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The Chainsmokers and Halsey Shine Like Diamonds with Single ‘Closer’

New York-based DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart earned fame as EDM superstars, the Chainsmokers. But their biggest achievement comes with the success of just one song. After two years of dominating the Billboard’s charts, “Closer,” featuring pop star Hasley, has reached 10 million sales and is diamond-certified, a testament the duo’s popularity.

The constant play from fans was responsible for this achievement, so it made sense that they’d be first to hear the news on Instagram. Hasley and the Chainsmokers went online to inform their followers of “Closer’s” success while showing off the official plaques that celebrates the number of sales.

When it debuted near the end of summer 2016, “Closer” reached the very top of Billboard’s Hot 100, and it had no challenger for quite some time. Similarly, it ranked #1 on the Dance and Electronic chart and held on for years before being replaced just a few months ago by “The Middle.” The staying power of one single was a tell that the Chainsmokers had entered a new stage of popularity. They weren’t just the hot new twosome in EDM circles, they were now capable of reaching out across genres and climb mainstream charts. After a dozen times at the top, “Closer” is the fourth all-time hit single ever ranked by Billboard’s.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots has since replaced “Closer,” but the single’s popularity hasn’t faltered much. It even took an emerging musical act and showed that Hasley had the talent to make it as a pop star with a bright future. This was made abundantly clear when “Closer” brought Grammy nominations in 2017 for the Chainsmokers and Hasley.

The Chainsmokers remain a musical act that is constantly talked about, but the last time “Closer” was in the press was in March of last year. After hitting platinum for the seventh time, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) made it official to the public. And while the plaques are in the hands of the three musicians, the RIAA has yet to reflect the diamond certification on their website, something that will be addressed before long.

Jeremy Goldstein shares information about stock options

Stock options are a means of workers compensation that have been applied for a long time. Companies have been using it as a means of ensuring that their employees own a share of the company. Although this method has been used for my years, it is quickly going down as a method that can be used in the present day businesses. Stock options have showed ability affect the way a business performs. The value of the stock options is highly dependent on the performance of the firm. A firm that does well will have a bigger stock value and vice versa.


Stock options have proved to have negative effects on a company if they are taken as the only means of compensation. They can hurt a company financially. Stock options can affect the financial capacity of a firm if they fall. In many cases, when their value falls they will create option overhang. It is a situation where the shareholders are also affected as they might lose their shares. To avoid such a thing from happening alternatives to workers compensation should be applied. Learn more:


Stock options are also a gamble, according to employees. It is hard to make predictions on their value at a time when economic depressions are happening regularly. It is easy for them to turn worthless when an industry is affected.


Finally, stock options are an accounting burden to the company. Why is this so? Whether the company performs well or badly, stock options must be accounted. In times of bad performance, they add to the challenges a company faces.


Application of EPS


Earnings per share is an effective method that can be applied by businesses as a means of workers compensation. EPS influence the performance of business significantly. They play a role in determining if shareholders will sell or buy the stock. It happens because EPS determine the value of the stock.


EPS has another advantage in that they offer an allowance for the company to increase the incentives they offer to their employees. Jeremy Goldstein believes that there EPS is a highly successful method of worker’s compensation, if it is properly implemented.

EPS, however, has the downfall in that it can be utilized unfairly by some entities. Due to the competitive nature of trading, some entities try to use them for their gain. EPS can also be used as an avenue for favoritism in the places of work.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York. He has his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & associates. Using this law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has offered valuable advice to many companies in the country and beyond. Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing for over 15 years. Jeremy Goldstein recommends knock out options and EPS as the alternatives.

Billy McFarland Targets Millenials Through His Company, Magnises

Billy McFarland is an American tech entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of both Spling and Magnises.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland was raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. At the age of 13, he established his first company, an online outsourcing start-up that paired clients with designers.

Billy McFaraland enrolled at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania to study computer engineering but dropped out toward the end of his freshman year. It is here that he founded Spling. This online ad platform allows users to boost the appearance of URLs by converting them from text links into graphic images arranged as mosaics on virtual bulletin boards. The company’s clients are Universal and Discovery.

In 2013, Billy wanted to create something that would change people’s daily life and that would appeal to millenials. To this end, he founded Magnises, an exclusive social club that allows members to access special events and deals through a membership black card.

This card bears the information of a member’s debit or credit card, allowing it to be used as a payment method for Magnises. The club offers members a platform to elevate their social and professional lives while benefiting from a series of benefits like discounts at clubs, bars, restaurants, and reserve experiences at private concerts and luxury getaways. To become a member, one is required to pay a monthly fee of $25 or $250 per year.

The company partners with top brands in the world like Tesla, Forbes, Uber Samsung and Grey Goose, who use the brand to get attention of the next generation of consumers. Magnises is determined to appeal to millions of millenials.

It operates in New York City and Washington, DC. The company is planning to expand its footprint to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London and Los Angeles. Some of the benefits that Magnises offers its members are Workpass, a feature that allows subscribers in New York to access co-working facilities at Alley for just $99.

The ClubPass feature allows members to access exclusive nightclubs in New York for $65 a month and $79 a night at The Dream Hotel’s allocations in New York with a HotelPass Feature. The company has continued to attract and enroll many millenials to its innovative black card program.

Thor Halvorssen Understands Why Fighting Against Oppression Is Important

Fighting against oppression is the life mission of Thor Halvorssen, and he deeply understands why it is important for him and others like him to make changes to the way the world works. He knows that there are a lot of countries including his homeland that have done wrong by people in the past, and he wants that to stop as soon as possible. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

He began by working in Venezuela where he was in the federal government. He was one of the first to find corruption in the government that he rooted out himself. He decided to leave the government because he felt disillusioned, and now he is fighting the good fight every day.

The Human Rights Foundation has its offices in New York where Thor Halvorssen chose to move, and he works from there because it is a large power center.

He has access to the media in New York, and he knows that he can easily find donors who want to help the cause. Someone who is supporting Thor Halvorssen can give to help keep the offices open, and they can give to the cause to keep other offices around the world open.

It is a very good thing that Thor Halvorssen has chosen to start the Human Rights Foundation. He decided that he had to do something to help the people of the world who are in danger, and he did it on his terms. There were many things for him to consider, and he covers even single thing that causes problems around the world.

He is very aggressive in the media because he does not want people to forget these stories. He has worked on many projects that approach world leaders, and each world leader is receptive to his message. Thor Halvorssen is doing more for social justice than anyone else.

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: