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Charging Solutions With Seymour Segnit’s MAGFAST Charger


Seymour Segnit is known for being the inventor and the founder of the MAGFAST Charger. This is a start-up company that began in 2018. As with so many inventions, they are created out of a person’s desire to make something easier. With all the technology out today, everything needs to be charged.

It can be quite an inconvenience because all of the devices may have their own specifications for charging. This means buying and keeping up with numerous chargers. This is precisely what happened to Seymour Segnit. When trying to get all the various chargers for his family, he thought of the idea for the MAGFAST Charger.

Since the MAGFAST Charger is fully wireless, you do not have to run into the issue of tons of wires that can get tangled up with each other. The other unique feature of this charger is that magnets are used to connect the different components to each other. It is designed to be compatible with most devices and the great thing about it is that charging can happen simultaneously for the various devices. Go To This Page for related information.

The MAGFAST Charger is not just one charger, but actually a grouping of six different chargers. MAGFAST Charger has a portable charger called the LifeCharger. It is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. Another device that MAGFAST has the RoadCharger. This is a device that you can use in your car to charge your devices. Visit This Page for more information.

MAGFAST also boasts other devices called the AirCharger, WallCharger and TimeCharger. These obviously are other chargers that can be used in various locations and for various types of devices, such as the TimeCharger for an Apple watch.

Whatever your charger needs might be, the MAGFAST probably has your perfect solution. It is important to know that shipping for Seymour Segnit’s unique invention, the MAGFAST Charger, actually starts at the end of 2019.


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Financial Sheldon Lavin: A Leader With Experience

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group which is in Chicago. He is responsible for Otto and Son’s success as a butcher-shop that ended up being a success in supplying to different restaurants. As a result, the company changed its name several times, and is now a global force in the food distribution industry. They have several facilities in many countries and have even taken over some meat plants. To now those wise decisions were made that made this company successful is a good thing that we all should appreciate because it’s about getting fresh food that’s of good quality.

Sheldon Lavin helps companies with funding so that they can succeed in the business. You need money in order to make money. He helped OSI Group achieve its goals, and look at how this company flourished. Who would have thought that a small butcher shop in Chicago would turn out to be something great? Sheldon Lavin also believes that a company should always have a thoroughly laid out business plan. Without one, no company will last that long. A business can also lose a lot of money. You will find spending money where you shouldn’t.

If we learn anything from Sheldon Lavin, it’s to make sure we know how to get money in order to get our start-up off the ground. Plus, we should make use of technology for our marketing strategies. Also, you have incorporated any marketing strategy that is used in your business if it will increase your revenue. Just think about how great your company would be if you understood the how much a financial consultant could help you which is what Lavin still does. He has not retired.

If you find yourself needing business funds, Sheldon Lavin does have some good advice on how to get it. Plus, he is part of the reason OSI Group is doing so well. Now is the time to start planning what your business needs in order to dominant. You just never know what could come of your hard work. Lavin is an example of that. Source:

MAGFAST Founder Seymour Segnit Relates A Lesson He Learned About Customer Service

Seymour Segnit attended Oxford University for a little while before realizing he wasn’t cut out for academics. He then worked as an advertising executive for Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather. He realized that he wasn’t going to be successful at a traditional corporate job. He decided to work for a ski resort which suited him much better. He was promoted to running a large resort that stayed open throughout the year.

He also worked in the photo lab at this resort. Customers would have their photographs taken as they skied down the mountain. Large-size prints of these photos would be sold to them for $40 to $50. The cost of printing the photos was just $3 to $4. The printing process would often cause a small scratch on a photo. Read This Article for more information.

When this happened, the customer would be given two prints as a way of apologizing. Customers loved getting two prints while paying for just one. Seymour Segnit realized that customers could be made really happy at small expense. Find More Information Here.

He went on to work for Capital FM and a communications firm in South Africa. Seymour Segnit then worked in Silicon Valley, where he co-founded SPEEDILICIOUS and CTRN: Change That’s Right Now. He never forgot the lesson of making customers happy by doing little, unexpected things for them.

He is now the co-founder and chief executive officer of MAGFAST. His company makes chargers which feature little, unexpected features. One Seymour Segnit is currently working on is a digital “fingerprint” of each charger. This will give people an easy way to register their devices.

Additionally, it will give people a way to find out who owns a lost charger they found and return it to them. It’s the little things like this that make people really happy they bought a MAGFAST charger.


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Bhanu Choudhrie Follows Family Tradition By Investing With Purpose

Becoming a force in international business and philanthropy came naturally to Bhanu Choudhrie. Born in India to a lifetime achievement award-winning father, Sudhir Choudhrie, he watched global industries, humanitarian causes and political diplomacy arrive in the 21st century. Choudhrie, along with his father and brother, founded C&C Alpha Group in 2002. Based in London, the private equity fund invests in several sectors including healthcare, aviation and hospitality.

Bhanu Choudhrie primarily focuses on directing the Group’s investment strategies toward building shareholder profits. He employs a team of financial analysts, project developers and managers as well as consultants. Besides London, C&C Alpha Group has offices in the United States, United Arab Emirates and India. Choudhrie favors his native country, actively pursuing business opportunities, especially those in emerging markets.

The Choudhrie’s firm prides itself in partnering long-term with the companies it invests in. This interaction with the diverse group of entrepreneurs from varied sectors and cultures is one of Bhanu Choudhrie favorite aspects of his job. An aviation expert, Choudhrie excels in taking the firm’s Alpha Aviation Group forward. As of 2019, the subsidiary sees an annual revenue of nearly $20 million. Alpha Aviation is responsible for putting more than 350 pilots in airliners, flying for lines such as Jet Airways, Air Arabia, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Choudhrie also enjoys opening hotels and learning how the next generation plans to approach health and wellness in the healthcare industry.

His enthusiasm for strengthening his native India bonds Bhanu Choudhrie to the Group’s significant expansion in the hospitality industry there. The firm established its Shanti Hospitality Group Limited division that develops destination resorts such Nira Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and the Ananda. The subsidiary manages an additional 24 international properties. Another of Choudhrie’s interests is developing India’s utility sector, particularly Asian water resources. Development of the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone has increased demands for water in the region. The subsidiary Alpha Utilities is focusing on desalination as a method to increase water supply. The utility division is also researching improved methods of generating energy using non-carbon fuels.

Glenn Schlossberg Knows The Importance Of Relaxation

Glenn Schlossberg works very hard as the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Jump Design Group, but he knows just how important it is to play hard as well if he wants to stay productive. While you may think that the New Yorker would be the typical stereotype of a businessman, he makes sure to take extended vacations to ensure that he is refreshed and able to perform the jobs that he is responsible for. Even though vacations are important to Glenn Schlossberg, it might not be for the reasons that most people would assume. Resting is good for the body and the brain and it helps inspiration hit the entrepreneur when he is a few days into a well-deserved extended vacation.

While talking about when inspiration hits, Glenn mentions that he feels as if he can almost time when it is going to happen while he is on vacation. He could be doing anything when suddenly he will get an idea that he knows could be good for his business. Once this inspiration hits, he immediately makes sure to email the people that the idea would be relevant too. His staff has come to expect these emails while he is on vacation and it is something that they frequently joke about in the office. When he first began his career, Glenn Schlossberg was always on the go in the 1980s and he quickly realized it could not be maintained when it came to the long-term.

Burnout, stress, and exhaustion is something that can easily happen when people begin working too many hours and research shows that breaks can help people improve their productivity, cognition, and creativity. These are all very important to someone involved in the fashion industry such as Glenn Schlossberg. While he is proud of everything that he has accomplished at Jump Design Group, he is also proud of everything that he has been able to do in his personal life because of his career. He is happy that he is able to do all of these things in his life without worrying about how much it costs. For more details about Schlossberg you can visit his twitter account.

Beal Properties and Exhaustive Management Approaches

Chicago, Illinois is a city in the American Midwest that’s in it for the long haul. People decide that Chicago is a strong fit for their lifestyles day in and day out.That’s why it’s a highly common moving destination. The metropolis is a sanctuary for many sectors. It’s a hub for economics, culture, education and beyond. If you’re enthralled by higher education, you may want to look into Northwestern University. If you’re enthralled by economics, the city has so many companies that represent so many fields.

Real estate is often a complex subject for people who are in the Windy City. It can be just as complex a topic for those who are planning on moving to it. It differs from many other parts of the Midwest region in that it’s often rather pricey. Rents in Chicago can be hefty regardless of the exact setting. You can go for an apartment in any neighborhood in Chicago only to realize that monthly rents aren’t exactly the lowest. Buying a residential property in the city can in many situations be just as mind-boggling.

If you want to make the most out of the city, you need guidance from a consummate professional. There are many dependable real estate agents working in Chicago. Help from an agent can give you listings of all kinds. It can give you knowledge about optimal buying times. It can even give you some assistance in the negotiation division. If you want to be able to buy or rent like a local, nothing can be better than advice from a professional.

Beal Properties has been wowing Chicago locals for years now. It tackles properties all over the vibrant metropolis.

Beal Properties possesses many properties that are close to public transportation. It has an office for management purposes as well.

Career approach as advised by Max Salk

The world of professionalism is on the verge of taking a paradigm shift in the sector of career specialization. In the past, graduates would walk out of college with expertise in a particular field, for instance, medicine, engineering, and business accounting. However, the trend has changed as youths are expanding their knowledge in different areas and not just a specific one. The technology is providing a platform for exposure that is helping people to learn several skills. Getting an engineer or a dentist with skills in certified public accounting is very common nowadays. However, there are risks in diversifying your areas of expertise.

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Author David Epstein explains in his book, ‘Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World’ the benefits of knowing different professions. According to his research on most successful individuals, he discovered that most of them are a generalist. Generalists have skills in connecting with other people in different areas, which helps them in developing ideas and in ethical decision making. To understand how generalizing your potentials are better than specializing them, let us look at the life of Max Salk. He is a true definition of the difference between the two aspects of career success.

Max Salk is one of the most successful individuals with more than one profession. In addition to his business as an investment analyst, he is also a Photographer majoring in landscapes. Max Salk is an alumnus of the University of Illinois, a graduate with a degree in History and Finance. As a student, he would perfect his financial skills by taking risks such as stock investments. Luckily after his graduation, he managed to secure a contract to work with an investment management firm in Chicago. The firm was known as PPM America. 

As much as he was excelling in his business career, Max wished to rekindle his passion for photography. He developed an interest in photography during his time in the Netherlands before his undergraduate program. Max Salk is currently working with Blackstone as the vice president and still a passionate photographer. Max asserts in an interview that he loves photographing as much, and it does not look like work when you love what you are doing. He believes that the world is so vast and limiting your potential in one profession will not guarantee success in life.

The Inspiring Career Journey of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is a prominent entrepreneur with a strong background in consumer investing and technology space. Being an MBA graduate, Ashley Lightspeed is well-versed in digital media and business management. Ashley began her leadership role at Stanford, where she served as the Vice President of the AME (Arts, Media, and Entertainment) Club.

Ashley’s success motivates junior employees who recently started their line of career. She’s well-versed with network building, artistic diversity, and showcasing talents. Lately, the number of start-up firms specializing in digital media has been on the rise. According to Lightspeed, the digital media industry has proven to be the ultimate investment option for capital venture firms. Read this article at to learn more.

Lightspeed’s career journey

Before joining Lightspeed Ventures, Ashley Lightspeed had worked with other top-ranked companies such as Bain and Thumbtack. Her contribution to these companies cannot go unnoticed, considering she led to the expansion of the capital firms during her tenure. Throughout her line of duty, Ashley has been using prototyping to run simulations and gather customer’s testimonials.

Before working for Lightspeed Ventures, Ashley had managed to work on other venture capital projects considering she was the head of event organization team at Thumbtack. She had also worked for Fundbox and BetterUp as a consultant. She advises junior staff to consider working at an operation role before considering venture capital for experience purposes.

Ashley fully understands the future of digital media and entrepreneurship. According to Ashley, digital media offers start-up firms a unique chance to keep on expanding service delivery to match consumers’ needs and demands. Today, companies can update their websites without disrupting the core services offered.

Bottom Line

Finally, Lightspeed advises companies to provide consumers with valuable information regarding their line of service. For instance, she suggests firms should be well-equipped with brand marketing techniques to hit the right market. Ashley is uniquely blended with technological trends, strategies, and innovations. Her passion to learn new trends has played a crucial role in her success. Related:

Jeunesse Global Cares About Their Employees

One of the ways that the public can tell that a company cares about its employees is when that company takes the time to compete for awards in the area of company excellence. One example is when a company like Jeunesse Global wins an award from the industry newspaper known as Direct Selling Now


The newspaper puts together a survey once per year to try to determine which companies in the direct selling space are the most employee friendly. They want to know about employee satisfaction as much as they want to know about customer satisfaction. This helps them figure out which kind of places stand out from the crowd. 


This year was the third year in total that Jeunesse Global has been honored by winning the award for being a top place to work in the direct selling space. It was definitely something that the company has been proud of, and they are touting this accomplishment as much as they possibly can. 


Jeunesse Global isn’t just some fly by night operation. They are located in more than 100 countries and serve millions of customers every year. Not only that, but the company also helps a lot of people earn a little extra money by being a distributor of their products. In this way they are helping both the customers and the people who decide to be distributors. 


The people who spend their time working in the corporate offices of Jeunesse Global are also treated to a lot of perks that make them happy. This is how the company was able to win the award yet again this year. They offer employees the ability to take unlimited PTO time as needed. They compliment that with a lot of on-site wellness programs that help their employees stay more fit and healthy for a happier life. 


An employer who goes out of its way to do all of the things just described here is clearly one that is deserving of some top honors. It is so wonderful now that Jeunesse Global is beginning to get the respect that they deserve from the industry that they operate in.

It Is Easy To See How Wes Edens Has Become So Successful In Sports Ownership When One Considers His Credentials:

Renowned investment professional and pro sports owner Wes Edens has had a lot of big career moments over the last thirty-plus years that he has been active in business and it all started with landing a position with Lehman Brothers after he completed his college degrees at Oregon State University. Joining the firm in 1987 was the start of a big career for Wes Edens and he has been pushing forward ever since. Along the way, he has made himself an impressive fortune that allows him to pursue his passions. One of those passions is an obsession with sports. This love of pro sports had subsequently led to Wes Edens purchasing the Milwaukee Bucks. He also just recently acquired the Aston Villa Football Club of England. Find out more about Wes Edens at

Wes had a successful tenure working in several key roles with Lehman Brothers. This included serving as a partner with the firm. He also worked for Blackrock for a time but his professional destiny eventually led him to a three-way partnership with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. This partnership became known as Fortress Investment Group and it is one of the defining moments for the career of Wes Edens. Fortress Investment Group quickly ascended to the position of a leading firm in the world of alternative investment management. The firm’s two-plus decades of success recently culminated with its recent acquisition by SoftBank. The Japanese mega-company was excited about the opportun9ity to acquire Fortress. A major part of the deal was the fact that the key leaders at Fortress have remained in place.

These are the kinds of professional successes that have allowed for Wes Edens to jump into a true passion of his. This is the world of professional sports. In 2014, he purchased the Bucks basketball team. He has been working hard to build up the team’s strengths and the results have been impressive. His success in this area has led to the recent purchase of England’s Aston Villa soccer team. Wes is now endeavoring to build Aston Villa into a team that can earn entry into the prestigious Premier League. He plans to utilize the same kind of dedication that he has put into the Bucks in working toward this goal.

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