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Indulge Your Pumpkin Love Without the Calories

Fall is the one season of the year where you can indulge your love of pumpkin without limits. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cake, not to mention the one that started it all, pumpkin pie. Every store has pumpkin flavored something. What if you want to carry a little bit of pumpkin love with you all year round? Enter, natural pumpkin spice lip balm by EOS lip balm.I t’s part of new duo set containing pumpkin spice and organic vanilla flavored lip balms, refer also to Now, long after the lattes are gone you can take a little bit of pumpkin happiness with you everywhere you go.

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It’s not just about the yummy pumpkin or the warm rich vanilla flavor. With EOS you have a product that you can feel good about using. It is 95% organic with all natural ingredients, and it’s petroleum and paraben free. EOS lip balm uses a deeply moisturizing with natural shea butters and other conditioning oils. Not to mention that it comes in a cute little egg shaped container that does so much better in a purse than the normal long skinny ones.

So if you want to keep a little of the warm rich flavors of fall with you all year long or if you know someone who is crazy about pumpkin and you want to give them a treat. EOS lip balm duo in natural pumpkin spice and organic vanilla bean is the perfect set.

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