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Creating New Business Model in Fast Foods; the Story of Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

As a senior undergraduate at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Nathaniel Ru and his friends Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet used to have difficulties looking for a healthy joint to eat. Besides getting food, they wanted a single joint that would provide both food and fun. This experience prompted them to set up such a joint as soon as they got out of school. The three buddies ventured into food, business. Today they boast of a successful chain of restaurants that offer food in the best way. Initial efforts to secure a place were difficult, but through persistence, they got a strategic location of their choice. They had resolved to call their food joint the Sweetgreen. Today, Sweetgreen has stores in America’s great cities providing fresh and healthy food. The motivation and driving force behind Ru’s success are living up to the co values of the company. Learn more:


To remain relevant each day, they have set values that guide their operations. Value number one is victory for the business and the clients. Secondly, creating a lifestyle brand that will outlive them and the third one is keeping it real all the time by being authentic. The Fourth value is “sweet.” Being nice to all in the system brings sweet tidings. The clients, the business and its employees should have it sweet. No wonder the name Sweetgreen. Indeed, this is a marketing strategy. If satisfied, clients have a way of using the “tell a friend “concept and this way the customer base expands. The last but not least of their values are whole, which can be defined as teamwork Ru reiterates that they do it together. The whole exceeds the sum of its parts and working together every day has helped them achieve the much they have today. Learn more:


One of their milestone achievements was joint they opened a new joint at Dupont Circle .the first two weeks were a disaster with no customers an obstacle they overcame by using music. It served the purpose as it created an emotional way of luring clients. The results of the experiment on food and music bore fruits and today its part of their culture. The trio seeks to engage in what will outlive them and thus endeavors to improve each day. Their enthusiasm keeps the business evolving. Sweetgreens in not just a typical food joint but a lifestyle brand. They take great pride in serving their customers with better food. The university friends have embraced technology in a big way. They do web based transactions through their website, and mobile apps and their management approach are client oriented. Learn more:


Dr. Jennifer Walden Revolutionizes Cosmetic Surgery

Every once in a while, there needs to be a surgery done. Often times, there is an organ that is faulty or a condition that needs to be fixed. Often times, there needs to be cosmetic surgery done in order to fix things as well. Cosmetic surgery also requires some special procedure. One person who has revolutionized the cosmetic surgery procedures is Jennifer Walden. She is very passionate about cosmetic surgery and has worked very hard to not only get good at her craft but to also change the way it is done. She has brought tons of good changes to the cosmetic surgery industry.

She has gone to New York in order to study and has made a name for herself with all of the new procedures she has come up with in order to lower the risk and occurrences of adverse side effects. People who have undergone a cosmetic procedure with her have experienced the difference. She has impressed many in the industry to the point that they have invited her to share her insights on textbooks. Now cosmetic surgery students are learning from her as well as other experts. DR. Walden’s insights have definitely made it a lot easier for students to understand.

One of the reasons that Dr. Jennifer Walden Review is so passionate about her work is that she wants her patients to feel good about themselves. Therefore, she does not just do the procedure and send them on their way. She takes the time to actually communicate with her patients so that she knows how to connect with them and make them feel valued. This also makes the procedure a lot more successful for the patients. They will walk away with the enhancement and very little if any side effects to accompany them. Therefore, Dr. Walden is very trustworthy as a surgeon.

Disaster Aid with Wessex Institute

In a time where natural disasters are consistently breaking records and shattering lives at unprecedented rates, it is all the more important for more expedient responses to aid the people who are lucky enough to survive the initial storm and making the recovery not to be nearly insurmountable. There are still people living in squalor in Haiti since the massive earthquake in 2010, regardless of the $13 billion rose in donations, with the only results to show for it are new soccer fields in Port Au Prince.

Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia provides a short course on how to improve and properly implement disaster aid plans in numerous scenarios to find actions that should become common place for the punctual rescue, recovery and reconstruction of the affected area.You can also visit their Facebook account : Click here.

The focus is to find ways for conglomerates and for-profit companies to profit from the relief of the disaster, instead of their focus being on the soon depreciated value of property and people of the recovering economy.The biggest question still remains, where is all the money going, if not to the decimated area, and why the survivors are suffering so unnecessarily that they later become envious of those who died in the storm?

Eric Lefkofsky; On The Vanguard In The Fight Against Cancer

In an effort to give patients better treatment, renowned cancer research institution, Tempus, agreed to share relevant data with experts at the University of Chicago. The information, consisting of molecular sequencing and analysis, will assist in creating individualized treatment plans for each of the patients. The data will be sourced from several breast cancer patients, so that doctors can establish different patterns and how the patients respond to the therapy.The objective of this mission is to come up with a lasting solution to the cancer menace. Oncology expert and Dean of Health at the University of Chicago, Olufunmilayo Olapade, stated that there is limited information on breast cancer survivors, albeit it being one of the most prevalent conditions. As a result, specialists make generic decisions, a situation that could be averted if the information provide was sufficient and precise. Olapade concluded by expressing gratitude to Tempus for their efforts in availing molecular and genetic data that will help in the proper diagnosis of breast cancer.

By use of proficient expert systems and gene sequencing techniques, Tempus is assisting doctors in making prompt and unique diagnoses to each patient. The company is relatively young, having been established in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky. It has its head offices in Chicago, Illinois. Apart from the University of Chicago, Tempus has collaborated with Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, and the University of Michigan in the fight against cancer.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric is a serial entrepreneur, accredited for the inauguration of many successful ventures. Among the companies, he has established are Tempus, Groupon, Uptake, and LightBank just to name a few. He started the business while in college, where he made money off selling carpets.Over the years, Eric has shown commitment towards the humanitarian cause. With his significant other, they created a family foundation, which has since funded over fifty charitable organizations. Additionally, he is also a strong activist in the fight against cancer, which is the reason behind the making of Tempus, a leading cancer research institution.

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Why Chris Burch Has Been Instrumental In the Development Startup Businesses

The fashion trend has been changing in the recent years due to advancement in the technological world. Many people attribute new fashion trend to the ever-changing technological convergence across the world. Fashion and technology work hand in hand and has been attributed to the close relationship the two field share. According to Chris Burch who is a fashion and design expert, technology and fashion trend have been moving together since time in memorial. Each and every field depends on the other for success. As such, he has compared the similarities in the emerging trends that have been envied by many people globally. First, he dives deep in the 1980s when Walkman was developed and the importance it brought about in the fashion industry. Due to entertainment purposes, people needed to feel good and listen to music as they walked during their normal endeavors. As such, Walkman was invented in order to provide a whole round of entertainment to the fashion user. Earlier on, they had invented a boom box that served many functions apart from listening to music. It was used for recording purposes thus adding value to the way people viewed fashion.


The advancement in technology later led to the introduction of the iPod in the early 1990s. This was a major step towards incorporating music with fashion. As such, clothing lines had also been designed to suit the emerging trends. This one reduced the size of the entertainment gadget that could remain hidden because of its small size. In addition, they produced quality music with a numerous number of tracks. Many people are working around the clock to develop gadgets that will be useful to the human beings in the near future. For instance, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are developing a product that will see motorbike helmets faced-out gradually. With the new trend, people will wear airbags around their necks when riding motorbikes which would then provide clear visibility for the rider.


Chris Burch has over 40 years experienced in the investment and entrepreneurship field. He has been instrumental in the establishment of over 50 companies across the world. His urge to succeed has made him acquire potential skills that have driven him to international standards.


Chris Burch has a rich portfolio where he has invested in different brands, home furnishing, and technological industries among other. As such, he has been instrumental in the formation of startup companies that have hit the global limelight.

Rona Borre, a Leading Female Business Owner

Rona Borre, A Successful Entrepreneur

Rona Borre, A Successful Entrepreneur

Rona Borre is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting firm based in Chicago, a city where she is considered to be one of the most prominent female entrepreneurs.


Instant Alliance is a woman-owned business that is nationally recognized and has had increasing revenue each year since it was established in 2001. Borre motivates and inspires those who work with her. Rona’s passion is to help companies achieve their goals by pairing them with the absolute best in talented employees. Rona’s philosophy brings business leaders with entrepreneurial spirit and initiative to help build assets in a growing market.

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Borre states that employees want to put their mark on something exciting and meaningful and have a voice in the organization. A business attracting talented hires can start a chain reaction for other potential excellent recruits. See her on


Borre received a BS in business from the University of Arizona. She is on the board and has leadership roles with the Young Presidents Organization, the Chicago Network, and the Economic Club of Chicago.


Borre has been honored as an Influential Woman in Business by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business Ledger. She was also named the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine. She has been featured by CBS 2 Chicago, CNBC, CNN, USA Today, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago.


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The Contribution Of Sanjay Shah In The Fight Against Autism

Every second day of April in Dubai marks the beginning of the Autism Awareness month. This event invites everyone who is willing to have fun while contributing towards a good cause that will help to change the society. The event was pioneered by Autism Rocks founder, Sanjay Shah.


With Dh 50 only, you can also take part in the event and help promote a child suffering from autism. The 2016 festival was a success as Sanjay Shah Denmark invited major artistes like American rapper Flo Rida and Tyga, who made a performance and were also used to pass the message to the people.


Changing lives through the foudation

The biggest challenge in the fight against beliefs that are directed towards people battling autism is traditions that categorize such conditions as curses and a threat to the harmony of the community. The first step would be to make people understand this is a health condition that has no association with their customs or beliefs.


Autism Rocks is pursuing the course of ensuring people change their perception towards autism because this is a condition that can affect any child. The foundation, through the festival, has been fighting to ensure the way autistic people are viewed is not to degrade their personal rights. They should not be dealt with in a harsh manner and they deserve to enjoy their rights just like any other individual.


Sanjay was pushed to pursue this course due to the fact his son is suffering the same condition. Before he could understand what the problem was, he travelled across many hospitals before the condition was detected. This just showed him what others were going through, so he also embarked on a mission to help others in the same situation understand the condition better.


About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is an executive and founder of a leading financial services company, Solo Capital Markets. His educational background allows him to handle financial services and manage investments on behalf of clients. Sanjay is a philanthropic individual who is concerned about the wellness of the society. He has donated a lot to the Autism Rocks Foundation, which he began as a project to help children suffering from autism.


Sanjay is also a family man with a wife and children. His son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism, a condition that inspired Sanjay to start the Autism Rocks foundation to help other people facing the same issues.