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Premiere Luxury Reseller, The RealReal, Looks to Secure an Additional $100 Million in Funding

“The RealReal, an authenticator and purveyor of luxury resale items, is looking to secure another $100 million dollars in funding. This comes in spite of the fact that for several years, CEO Julie Wainright has indicated that each round of fundraising would be the last before an IPO. The RealReal has already secured $170 million in the seven years since its launch.

One reason for a delay in going public may be that the company believes that they are not yet at an attractive enough point to appeal to investors in a public offering.

However, another possible reason for the delay in going forward with an IPO could be due to the fact that the company and their investors see the luxury resale market as much larger than they had initially thought. Perhaps they are waiting for further growth and value before going public, in the hope of taking a larger market share.

The RealReal is one of only a few businesses dedicated to the resale of luxury items which has managed to survive and thrive as they seek to draw some of Ebay’s massive customer base. The RealReal’s initial focus was centered primarily around women’s luxury clothing and handbags, but has rapidly moved into menswear, home furnishings, and jewelry. In fact, many luxury brands are swallowing their initial distaste as they recognize the value of the cyclical nature of The RealReal.

The RealReal’s success could be largely attributed to the trust consumers place in the company and the veracity of the items they’re purchasing. The RealReal employs gemologists, art curators, watch experts, and brand authenticators, who work to ensure the authentication of the items they purvey. If an item happens to slip through the rigorous process, The RealReal is extremely proactive in rectifying the situation and satisfying the customer.

The success of The RealReal’s pop-up shops, staffed with several of their experts, has led to the eventual opening of their first brick and mortar store set to open soon in New York City.

Whether The RealReal decides to go public or not, this is an exciting company to watch.”

Take Charge of Your Online Reputation in 2017

Reputation management has radically changed over the years. Advancement in technology is one of the forces that have completely shifted management of online reputation. Today, many people search online to find information about various aspects of persons or businesses. Even most crucial decisions are made based on information found online. In this digital era, a candidate’s online reputation can serve as a foundation in making hiring decisions. This means that a poor online representation can ruin your career prospects. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to have an impressive online presence that is consistent to the prevailing trends. Here are some best ways to manage your online reputation in 2017.

Reviewing and cleaning up any damaging updates is one step towards taking control of your online reputation. Search yourself on Google and find out the kind of content available online about you. Wipe out any irrelevant or negative information. Apart from deleting outdated websites, pay attention to the history of your social media channels and eliminate all controversial news feeds. Once all this is done, you can comfortably make the news appear as public.

Registering your name as a domain name is another trick that can enhance your online presence. Focus on developing a website containing your name in the domain. This isn’t enough in building a solid online reputation: there is need to provide compelling content on the website. The information can encompass blog posts, press releases, awards, experience and honors that you have received. No matter the kind of information you are sharing on your website, ensure that it’s relevant to the audience.

Presence in authoritative social platforms is key. Secure a place in social media platforms that commands huge followers including Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Crunch base and slideshare are also ripe grounds for strengthening your online reputation. Above all, your profiles need to be optimized in order to direct substantial traffic to your website.

Companies as well as customers are increasingly relying on online information to make decisions. This implies that fixing your online reputation is inevitable. Clean up fake names and privacy settings to unlock the full benefits of your online presence.