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Nutrition for Mothers and Their Families

Ashley Lightspeed and the Pace of Innovation

Ashley Lightspeed and others of her ilk would realize that it is not game over until it really is game over. That is why Ashley Lightspeed and others are able to step it up a notch and get to where they need to be with their investments.

She would see this with other investors in their investments in Uber and other companies.

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For instance, Uber has been able to now integrate with public transportation in a small sense.

Those who are interested at seeing this feature in action could simply go to their Uber app and go through options to book a ride. The usual options such as UberX and UberBlack would of course be available in the app. But now, the option of UberTransit also shows up, much to Uber’s pride.

Despite the name, UberTransit doesn’t involve Uber’s vehicular operations by any means – at least for now. It only lists the transit options available on hand. That, in Denver’s case, comes in the form of the RTD bus and train.

The ticketing information uses real-time data, so that anyone buying a ticket doesn’t have to go through outdated information about the service, timings, or availability. Users could simply go through the provided information and make their purchase directly from the app, all while having the assurance that the availability options they are being shown come directly from RTD itself.

From there, they are given a QR code as their ticket purchase confirmation. They could use the QR code to verify their ticket at a Denver RTD bus or train ride.

This is why it pays to stay in the game and keep on keeping on. Uber has not just progressed from one level to the next, it has been able to dominate and become the player across the world.

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DonataMeirelles an HIV Advocate

DonataMerirelles is known as the style director of vogue in Brazil. She has done wonders for the fashion industry, including the role of a fashion consultant. Donata is very passionate about the work she does, but she is also passionate about other things. Donata is an advocate for the AIDS research. She is very passionate about the cause and makes it known to her almost half a million followers and fans. She is using her popular platform to spread the cause to more and more people. She wants her followers and fans involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Donata has helped the foundation form a wider audience and donations. Visit her on Instagram for updates.

Donata recently heard the news that the second person was cured from AIDS, and like many AIDS and HIV supporters, she was beyond excited. She has been involved in the research for years, and this is a huge stepping stone for supporters. She said, “I am very happy to read the news about the second AIDS cure case. Eight years ago, I was introduced to amfAR by a friend. I was very moved by the cause and by the relentless pursuit of the cure of AIDS. Since then, my family and I have been actively involved in the cause in many ways. I’m really glad we’re on the right track.”

The AIDS foundation receives support through events that raises them money and donates items to sell. Donata is always a part of these events and auctions. Celebrities such as; Kate Hudson, Scarlett Johansson, and Uma Thurman have all donated items to auction at these events. The most recent event Cannes, France raised about $20 million, which is record breaking. The Countdown to Cure foundation has a goal of gaining $100 million dollars towards the foundation. Their hope is to change the world through this research, and to change the lives of those suffering from HIV and AIDS.  To learn more about Donata Meirelles visit at

Whitney Wolfe Finally Ties the Knot and Finds Happiness

Whitney Wolfe has spent most of her career helping people find “the one.” Therefore, it is fair that she has a romantic wedding day. Whitney and her husband, Michal Herd had a magnificent wedding ceremony at the Villa Treville in Positano. This is found along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Michael is a Texas, oil heir. The two of them met in the year 2014 on Valentine’s Day. They then got engaged in July of 2107. Their wedding hashtag, #homeiswheretheherdis, was played off from the husband’s second name. The bride’s gown was from Oscar De La Renta. The venue was candlelit enabling the guests to have a clear view of the Italian coast.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride changed into a slip dress that was silk and cream in color. This was for the evening party. There was plenty of food and drinks for the guests. The venue for the reception had a canopy of the lemon trees. This was a complement of lemon accents that were on the dinner table and menu. They had one massive single tier wedding cake that was topped with fresh fruits.

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur from America. She founded Bumble and is the CEO of the company. As of April 2016, Bumble was found to be the fourth most popular dating app on a monthly user base. In 2014, Wolfe was listed among the 30 most influential women in the tech world who are below 30 years. She was also named in Elle’s women in tech. In 2017, Wolfe was found to be among those in the Forbes 30 under 30.

Whitney wolf was born to property developer, Michael. Her mother, Kelly, was a housewife. She was born when her parents were staying in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to the Southern Methodist University. Here, she was able to major in International Studies. While she was in school, she began doing business. She sold the bamboo tote bags that was a benefit to those areas that were affected by the oil spill of BP. She then later formed a partnership with the celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp. They created an organization that was non-profit, known as “Help Us Project.” The bags were then able to receive national press when celebrities like Nicole Richie were photographed with the bags. When Wolfe graduated, she went to Southeast of Asia and worked in the orphanages there.

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Top Hair Hacks

When it comes to the hair, Wengie has a few hacks that every girl should know about. They will make the hair softer, shinier and a little more manageable whether you’re at home or traveling.


Healthy hair starts on the inside. Vitamin C, A and omega-3 fatty acids are what you need to consume when you’re eating so that the hair is as healthy as possible. Folic acid makes the hair stronger, preventing breakage while brushing and washing. When you don’t clean your brush on a regular basis, you’re putting unwanted grease and oils back into clean hair. A kitchen scrubbing brush can be used to clean the bristles and the base. Healthy foods are also good for the health of the face as well. They will give a clear complexion as the impurities are flushed out of the body with the water content and nutrients from the foods.


If you want hair that smells great, use a dryer sheet. Punch it through the brush bristles before brushing the hair. It will leave the hair smelling fresh and decrease the static. If you want the hair to appear longer, then create one ponytail with the lower layers of the hair and a higher one at the top of the head. Apply a hair mask before you shampoo the hair. Two teaspoons of coconut oil that are melted in the microwave are ideal to use as a mask. Massage the mask into the scalp first. Let the mask sit for about 30 minutes before washing in the shower.