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Meet Brian Torchin the Medical Practitioner

Brian Torchin is the Chief Executive Officer and president of HCRC Staffing. Brian has been opening, staffing, and managing medical offices in Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware. He began staffing the offices with chiropractic doctors, physical therapists, and assistants leading to development of the HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing is the top full service consulting and staffing company for the health care.

HCRC Staffing is based in Philadelphia and manipulates direct, expedient, consultative, ethical, and detail-centered approach while staffing. They have extended their services to all fifty states and also Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia. At HCRC Staffing, they offer physician assistant jobs, chiropractic jobs, Medical jobs, physical therapy, dentist opportunities, nurse practitioner jobs, and podiatrist opportunities just to mention a few. Read more about Brian Torchin at

Brian Torchin is an alumna of the University of Delaware. He later on furthered his education in the Chiropractic College New York where he graduated with a degree in Chiropractic services back in the year 1995. Brian Torchin became a licensed certified chiropractic doctor and established his chiropractic clinic where he practiced his wide knowledge and skills by helping patients around Philadelphia.

At Heath Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing, they recruit candidates for a variety of legal positions such as Legal Administrators, Paralegals, Legal Administrative Assistants, Office managers, Attorneys and Legal secretaries. They also assist medical offices and other companies fill positions in public relations and desk receptionists. According to the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselor Staffing, their main target is to find people with the capability to undertake critical jobs and duties in health care and legal companies within a period of three days.

Having worked and acquired a wide experience as a medical expert, Dr. Brian realized that one of the major employment problems in the legal and healthcare fields is the turnover of employees. This is the reason why HCRC staffing was founded so as to address this problem effectively. Currently, many companies rely on HCRC Staffing today to acquire employees in the field of legal and health care industries. Brian is available on social media platforms like Facebook where he goes by the name Brian Torchin. Read this article:


USHEALTH Advisors – Knowing More Through Glassdoor

For over 35 years, USHEALTH Advisors has provided the U.S. market with sufficient health care coverage that wows! Competitive prices, diverse coverage solutions and optimum customer service, agents have took to the internet to address their satisfaction with working with a company with such satisfactory benefits. With the many sources online for reviews, Glassdoor is one that entails the most diverse number of options of information on a company with the inclusion of employee reviews.

When you search online for information on USHEALTH Advisors, you’ll come across many websites that entails valuable information about the company. Such websites includes, but not limited to: Crunchbase, and of course their own website, These are all reliable sources, but one other reliable source that provides sufficiency and is one of the most diverse solution based of information on the company is no other than Glassdoor.

Whatever you’re interested in knowing about USHEalth Advisors, as far as salary, available positions, reviews of working for the company, can be found on Glassdoor. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a USHEALTH Advisor Insurance Agent is $71,085. This salary average was determined by multiple salary submissions of Glassdoor users. It was also reported that there are over 172 different available jobs within USHEALTH Advisor throughout its many locations. You can also get information on the volunteering efforts of USHEALTH Advisors as well. So much opportunity for gaining information about USHEALTH Advisor, you have to see it to believe it!

Below are a few review “titles from Glassdoor regarding the privilege of working for USHEALTH Advsiors: “Best Career Ever”, So Grateful for This Opportunity” and “Excellent Support and Training”. To get a view of the many, many other review titles and its description, visit

It is highly advised to take a look at the USHEALTH Advisors page through Glassdoor to get a detailed look at the company before making any decisions, such as becoming a policyholder or an agent. Many reviews are presented and star rated as well. This is one of the most trusted sources online in regards to being informed about the reliability and operations of a company. Visit Glassdoor today!



Choosing the Right Form of FreedomLife Insurance is Flexible

Life insurance is a form of security that is almost too good to be true. A huge amount of money can be created to be paid at the death of an individual to a named beneficiary for a very small price. If an individual can qualify from a health standpoint this can be done very easily without a lot of fuss. The Freedom Life Insurance Company provides both types of life insurance.

Life insurance is available in two distinctive categories. One is called term life insurance and the other is deemed to be permanent life insurance. Term life insurance provides straight coverage for a set period of time and then it expires. This is the least costly type of life insurance as the risk is less than permanent life insurance for the insurance.

For example, if a person purchased a 20-year term policy, after 20 years the coverage expires if the person does not die during the term period. Permanent life insurance covers an individual for the “whole” of a person’s life, and that is why it is sometimes called whole life insurance. It will provide coverage until age 100 if a person lives that long and then the face amount of the policy is paid to the insured at that age.

Permanent life insurance also has a cash value that accrues inside of the policy. Loans can be taken against the cash value, but the amount of the loan decreases the death benefit by that amount. The cash value acts as a reserve against the ever-increasing age of the insured and offsets that risk to the insurance company. When a person reaches age 65 the cash value can be used to help a person’s retirement needs.

Read more about Freedom Life Insurance at Bloomberg.

The Freedom Life insurance Company enables customers to design their life insurance portfolio with any combination of term and permanent coverage that suits their needs. many times a permanent plan is established with term riders in order to meet budgetary needs of customers. The experienced agents at the Freedom Life Insurance Company can help customers plan their life insurance so that the optimum needs are met along with the flexibility to meet future needs.

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USHEALTH Group Inc.-Your Insurance Company of All Times

Insurance is essential in our life. The government has made it mandatory for some cases. This is because despite how careful we try to be accidents are bound to happen. In some cases, uninsured accidents have led to the bankruptcy of large enterprises affecting the stability of a state. This occurs when the business or the individual lacks the funds to come back to their feet.

Sometimes, we may have insurance covers that may end up failing us. Some companies do not fulfill their part. This is why it is crucial, to exclusively research on a company before making the decision. With the flooding insurance companies online, it is hard to decide on the best company to enroll with for future risks. Follow USHealth Group on Twitter.

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is one of the reliable businesses that is trustworthy to cover your risks when they happen. The USHEALTH Group has been in the market for over 50 years now. The company has a wide experience in the field. The company is highly innovative, and this is how it has managed to stay at the top.

The company offers a variety of opinions from which their clients can choose from for their insurance company. The company is open to ideas and keeps on updating its portfolio. The company offers disability insurance, accident insurance, and specified diseases insurance. The company can achieve this through its branches; National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. For more than 50 decades, the company has been able to serve 15 million customers in need of customized services.

USHEALTH Group Inc. understands that economy may be tough. For this reason, some clients may not be able to invest in plans that take long before they bore fruits. The company has been able to innovative schemes from which consumers can reap benefits after a short time.

Sometimes deciding on what your best plan is, may be a challenge. For this reason, the USHEALTH Group has its advisors. The USHEALTH Advisors are well trained hence professional. The USHEALTH Advisors, have helped many families, businesses, and individuals to achieve their desired plans.

While many companies continue to struggle to get clients, this is not the case with the USHEALTH Group Inc. The company has been able to create a stable relationship with their customers. As a result, many of their clients have signed up for a long-term relationship with the company.

The company understands how different the needs of their customers can be. The company has, therefore, expanded its portfolio to cover the needs of their clients. This is why the next time you think about an insurance company, your first company should be USHEALTH Group Inc. It is your insurance partner of all times.

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Choosing a FreedomLife Insurance Policy That Protects Your Family at All Times

Investing in a life insurance policy for yourself or a spouse is one way to ensure your family and loved ones are financially provided for in the case of a death. Finding the right life insurance policy may greatly depend on your current lifestyle, financial goals, and whether or not you prefer a permanent or a term life policy. Working together with professional life insurance representatives from providers such as Freedom Life Insurance is ideal to guarantee you have made the right choice for your future.

What is Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is available to individuals at any age and cover policyholders for a specific amount of time. With term life insurance, individuals have the ability tochose how long they would like the plan to remain active for based on how much their policy is worth and the budget available to pay off the policy. Term life insurance is not always recommended to those who are young and healthy, as a permanent life insurance policy may ultimately be more suitable.

Why Choose Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance policies last throughout the entirety of a lifetime, whether the policyholder is in their 20’s or 90’s when they pass away. While permanent life insurance policies often protect families and individuals for longer periods of time, they also require a bigger investment in order to maintain the financial protection over decades. Consider your lifestyle, family members, and debt before selecting a policy that works for you. If you are unsure of the type of life insurance that is most beneficial to you and your family, speak with a professional from Freedom Life Insurance or another trusted insurance company in your area for more information on how to get started.

Once you have a thorough understanding of the types of policies that are available to you, work with an insurance agent to activate your plan as quickly as possible. Speaking with an insurance agent from Freedom Life Insurance or other providers near you is a way to move forward with your plans of protecting your loved ones financially in the event of your passing. Read more:


USHEALTH GROUP, the Avenue that Helps People Everyday

Everyone across the globe can attest that health is a vital part of our daily lives. In short, there is wealth in health, and without it, the economy would be stagnant. In the US, USHEALTH group, located in Fort Worth, Texas, has considered this fact and gives the best care when it comes providing the health care.

They have good health coverage plans that are insured by USHEALTH Advisors insurance. For them, it does not matter the caliber of a person, be it owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs or even employees they benefit from the cover. The USHEALTH group believes in the provision of the best healthcare, and their services are excellent because they give each patient unique treatment and do not use the one size fits all method. This strategy is usually used by numerous health groups and is not healthy in the sense that just because a treatment option might have worked for an individual, it is no guarantee that another showing similar signs and symptoms to be the same. Their product mix is tailor-made in a way that they fit the demands of different individuals for the past 35 years.

The company also provides an opportunity to the public by giving them a chance to work in their facilities. This means that employment opportunities are availed. Upon training, USHEALTH Advisory salary is given to agents plus other allowances. As the mission of this institution implies, they provide help to other people every single day. They have embraced the mission and live by it on a daily basis with the aim of creating a positive impact on the lives of others.

One may wonder why they should seek their services than going to other health facilities. The following are some of the reasons; it gives a provision for one to be able to protect their family now and in the future. Also, their services are readily available and affordable, whether one wants coverage of daily medical expenses or be secure when chronic illnesses hit there are provisions to cater for that. It is clear that with the awards they garner every passing year, the quality of the services provided is commendable. Learn more:


Sanjay Shah: Making A Difference

Sanjay Shah is a legend in the financial industry. He has had success after success. He has worked for companies like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley and Rabobank and Credit Suisse. He started a financial firm, Solo Capital, in 2009 that deals with brokerage, investment management and principal trading. Since then he has made hundreds of millions of dollars and the firm has expanded to be in two countries with employees in the triple digits. But before all of his success in the financial world, he was just a student at King’s College with a big passion for promoting local concerts in London.

While he had to leave that passion behind for some time, he has now come full circle. Several years ago his son was diagnosed with autism and Shah’s priorities changed. He stepped back from his firm and wanted to see how he could help his son. The doctors told him there was nothing he could do for his son. So he decided to do something that would help the doctors to better help his son. He formed a charity that would raise money for autism research.

Autism Rocks was created. Shah met with the giants of the industry to make sure he got off on the right foot. He had Snoop Dogg come over to his home. He partnered with Done Events, a promotional firm in Dubai, in order to learn more about the industry and gain from their expertise. Then he got a call. Prince was willing to do a private concert in four weeks time. Shah organized a venue in London and got to promoting. He invited several hundred people and requested that they all donate at least 500 pounds to Autism Rocks. That night they raised 200,000 pounds.

A short time later, Shah organized a similar event with Lenny Kravitz and similar success occurred. Now Autism Rocks is ready to try out concerts in different cities, with different crowds. Shah is even interested in trying to sell a compilation CD that profits the charity.

You can follow them on LinkedIn.

Source: Global-Citizen

Dr. Sergio Cortes’ Advice to People on their Health

In most cases, back pain is as a result of spending much of the time sitting, sometimes in chairs that are not appropriate, especially those with poor posture. Modern technology is highly blamed for this problem since people spend almost the whole day sitting while working using their devices. Sitting on a wrong posture is due to lack of knowledge and can cause a serious problem to health of many people according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, a medical expert. Also, he encourages people to give themselves breaks to allow for stretching of muscles and joints and make them flexible all the time.

Cortes explained that poor posture can cause neck stiffness, and herniated disc. The doctor continued to say that the effects of these cases may become chronic if not taken care of in early stages. He has directed patients to more vigilant and visit a medical practitioner when they experience such pains. Sitting on the same posture for a long time is very dangerous, and movement should be encouraged because it gives the body good attitude.

In Brazil, exercise was a tradition in the past but nowadays people have abandoned it. The doctor is encouraging people to perform routine exercise in order to keep fit always and prevent back pain that would largely affect their lives. Dr. Sergio is encouraging people to visit a doctor so that he can recommend the best physical exercise needed. He further urges people to do stretching first before and after exercise in order to prevent inflammation, injuries and muscle strains.
The expert is encouraging people to practice stretches using bars or other similar structures. Stretching can be done at home, but Dr. Sergio is advising people to consult specialists so that they can recommend the best exercise for every person.
About Sergio Cortes
Sergio Cortes is a medical expert who been focusing on educating people on how to lead healthy lifestyle and overcome complications that are associated with poor diet and also lack of exercise. Cortes is advising people to engage medical professionals whenever they want to eat healthy food that are beneficial to their bodies.
For one to have healthy diet, Sergio Cortes is asking them to include fruits on their menu in order to increase the intake of vitamins. Water is another essential element required by the body to enhance transportation of nutrients in the body. Sergio is advising people to drink sufficient water so that they can maintain the required temperature in their bodies.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

Beneful and Wolves

The best thing that a person can do for a dog’s health is to let the dog be the dog that it was bred to be and give it beneful from petco. Even if the dog is a hunting breed in a pet situation, the owner’s should understand the daily activities of the breed and attempt to replicate this activity in some form that is relative to your situation. The drive to do the things for which the dog is bred is very strong in your pet and satiating that need prevents the dog from having multiple issues both physically and mentally.

This does not mean that you have to turn your dog into a hunting dog, but letting a dog with the instinct to point at birds follow that activity really satisfies the dog. For example, your daily walk could include trips through a park with birds or ducks. The dog can stalk and point without any danger of hurting the animals, but their minds will be stimulated as well as their physical activity will be based on a complex fun activity for the dog instead of simply walking on a leash with strict rules.

This problem denotes a disconnection between the dog’s need and those of the owner. For people, we make concessions for their natural behavior, but in pets, we often conform their natural tendencies to fit our lifestyle. This fuels the problem with people choosing pets that are inappropriate for their lifestyles and alleviates the issues connected with misplaced energy in dogs. These issues include chewing and aggression issues as well as depression.

However, when this is understood, people can own dogs that they never thought that they could because they exercised a little extra diligence to find activities that more suit the animal’s natural instincts and adjust themselves a small amount. When these steps are taken, dogs that would normally destroy a home when their owners leave will patiently rest and await the owner’s return if they are conditioned to know that their owner’s return signals that they will get to engage in their favorite and most instinctual activities.

This more closely mimics that natural schedule and activity that dogs with hunting backgrounds would have in the wild as wolves hunting for daily survival. They conserve energy for the hunt instead of nervously expending it awaiting the more trained dog’s reconnaissance trips away from the main pack. However, this activity must be combined with the appropriate nutrition in order for the dog to be healthy. As far as the amounts are concerned, very active dogs will need more than the labels suggest in many cases.

Extremely active dogs can sometimes require double the amount of food than the label suggests to maintain their energy levels. It also requires a brand with a complete nutritional value and composition like Beneful. The Beneful brands have a varied product line of both wet and dry food as well as targeted informative labeling about the components and the suggested uses of each type. It is the only brand that I endorse as a trainer and breeder.

My Dog Is Now Healthy And Happy Because Of Beneful

I have a dog that’s a diva, and she loves to have her own way. I swear it’s like we argue with each other, and when I talk to her, she barks back at me to get what she wants. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog to death, but she can be a pain sometimes. The other day I took her to the pet store with me so she could pick out some toys that she liked. She always likes to run up to the toy section, and she might come back with a squeaky toy that gets on my nerves before we even leave the store.

I still let her have whatever she wants, and when she picked up a certain toy the other day, I knew that it was going to be a problem at home. It was a toy for a dog, but it made so much noise that it was unbearable. I couldn’t help it though, because I love my dog, so I let her have whatever she wanted. While we were in the pet store I decided to pick up some food as well, and the only food I ever get is Beneful.

I have my reasons why I only choose this type of food, and it’s because it has really helped to bring my dog back from the brink of being underweight. When I first rescued my pet she was extremely malnourished, and I had no idea how I was going to help her. The veterinarian even told me that I should prepare to lose her because they didn’t see how she would make it. I still took care of her every day, and I bought the best foods that had all the nutrients that she needed, and that food is Beneful.

She made a complete turnaround within a few weeks, and she actually began to put on weight. I was very upset with the veterinarian for giving up so quickly on my dog. I decided that I was going to make sure my dog lived to see a lot more of life because I knew she had a long ways to go. I tend to rescue dogs and then give them to other families, but I decided to keep this rescue dog for myself. All I can do is be thankful that everything I did for her saved her life, especially feeding her Beneful brand foods.

Beneful is an excellent dog food for any pet owner that wants to give the best nutrition to their pets. There are many different kinds of Beneful foods out there, and all of the foods have balanced nutrition for any type of dog. Whether a dog is a puppy or full grown, the owner can easily find the perfect Beneful for their pet. Even owners who are looking for treats for their pet can also find some great Beneful treats at their grocery store or in a local pet store. Most dog owners love to feed their pets Beneful.