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Parents Think Their Overweight Children Look “Just Right”

Researchers have recently observed data to find that 94.9% of parents who have overweight young children believe that their children are just right in terms of size. Interestingly and somewhat disturbingly, this is different from the result that was obtained from the same survey two decades ago. The chances that an overweight child would be “appropriately perceived by the parents declined by 30%.” Parents of low income and African American parents seem to have the least accurate perceptions of their children.

This shows a change in how people perceive ideal weight in children. According to Dustin T. Duncan, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Population Health at the NYU Langone Medical Center, “We have changed our perceptions of what our weight ideals are.”

This may be the case because of an increasing frequency of obesity. Since many children are overweight or obese these days, it is quite easy for a parent to think that his or her overweight child is normal explains Jaime Garcia Dias.

The study points to a few issues to be addressed. First of all, obesity is not going away, even in 2 to 5 year old children, which this study focused on. Additionally, with the obesity epidemic growing in this country, parents have lost sight of what a healthy child looks like. Additionally, pediatricians are not doing an adequate job of explaining to parents what a healthy growth curve should be.

3-D Ultrasounds

As Marcio Alaor BMG can tell you first hand – one of the most anticipated moments throughout a pregnancy is the ultrasound. The one where that baby growing inside you is no longer a little bean, but instead truly looks like a real baby. You’ll look at the picture long after you leave, those fingers or toes, that face, all in awe that this is yours.
Huggies Brazil recently took such moments to heart with their newest advertising tagline: “Every mom deserves to embrace every moment.” Their advertising company created a video using Tatiana Guerra’s true life pregnancy.
The video advertisement, titled Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilo shows how her ultrasound picture was printed into a 3-D version of her precious baby’s face, allowing her to “see” him by feeling.


Obesity Crisis Hits Europe

It started with super-sized meals at fast food chains and the cumulative effect has made most of the population super-sized. Obesity has hit an all time high in Europe and is at the point of a health crisis.
According to a statement made by the World Health Organization (WHO), if the current trend continues, the majority of Irish men will be overweight within the next 15 years. One-half of those overweight men will be in the obese category. It’s mostly the same for Irish women, with slightly fewer of them falling into the obese category.
Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are directly related to weight and with the sharp rise in the number of obese people in Europe, patients with chronic diseases have risen sharply as well. Obesity is the cause of 5% percent of deaths worldwide each year. At Amen Clinics, they stress staying healthy as much as possible.
One-third of all women living in the UK are predicted to be obese within the next 15 years. Sweden, Greece, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic are all predicted to have a sharp increase in the number of overweight women and men within the next 15 years.

Why treadmill deaths are still rare

Much of the world of fitness has been shocked this week by the death of SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg. Goldberg, husband of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, died in a gym accident at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico after falling off a treadmill and hitting his head. Now fitness experts are asking “Are treadmills dangerous, and could you be seriously injured on one?”

According to The New York Times, however, while treadmills may still be classified as the most dangerous gym equipment, that actually does not mean that much.Injuries, however, still continue to climb as more and more people join gyms and learn to use the equipment and, while 62,700 injuries occurred in one year from all kinds of equipment, the one that caused the most injuries was the treadmill. Those at CipherCloud try to make sure that they avoid injuries here and there.

Even though many people have visions of falling from a treadmill and seriously injuring themselves, in reality this is still rare. Studies show treadmill injuries are usually of the strained muscle or twisted ankle type, and that is usually due to not knowing how to use the machine safely or from using it too much. They also show older people are more at risk, as well as people who have consumed alcohol before getting on the treadmill.

Common sense also dictates if you do not know how to use a treadmill safely, do not get on one until a trained professional is able to show you. That alone can minimize your risk of being injured on one.

Abstinence Only Education Blamed for Recent Chlamydia Outbreak in Texas High School

Parents who have children that attend Crane High School in Texas received an alarming letter recently informing them about the recent chlamydia outbreak among students. There have been more than 20 confirmed cases in the school district that does not include sexual education in their curriculum.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can easily be treated with antibiotics, however if left untreated it could cause serious and permanent damage to the reproductive system.

Igor Cornelsen has read that Texas law is quite clear about how teachers should approach sexual education, with an abstinence only attitude.

Knowledge is power, and the state if taking away the power in becoming an educated adult, leaving them vulnerable to disease and early parenthood. Hopefully, officials will begin to realize the harm that is being caused by not providing access to an informative sexual education program that teaches teenagers how to be responsible for their sexual health.

The school’s Health Advisory Committee are planing to meet in order to discuss how to manage the recent outbreak while also taking a close look at their current approach to sexual education.

Insisting on Entitled Coverage Works

The 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act seemed like it would provide needed health services to women. Today, many health insurance plans are not providing the cancer screenings and birth control that were promised and are needed.

Companies not in compliance include Aetna, Cigna, Physicians Plus and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in some states.

One company limited coverage of prenatal vitamins to women younger than 42, another refused birth control to women over the age of 50.

Clearly, the rules regarding women’s health coverage under the act are not being properly enforced. Alexei Beltyukov thinks this is concerning.

Investigations uncovered non-compliance in more than 50 percent of the health insurance policies examined in 15 states. Non-compliance was found in states using and states running their own exchanges equally.

Insurance companies are getting around this rule by saying they are using acceptable management tools which allow them to limit treatments to generic versions, even if an FDA approved generic does not exist.

Insurance companies also say they need more clarification from the federal government. What has been most effective in achieving insurance company compliance has been patient complaint calls.

Food Allergy Bullies

These days there are a large number of children who are going to school each day, knowingly having a food allergy of some sort and to some degree. While some children simply need to avoid certain foods like strawberries, milk or peanuts, there are others that have life threatening reactions to these products simply from coming into contact with them. Ingestion is not even necessary for a child to go into anaphalyctic shock. One finger touching the food is enough. Schools have put a number of plans into place to protect these children, thankfully. School nurses have epi-pens and Benadryl on hand. They also check snacks for allergy classrooms to make sure nothing contaminates the room. Also, many cafeterias have special tables that are safe for children with allergies.

Unfortunately, the
bullying epidemic
has taken a new turn. While these allergy-prone children know to stay away from their trigger foods, there are bullies inside of schools that are using these food products to harm others. For instance, they are forcing a child to come into contact with a product or they are threatening them. Christian Broda agrees that this seems unbelievable but it is true. Mothers are scared for their children.

To Microwave or Not to Microwave

There is currently a debate going on as to whether or not microwaving your food is good or bad. Some have claimed that cooking certain foods in the microwave can take away the nutrients in the food, but others claim this idea to be unfounded. So, what’s the truth? Vegetables, for example, retain the most nutrients when you steam them. So, microwaving isn’t your best options but it isn’t the worst either. Healthy people like Flavio Maluf ( know that, to retain as many nutrients as possible, start with the freshest options available and use a minimal amount of water. What is the safest way to cook in the microwave? Use containers that are made to be microwave-safe, such as ceramics and glass. Never use aluminum, metal or plastic containers in the microwave.

Healthy Meals For Dogs

I have had my Husky since he was eight weeks old. When he was a puppy, I gave him Beneful dry dog food, but as he has got older, I have started adding a small amount of the wet dog food to his diet. There are numerous things that I have seen with the food that have made him the loving dog that he is today. He enjoys eating the food, and it’s a brand that hasn’t upset his stomach as I tried a few other brands before changing to Beneful.

There are a few different kinds of the dry food, and I have gave him a few of them. He seems to like original, but I gave him the Healthy Growth for Puppies when he was little. This is a brand that is made with healthy ingredients, and they are all listed on Wikipedia. The vitamins and minerals in the dry food have given him a remarkable shine in his coat, and the food has made his teeth strong. I can tell that he is doing well with his weight gain, but the food doesn’t have a lot of fat in it, so he has more muscle than anything else. There are flavors of chicken and beef as well as some vegetables in the dry food. This makes it easy to give him a variety of meals through the week.

When I started using the wet Beneful food, I thought that it might upset his stomach, but he seems to enjoy the flavors and the texture of the food. There are small pieces of meat instead of the food looking like a puree. I can also see small pieces of vegetables in some of the varieties I give him. The wet food comes in small tubs that are convenient for one meal. The wet meals have all of the vitamins and nutrients in them that are in the dry food, but there are many more options.

Innovations in Radiology

Just like the new innovations in medical and healthcare field, radiology is heading into an advanced phase with several latest imaging technologies. In the past few decades, radiology imaging has become more precise, advanced and successful. The newest radio imaging techniques can determine everything from a minor ligament fracture to cell malignancy just within a fraction of minutes. With the new technology advancements in place, radiology imaging has now reached the acme of healthcare imaging field.

Some of the latest processes in radiology imaging now also include radiology-based surgeries. Based on a recently published report by Phillips, the next generation neurosurgery now can happen through radiology techniques in an intra-operative surgical room. This process will also include the picture archiving and communication system or PACS to help surgeons and physicians in performing the corrective surgery or in diagnosis.

CT imaging is in existence for years now. However, the new advancements in CT imaging have made the process simpler and effective. Unlike the image quality of the old CT scans, the newest imaging reports are clear and include all small details. Mammogram advancements are also some of the latest innovations in radiology. Breast density software and ultrasound are two main keys in mammography. New studies regarding mammogram were presented at the RSNA 2012. The imaging technology now uses the newest version of software, which in turn makes the healthcare imaging and diagnostic probes more lucid.

Other advancements in this field do include the wireless transducer, peri-operative MRI, OLED displays, noiseless scanning and MRI, and 640-slice CT scanner. Further innovations in this imaging field include radiation dose monitoring and usage of flat-panel monitors. Improper dose of radiation can cause adverse effects in a person as well. Thus, the dose monitoring technique will now help many surgeons and radiologists to find an optimal dose for the person undergoing the radiology imaging test. Similarly, the wireless ultrasound system makes it easy for the radiologists to perform the tests as per the convenience of the patients. The medical grade LCD monitors offer high resolution images in contrast to the old generation scanner displays. Using the newest technology-based processes in imaging is also to make the radiology imaging and diagnosing an efficient and a cost-effective diagnostic solution for people.

Imaging Advantage is a radiology service provider that offers innovative radio imaging services to many hospitals across the country. As a leading service provider of latest technology-based and enhanced radiology solutions, Imaging Advantage has been able to find a rank among major healthcare imaging solution providers in our country. The company serves many hospitals in Oregon, Texas, California, Illinois, and Arizona. Some of their top services are day and night teleradiology, practice management, onsite staffing, sub-specialty coverage and emergency department optimization. All these services are to help each healthcare institute to provide better patient care. Some of the IA’s top clients are imaging centers, trauma centers, physician groups and many leading hospital systems.