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Digital Marketing Strategies Courtesy of NGP VAN Digital 8 Tool

NGP VAN Digital Marketing tools have gotten a notch higher with the launch of Digital 8, a digital tool for democratic campaigns. The Digital 8 Tool has features that touch on three areas, Targeted Email, Online Actions, and Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking.

The tool has a Targeted Email feature that the highest inbox placements in the industry. NGP VAN deliver-ability experts have ensured that campaign messages get to the supporters at no extra cost. The Email Series makes it possible to come up with automated email series for welcoming new subscribers to campaigns and can turn single time sponsors into sustainers of your campaign. With One-Click Actions, supporters can become volunteers, donate or join the email list.

Based on the history of a supporter, Digital 8 Targeted Email can personalize emails with different content for each, and formulate fundraising ask amounts for them. Statistics on donations and conversions can be easily emailed using the ActBlue Tracker. For maximum effectiveness and control, there is an A-J multivariate testing developed to enhance the value of each email sent.

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On Digital 8 Online Actions section, users can build attractive, donation, sign-up, volunteer pages that can be linked or embedded into a website with ease. There are more than 59 million profiles on all NGP VAN tool that can now be tapped using the FastAction. Using a Network Effect, 33% of the forms have one area already filled increasing conversion rates by over three times. To share themes and templates of emails and forms with other campaigns, management teams, and support organization, one can use the chaptering function on Online Actions.

Another function is the ability to create numerous and customized forms using the Theme form wrappers tool. Digital 8 function also connects to social media like Youtube and other platforms that NGP VAN specifically recommends in terms of outreach. There is more that can be done including adding fields, saving and using theme templates as well as adjusting ask amounts. The Self-Service Donors Portal gives supporters the luxury of filling in their email preferences, contact record and provide credit information saving on staff time in doing so. With these mobile responsive forms, can be guaranteed of a high conversion rate and user experience.

Finally, the Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking gives an all-around view of supporters providing strong reports, NGP VAN claims. Supporter’s records that have email address Digital 8 are matched with their social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The Social Share Tracking allows users to spread the news on social media as it tracks which users led to drive actions and had more sign-ups.

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