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DHerbs Full Body Cleanse: An Account On The Steve Harvey Show

Losing weight can be a tough endeavor. Everyone knows that working out and watching what we eat are the main ingredients for a successful weight loss. Once the goal is met it’s also about maintaining the results as well. Read more reviews about Dherbs at


As indicated, body cleansing is a method to help us lose the weight and maintain it by cleansing. We take a look at DHerbs Full Body Cleanse on This twenty-day regime “naturally cleanses the body to aid in weight management.” Ginkgo leaf, bitter melon fruit, rosemary herb, eucalyptus leaf, cranberry fruit, and black pepper are only a few named natural ingredients found in the product. Directions indicate to take with a full glass of water and at intervals according to the instructional booklet included.

Steve Harvey Show

In a youtube video, we watch an account of a consumer who has tried out DHerbs Cleansing regimen. In it, she states she lost a total of forty pounds using the amazing product. Before being greeted by Steve Harvey, a picture of the consumer before using the product splashes the screen. Moments later, she appears from behind the stage and the results are in. She is unrecognizable from the weight loss. Comparing her picture before to what she looks like now, displays the product’s effectiveness. She goes on to say that she feels amazing. She states that she had low confidence before trying out the Dherbs Cleanse. After seeing the results from the product, she now feels confident and says the product gave her “sexy back.” The video continues to convey how beneficial it is to use the product and about how easy it is to use. Steve Harvey attest that he, too, used the product and lost eighteen pounds.

To learn more about DHerbs Fully Body Cleanse and other products by DHerbs please visit their website at You will find that they have many cleansing products, herbal supplements, and even recipes to stay in shape and feel good while doing so.

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How Organo Gold’s Business Structure Works

A lot of people who try Organo Golds products wonder what this Canadian company is all about. They offer coffees, teas, health supplements, and a line of body management products named OGX. Some people decide after sampling this coffee that they’d like to become an independent distributor of this company’s product. Read the reviews at

First, Organo Gold was founded in 2008. Their products are sold through independent distributors who receive commissions for what they sell. They offer premium products and they sell almost 1% of the world’s coffee each year. Because their products contain Ganoderma Lucidum in a powdered form they have antioxidant properties and boost the immune system. Organo Gold products are meant to taste great, give people energy, and help people live a healthy lifestyle.

Over the course of the past decade Organo Gold has grown into a global brand. Their products are available through a direct marketing system and the independent distributors can sponsor people who also want to pursue this business opportunity. They earn money through product sales and get to drink Organo Gold’s beneficial products themselves.


The three values that Organo Gold is built around are parity, edification, and loyalty. The founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua built a culture at his company that embraces unity and treating people like they are family. Everyone is treated with a spirit of equality and without judgment. The independent distributors receive ongoing training and they are encouraged to approach their business with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Organo Gold products are sold exclusively to consumers. They cannot be found in grocery stores or coffeehouses. Bernardo Chua has been in both the beverage industry and the direct marketing industry for many years. He was largely responsible for introducing Ganoderma to Western audiences. His leadership has led to his company being one of the fastest growing ones in his industry. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.