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Choosing a FreedomLife Insurance Policy That Protects Your Family at All Times

Investing in a life insurance policy for yourself or a spouse is one way to ensure your family and loved ones are financially provided for in the case of a death. Finding the right life insurance policy may greatly depend on your current lifestyle, financial goals, and whether or not you prefer a permanent or a term life policy. Working together with professional life insurance representatives from providers such as Freedom Life Insurance is ideal to guarantee you have made the right choice for your future.

What is Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is available to individuals at any age and cover policyholders for a specific amount of time. With term life insurance, individuals have the ability tochose how long they would like the plan to remain active for based on how much their policy is worth and the budget available to pay off the policy. Term life insurance is not always recommended to those who are young and healthy, as a permanent life insurance policy may ultimately be more suitable.

Why Choose Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance policies last throughout the entirety of a lifetime, whether the policyholder is in their 20’s or 90’s when they pass away. While permanent life insurance policies often protect families and individuals for longer periods of time, they also require a bigger investment in order to maintain the financial protection over decades. Consider your lifestyle, family members, and debt before selecting a policy that works for you. If you are unsure of the type of life insurance that is most beneficial to you and your family, speak with a professional from Freedom Life Insurance or another trusted insurance company in your area for more information on how to get started.

Once you have a thorough understanding of the types of policies that are available to you, work with an insurance agent to activate your plan as quickly as possible. Speaking with an insurance agent from Freedom Life Insurance or other providers near you is a way to move forward with your plans of protecting your loved ones financially in the event of your passing. Read more:


USHEALTH GROUP, the Avenue that Helps People Everyday

Everyone across the globe can attest that health is a vital part of our daily lives. In short, there is wealth in health, and without it, the economy would be stagnant. In the US, USHEALTH group, located in Fort Worth, Texas, has considered this fact and gives the best care when it comes providing the health care.

They have good health coverage plans that are insured by USHEALTH Advisors insurance. For them, it does not matter the caliber of a person, be it owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs or even employees they benefit from the cover. The USHEALTH group believes in the provision of the best healthcare, and their services are excellent because they give each patient unique treatment and do not use the one size fits all method. This strategy is usually used by numerous health groups and is not healthy in the sense that just because a treatment option might have worked for an individual, it is no guarantee that another showing similar signs and symptoms to be the same. Their product mix is tailor-made in a way that they fit the demands of different individuals for the past 35 years.

The company also provides an opportunity to the public by giving them a chance to work in their facilities. This means that employment opportunities are availed. Upon training, USHEALTH Advisory salary is given to agents plus other allowances. As the mission of this institution implies, they provide help to other people every single day. They have embraced the mission and live by it on a daily basis with the aim of creating a positive impact on the lives of others.

One may wonder why they should seek their services than going to other health facilities. The following are some of the reasons; it gives a provision for one to be able to protect their family now and in the future. Also, their services are readily available and affordable, whether one wants coverage of daily medical expenses or be secure when chronic illnesses hit there are provisions to cater for that. It is clear that with the awards they garner every passing year, the quality of the services provided is commendable. Learn more:


Troy McQuagge: Gold Winner of One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHealth Group, Inc., has been named the Gold Winner in the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is a program that honors business and professional excellence in different industries all around the world. Organizations from around the world are able to submit nominations. These nominations may include: largest to smallest, for-profit and non-profit, public and private, and new startups.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010 with the intentions of rebuilding the distribution agency. After McQuagge successfully re-tooled advisors in 2014, he was then elected President and CEO of the company. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

Since then, McQuagge has achieved growth and profitability within the company. Troy McQuagge stated that he was honored to receive the award from One Planet Awards; however, everyone at USHealth Group should have received the award as well. McQuagge said that the company focuses on solving the healthcare affordability for everyone in hopes of providing exceptional coverage.

Mr. McQuagge earned his B.A. degree form the University of Central Florida in 1983. Troy began his career in 1983 when he worked for Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he became a part of the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Company Inc. Two years later, Troy was named President of the company.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group Inc. in July of 2010. In 2013, Troy became the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. One year later, the company elected him to serve as President and CEO.

Since then, Troy has also served with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, which is a secondary company to USHealth Group, Inc.

Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health:

Strategic measures of service provision of USHEALTH Advisors, LLC

The USHEALTH Advisors is extensively known for being an arm of the USHEALTH Group whose dealings are alongside marketing. Consequently, the focus of the company is in connection with the commercialization of an assortment of strategies to help deal with the uncompromising health. They are documented and consists of insurance as by the group of insurance societies from the USHEALTH Group.

It additionally takes part in selling personal medical coverage together with additional products by the National Foundation Life Insurance Firm as well as the American Freedom Life Insurance. The firm’s focus is connected to the service of the American regardless of the categories. Read more: About USHEALTH Group – USHEALTH Group

The various groups are inclusive of the small businesses and their owners, self-employed and personal insurance market through the sales force facilitated by its captive representative.

According to the present target of the company, it is alongside the American individuals, those owning small businesses and the self-employed persons. It, therefore, depends on them as it is a way of ensuring that they offer service to a variety of the groups without sidelining any of them.

Both the USHEALTH Group in conjunction with USHEALTH Advisors work together with their set of firms and do specialize in service provision a period exceeding thirty-five years to meet the various needs in line with the market of personal health care.

The combination’s product mix enhances a continual sustenance towards the rising demands of those buying individual insurance by the living cost.

The company’s headquarters is situated in Dallas, Texas. HOPE is the acronym for Helping Other People Everyday often utilized by the management, agents, and the staff of USHEALTH Advisors.

In consideration of Steve Koncurat who serves as the Company’s Regional Sales Head, several opportunities that are open to exploitation. With his present career, it is his implication that no aim is unachievable.

Worth acknowledging is thus the fact that the company possesses adequate measures in working to achieve its target goals. The goal is related to developing flexible services favorable to all the categories no matter their earnings.

Notably, this is what distinguishes it as exceptional from the others. The unity it has with other firms offers higher energy to perform its operations competently.