for production, engineering, and design services.

Clay Hutson is Vice-President of Ronin Event Creative, a Nashville-based production company providing services for stage management and engineering. After earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and Stephen M. Ross School of Business at Michigan State University, he pursued a career in technical production. He worked at Getagrip Touring as production manager in 1999 and started his own business a few years later. Throughout his career, he worked as a manager for Prince, Kanye West, Pink, Garbage, and Guns N’ Roses. Clay travels nationally and globally to England, Singapore, Canada, and other countries.

Rebel Wilson: Nothing but Success

Rebel Wilson is probably one of the most well-known comedians today – and it’s clearly because of her very unique personality and her out of this world sense of humor. Her childhood spent in Australia and her modern take on American humor has been bought by the audience and has surmounted to her career’s success.

Rebel Wilson is an all-around package, which sets her apart from other actresses in Hollywood. She acts, dances, sings and she’s an expert in making people laugh – how can you compete with that?

Rebel Wilson was most popular for her supporting role in the Pitch Perfect franchise – but now she was rewarded with a main role in a major Hollywood Film: Isn’t It Romantic. In this movie she co-stars with another Hollywood superstar, Liam Hemsworth, and it is the first movie where she plays the lead role. Isn’t It Romantic is a romantic-comedy film that is set to release on February 2019. Rebel Wilson’s fanbase is nothing but excited for another sure-success movie by the Australian bombshell. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Now, Rebel Wilson isn’t just a successful 30-something-year old woman, she also stands for causes like feminism and body positivity. Rebel Wilson is actually just a regular person like any other, maybe that’s why she is so easy to relate with and people just fall in love with her so quickly.

Rebel Wilson: Her Love for Food and Diet

Rebel Wilson is known for being on the heavier side of the spectrum – but this doesn’t bother her one bit. But of course, being in the presence of the public eye, and in the presence of the media of Hollywood – she has taken eating more healthily and exercising more often into consideration.

Rebel Wilson says that she has been trying to eat and consume more green food, she’s been trying the green juice cleanse and trying gluten-free food.

Not only for her public image, but also for health reasons. Though, she doesn’t take it too seriously – she still consumes guilty pleasures like ice cream, but not on a regular basis. Rebel Wilson just rewards herself with sinful food when there are really good days where she celebrates success, or really bad ones when she needs a pick me up.

Rebel Wilson: Body Positivity

Rebel Wilson is the kind of person who couldn’t care less on what she looks like; she has always love the skin that she is in, and she admires all shapes and sizes – she says that your body does not define how beautiful you are as a person.

This is why Rebel Wilson has also launched her own clothing line that celebrates every single body shape and size. Rebel Wilson is now a representation of what it likes to be completely body positive, a beacon of self-love and a champion for women everywhere.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey Shine Like Diamonds with Single ‘Closer’

New York-based DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart earned fame as EDM superstars, the Chainsmokers. But their biggest achievement comes with the success of just one song. After two years of dominating the Billboard’s charts, “Closer,” featuring pop star Hasley, has reached 10 million sales and is diamond-certified, a testament the duo’s popularity.

The constant play from fans was responsible for this achievement, so it made sense that they’d be first to hear the news on Instagram. Hasley and the Chainsmokers went online to inform their followers of “Closer’s” success while showing off the official plaques that celebrates the number of sales.

When it debuted near the end of summer 2016, “Closer” reached the very top of Billboard’s Hot 100, and it had no challenger for quite some time. Similarly, it ranked #1 on the Dance and Electronic chart and held on for years before being replaced just a few months ago by “The Middle.” The staying power of one single was a tell that the Chainsmokers had entered a new stage of popularity. They weren’t just the hot new twosome in EDM circles, they were now capable of reaching out across genres and climb mainstream charts. After a dozen times at the top, “Closer” is the fourth all-time hit single ever ranked by Billboard’s.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots has since replaced “Closer,” but the single’s popularity hasn’t faltered much. It even took an emerging musical act and showed that Hasley had the talent to make it as a pop star with a bright future. This was made abundantly clear when “Closer” brought Grammy nominations in 2017 for the Chainsmokers and Hasley.

The Chainsmokers remain a musical act that is constantly talked about, but the last time “Closer” was in the press was in March of last year. After hitting platinum for the seventh time, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) made it official to the public. And while the plaques are in the hands of the three musicians, the RIAA has yet to reflect the diamond certification on their website, something that will be addressed before long.

Alex Pall Behind the Scenes

The Chainsmokers consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo have blossomed into success through their electronic music, one of the songs being “Closer,” featuring Halsey. Although they are both DJ’s, they want to be recognized as true artists that weave intimacy into dance songs that usually are not portrayed as so.

Alex Pall’s hobby and first love growing up was being a DJ. He was a DJ in New York as a side job, something he did for fun and because he was passionate about it. It was when he was playing a gig in an art gallery that he realized it was about time to start pursuing music full time. The manager he was working with at the time is still his manager to this day and introduced him to Andrew Taggart. The rest, as they say, is history.

Looking more closely at the duo, however, shows you how much dedication and love for their music there is. Alex was ambitious and driven, and really wanted to make a life out of playing music for the rest of his life. He got together with his partner everyday, like an actual job, 9-4, to gather ideas about their music and create essentially. It was not something that they talked about casually and decided to meet up later for, it was something they dedicated hard work to everyday. Alex is trying to write songs the represent him, something that he goes through in everyday life, something real. He does not want to succumb to making generic hits that mean nothing to him.

Alex Pall really wants to emphasize how important songwriting is for him. Many artists choose to have others write the songs for them, but he does not want to go down that route. Although there are other songwriters involved in the process for certain songs, Alex Pall makes sure he is a co-writer as well.

Alex Pall’s dedication, hard work, and passion for his music can be seen through the albums he has produced and the success it has accumulated. For Alex, loving what you’re doing and always striving to better yourself is ultimately what is important.