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Why You Need to Choose the Jeunesse Global Line

While there are a lot of high-quality health and wellness brands on the market, there is nothing quite like utilizing Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse Global has been in the business of health, beauty and wellness for over a decade. They are committed to offering only the best products to meet your needs. The brand is well-known for their anti-aging products that are ideal for customers of all ages. They also provide customers a fully-realized product line that helps with all areas of your beauty and wellness.

There are many different products within the Jeunesse Global line. One of the most popular and highly sought after is known as Nevo. Nevo is a low-calorie energy drink that is free of artificial colors, sweeteners and flavorings. You simply get energized through a drink that provides sufficient ingredient dosage without it feeling like you’re jittery or hyped up. For this reason, many customers of the Jeunesse Global are choosing Nevo and are loving the way that it makes them feel. What’s more, the product line comes in a range of delicious flavors to make it easier than ever for you to find the one that you are sure to love.

What makes Jeunesse Global a lot different from some of the other brands on the market is that you can become an independent distributor and actually sell the products that you love to use. You will receive a commission off of every sale that you make, allowing you to earn on your own time and at a pace that is easy for you. For this reason, a lot of people are choosing this as an option and are finding the benefit of choosing Jeunesse Global because of the work that they have put into developing the company. In order to learn more about this amazing brand, you can check them out on social media or look through their product line on their website. You can then order directly from the company or through a local distributor who will allow you to try out the products before you make the decision to buy anything.

Isabel dos Santos – A Businesswoman Worthy of Note

Even in the modern world, it can be difficult to find women business role models. If we look at the list of millionaires, we can see a top 100 list of men but very few women. The women that do make the list stand out for the intelligence, business acumen and for the ability to overcome the specific challenges a woman faces in a predominantly male world.

One such iconic woman is Isabel dos Santos. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, once a Soviet republic, she is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, former president of Angola and first wife, Russian-born Tatiana Kukanova.

Isabel dos Santos spent her formative years in London and graduated from Kings College with a degree in electrical engineering. While at university she met her husband Sindika Dokolo from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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Upon completion of her degree, she returned to Angola to take a managerial position with Urbana 2000, a subsidiary of the Jembas Group. She excelled in her role to help clean up the city. But when the project ended, she set her sight on new horizons, choosing to establish a much needed commercial transportation company. It was in her role as director of her proprietary company that she encountered the telecommunications shortcomings of the existing service companies. To improve these deficiencies she invested and initiated growth in the telecommunications industry in Angola.

During the same period of time, she also foresaw tourism growth on the island of Luanda. She launched the first world-class night club named the Miami Beach Club. Over the next 20 years, Isabel dos Santos continued to invest in energy, retail, telecommunications and financial industries in Angola. People who are unfamiliar with her track record believe her success is due to her father’s political influence. In truth, Isabel dos Santos is a self-made woman, one other business women can look up to with respect. Website:

Why Is Jeunesse Global So Loved?

It is truly difficult to explain the magical example Jeunesse Global has been leading for other corporations in the health and anti-aging scene. To fully grasp the picture, you simply have to read about them, to familiarize yourself with their business patterns. Once you do, you can understand the genius behind every one of their moves.

The board of directors that comprises Jeunesse Global is one of the single most sophisticated and philanthropic board of directors in the entire country. This is another one of their appeals; they truly care for the people surrounding them, and they worked hard every day to ensure that they can live comfortable. To put it simply, Jeunesse Global remembers their youths and the struggles of having little to no money. This is why they work so hard through charity to ensure that no one else has to endure the same fate. Truly, their efforts in charity are indicative of some of their most significant traits as a business entity.

This is largely the answer to what it is that makes Jeunesse Global so appealing. When a company shows that they have a true passion for helping others, it is hard to not root for them in all their future endeavors; after all, when a business helps you, you often feel compelled to help them out just as a result of your human genetic makeup.

People love a generous hero. Someone who earns half the world and gives it all away because material wealth does not appeal to him. It is pretty easy to root for this sort of hero, and this is exactly what Jeunesse Global embodies. Unlike many of their competitors, they practice consistently honest and ethical business. Every single one of their customers will, if they use the products they bought as instructed, will experience the desired effects. This is a care that many companies do not even bother to ensure, but Jeunesse Global stands out in this regard as one of the most attentive to qualitative details. It is due to their care for perfection within their craft that they have grown such a large following, and, to be fair, they have a pretty good point.

Louis Chenevert Talks About Rewarding Hard-Working Employees

Louis Chenevert is an important name in the world of business, having achieved success at a high level in multiple companies. The Canadian businessman started working for General Motors after earning his bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal in production management. While he started working as a first line supervisor, he managed to climb up the ranks and became the Production General Manager at the St. Therese operation of General Motors. He stayed with the company for 14 years, but decided to leave in 1993 and join Pratt & Whitney.


He managed to be successful at Pratt & Whitney as well, becoming President in 1999 and serving under that role until 2006 when he left to join United Technologies Corporation. At UTC he served as Director, but then later on, in 2008, became President and Chief Executive Officer – and Chairman in 2010. In addition, Chenevert is also a Fellow of the AIAA since 2005, and serves on the board of various committees, including the US-India CEO Forum, the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, The Business Council, and more.


Being an experienced businessman, Chenevert sees investing in current employees as being perhaps the best way accompany can increase its business. He supports his opinion by noting that knowing the employees and what they can and can’t handle plays a role, and also believes that there is a chance taking an interest in employees will result in discovering some with very high skill ceilings once they get bumped to the next level.


Chenevert considers that having an optimal workplace is a good way to invest in current employees, in order to make sure that they enjoy spending their time at work. According to the businessman, having employees that look forward to work every day will result in them being more productive. This can be done by having fun common places, and not playing office politics. He also talked about the importance of rewarding hard workers. Whether it’s by labeling them as “Employee of the Month or giving them small gifts, Chenevert considers that employees who work hard will appreciate the fact that their work is being recognized.

Clay Hutson Completes 2018 Live World Tours With a Blast

In 2018, Clay Hutson traveled over the world producing, managing, and designing live world tours for known artists with great success. He worked for Kid Rock, Halsey, and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as production and stage manager. Hundreds of thousands of patrons packed venues for the Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll, American Rock N’ Roll, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and Soul2Soul events. Clay was busy last year beginning in January until the end of November managing productions and the stages. While serving the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, he gained much experience and offers his advice to future producers.

Kid Rock’s Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Tour and The American Rock N’ Roll Tour were two successful events Clay Hutson managed in 2018. He worked on the first tour, American Rock N’ Roll earlier in the year as the stage manager followed by Red Blooded in August. In between the tours, Hutson worked on the Soul2Soul World Tour for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on May 31 in Richmond, VA.

The best advice Clay Hutson shares with his followers is to always be true themselves which leads to being truthful with others including family members. His truthfulness is a characteristic that attracts repetitive clients and referrals while building a reputation in the music industry. By working long and hard hours in his career and developing an authentic character, he accomplished growing his business. Clay never had to advertise to increase his clientele because his dedicated clients referred him to other artists looking for production, engineering, and design services.

Clay Hutson is Vice-President of Ronin Event Creative, a Nashville-based production company providing services for stage management and engineering. After earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and Stephen M. Ross School of Business at Michigan State University, he pursued a career in technical production. He worked at Getagrip Touring as production manager in 1999 and started his own business a few years later. Throughout his career, he worked as a manager for Prince, Kanye West, Pink, Garbage, and Guns N’ Roses. Clay travels nationally and globally to England, Singapore, Canada, and other countries.

Jojo Hedaya Founds Company to Combat Junk Email

Email is a very common way for people to communicate and get information within a matter of seconds. No matter where you go, if you have an internet connection and an email account, you will always have a way to be contacted. While email has become a standard form of communication, there are still some hassles associated with it. One of these is getting an inbox full of junk mail. These are messages that just take up a lot of space and prevent you from getting important messages efficiently. Junk email has become something that can be a real nuisance as a result.

However, a 24 year old entrepreneur named Jojo Hedaya introduced a product that can help prevent and eliminate junk email from your inbox. Hedaya founded the company called a website called Unroll.Me which specializes in organizing email accounts. It is a tool that can help anyone sort their email accounts and eliminate all of the junk email that they don’t want. Jojo came up with this company after finding out that his emails were never responded to by his business partner because of junk mail. As a result, the new product was devised. Unroll.Me scans through an inbox within seconds and gets all of the junk messages together through a process called The Rollup. Then you request to unsubscribe and the emails are eliminated.

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During its history, Unroll.Me has merged with another company called Slice. The two companies joined together in an effort to enhance the shopping process for consumers. It was also done in an effort to help consumers get shopping emails that are important to them and disregard the others. Unroll.Me now gets rid of all the pesky email subscriptions.

With the partnership between Slice and Unroll.Me, shoppers will be in better position to more easily keep track of their orders, locate their packages and also stay up to date on the latest discounts. The two companies will now help with this process by pulling up and analyzing all shopping receipts from a person’s email. Unroll.Me will also be able to focus more on eliminating unwanted emails while Slice will help take care of the other business related tasks of helping customers track their product orders.

Former Expert Reviewer, National Expert and CMS on Healthcare Payment Reform – Deirdre Baggot

Former Expert Reviewer, National Expert and CMS on Healthcare Payment Reform – Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a seasoned clinician and hospital executive. Similarly, Deirdre is among the most respected pioneers of the buddle payment mainly due to her outstanding services at the ACE care also referred to as the CMS ACE. Deirdre has contributed vastly to the development of the consulting services with her primary focus on the growth and enhancement of the buddle payment and payment reforms.

This way, Deirdre has helped to formulate and implement various strategies and programs for more than 60 bundles and more than 200 hospitals. Such developments have significantly improved productivity in the healthcare sector, and they have enhanced the patients’ experience as well. To this end, the cost of operation has been reduced, and in turn, both the patients and the physicians have benefited immensely. In her capacity, Deirdre also serves in various senior positions in the healthcare boards. Connect with Deirdre Baggot by visiting her linkedin account.

Recognition and Commitment

Deirdre Baggot has been awarded various honors that are related to her line of duty mainly due to her groundbreaking services when it comes to bundled payment. In addition, she has been attending different medical conferences where she has contributed immensely to the growth of the health care services. Baggot is also the author of a twenty pages paper that has addressed the issues of payment transformation, the healthcare reforms, and bundled payment.

Deirdre studied at the University of Colorado where she earned her first Ph.D. She also enrolled to the Chicago Loyola University, where she received a master degree in BA. Besides, she also holds a degree in nursing, and she is a scholar of the renowned Gregory Lavert. While Baggot is a certified scholar, her excellence in the healthcare sector is attributed to her commitment and desire to achieve success more than her professional pursuit or any anything else. You can find Deirdre Baggot on Twitter:

Rodrigo Terpins success as an entrepreneur and sportsman

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name in the Brazilian racing industry. He is a renowned racing champion who has participated in various off-road championships for close to two decades. Rodrigo Terpins has managed to triumph over his opponents on many occasions. He always had a big dream of becoming champion in the racing world ever since he was a young boy. Rodrigo’s hard work and perseverance have played a key role in propelling him to where he is today.


But Rodrigo Terpins did not just wake up one day to find himself in the sports field. Rodrigo was born into a family that loved sports. While he was growing up, Rodrigo Terpins watched his father, Jack Terpins shine in the basketball arena. Jack Terpins played for some of the renowned basketball teams in Brazil. After retirement, Jack Terpins went on to pursue entrepreneurship and community leadership.


Having a mentor in the sports world played a key role in Rodrigo’s massive success. Currently, Rodrigo Terpins ranks high among rally drivers in Brazil. For several years now, he has been racing alongside his brother, Michel Terpins, where they have pulled unbelievable performances over the years. Michel Terpins is equally talented, and he has managed to win several competitions in the past.


In 2016, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother participated in the annual Bull Serteos Rally Championship where they emerged among the top drivers. Bull Serteos is considered as one of the toughest off-road rally championships in the country. The 22nd Serteos Rally covered a total distance of 2,600 km and traversed through two states. At the end of the competition, they were ranked in position eight against 38 drivers who participated in the race.


Rodrigo’s business prowess

Besides being an accomplished rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins also managed to maneuver in the business world successfully. In fact, at some point, he was employed as a manager in one of the famous clotheslines in Brazil. He, however, resigned to concentrate on sports and grow his business. Check out



Rodrigo Terpins recently participated in an interview with the ideamensch where he gave details about Floresville, one of his latest business ventures. The company lies in the area of environment and sustainability. It focuses on conserving the environment and supplying other business with certified and high-quality wood.


The Many Talents Of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian has been in the healthcare industry for a number of decades and sits on a few boards across the Bar Area. He is also known to be a successful entrepreneur. Ara has launched several business ventures that combine the advances in healthcare and technology for more beneficial results. He and his partner have recently looked in a new device-based treatment that is called transcranial magnetic stimulation. The treatment is used for patients experiencing depression.


Ara Chackerian and his partner decided to embark on research into this technology was because the two saw the level of potential that TMS had to become what Ara described as the third pillar of psychiatric care. The intended results or the treatment were phenomenal when it came to treating patients that were suffering from major depression. This is what led Ara and his partner to be more aware of and give more access to the treatment. You can visit his page.


Ara Chackerian wrote an article that discussed the many issues that are currently surrounding the topic of suicide in our modern society. For Ara, the topic of suicide seems to be overshadowed by the other more common topics of school shootings and cancer prevention. Ara believes that more awareness need to be had when it comes to suicide because of the staggering number of people that are affected by it. About 45,000 people die from suicide in the United States alone. This does not even account for the level of suffering that the families are left with.


The lack of awareness on the topic of suicide could be because it is a socially taboo topic. Not very many people would be willing to talk about it due to the level of vulnerability that is required. Revealing suicidal thoughts or tendencies could also reveal the underlying depression, which is another reason that many refuse to bring up the sensitive subject. The family, friends and loved ones of people that have committed suicide are left with feelings of guilt and shame. When a person decides to commit suicide it affects everyone that knows them and ultimately causes a ripple effect.



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OG Juan: The President of the 40/40 Club

OG Juan is a close friend of Jay-Z, and they were introduced to each other back in the year 1996. Kareem Burke, the founder of the Roc-A-Fella Records, is the one who made it possible for the two to meet. The studio was run by OG Juan and Jay-Z from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Later in their careers, they decided to set up their own record label company called the Roc-La-Familia, which soon became defunct. Their business venture never stopped, and they also founded a sports bar called the 40/40 Club, which was established in 2003. The friendly relationship between the two individuals would deepen as years go by, and Jay-Z would even mention OG Juan in his songs and albums.

Through the years, the 40/40 Club owned by Jay-Z and OG Juan would keep on receiving more patrons. It became the driving force for their relationship, and because of its success, they decided the launch another business called the Roc Nation Sports. The business was announced in 2013, and together, they are working with each other to manage it. Jay-Z and OG Juan stated that the reason why they opened the Roc Nation Sports is that they wanted to see how successful business collaboration between entertainment and sports would look like.

They thought that nobody had made it in the past, and years after it was founded, the business became stronger than ever, and OG Juan serves as the company’s president. OG Juan is the husband of Desiree Perez, who is the Roc Nation COO. She handles the contracts given to Jay-Z and has been with him since he started his career. Together, OG Juan and Desiree Perez contribute a lot to the career of Jay-Z. They are helping him with his career, and at the same time, Jay-Z is also helping them in running their businesses.