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NGP VAN Technology Could Be a Game-changer for future political campaigns

Mounting a political campaign is a costly undertaking. It requires careful planning and organization to efficiently attract local and national donors. Although fundraising yields a lot of data, it can also more than a tad daunting to sift through that data for evaluation.

As reported in 2016 by a report published by the Federal Election Commission, a typical senate candidate paid out $ 10.4 million in October during the election period. Further, the typical US House of Representatives contender shelled out $1.5 million to cover the cost of a political advertising campaign. Campaigns are increasingly dependent on emerging monitoring advanced technology to adapt to the modern era of campaign funding.



One of these emerging technologies is NGP VAN, a very prestigious technology supplier who has worked with various non-profit organizations, agencies, as well as Democratic and Progressive campaigns. Using VAN, NGP and Digital 8, political campaign administrators can coordinate data via internet platforms with graphs and charts to manage campaign data. Almost all major democratic campaigns in the U.S., including voters in the Barack Obama campaign, fundraising and compliance, are driven by the NGP VAN software.

Electronic fundraising is no longer a technology of limited use. Moreover, it brings individual donors into the fold. Emerging technologies such as NGP VAN work together with other applications such as e-mail, social networks, SMS and fundraising campaigns.

By developing an online list of digital sponsors through these platforms, employees can use campaign technology to expand their network and help with donation requests– reaching as many people as possible. Additionally, donors can independently check their donations online.

This technology challenges the concept that political fundraising is a kind of charity collection that can limit the success of a political campaign. Candidates, staff and volunteers can even opt out of asking for donations if they follow this concept of fundraising. This innovative technology clearly supports the fact that political donors do not typically, as a rule, donate because of a sense of philanthropy. They invariably give as a function of their own vested political interests in the success of a candidate. From this perspective, NGP Van Technology gives donors an opportunity to invest in their personal political goals and priorities.


NGP platforms enable fundraisers to reach voters more efficiently through specific networks such as personal online associations, donors who give to those who share personal and/or political ideologies, as well as groups that want to protect and promote their own professional and financial interests through the political sphere. Since donors contribute for many different reasons, the ways in which political campaigns ask for donations must be as equally varied.


Another user-friendly feature of NGA VPN technology is that fundraisers can use electronic interface tools to clearly show their donors how they directly benefit from their contribution. Individual users can then analyze the data on digital screens with easy-to-read graphs featuring statistics and summaries of contributions. In addition, campaigns can actively track e-mail performance metrics and successes. These NGA VPN features make it exponentially easier for campaigns to stay on course and also help donors feel more in control of their donations, and hopefully, much more likely to contribute in the future.

Conor Lamb Running For Special Election

Conor Lamb is a Democratic candidate that is presently running for election in Pennsylvania. The traditionally Republican district has recently opened up for contenders after Tim Murphy has stepped down. Murphy had been running in two elections and was unopposed in both 2014 and 2016. There is some opposition for Lamb as the Republican candidate Rick Saccone is also present in the election campaign. The seat which belonged to Murphy for over a decade had been rescinded after a recent controversy. Murphy was a publicly vocal figure about anti-abortion. However, when news emerged that he had asked the woman whom he was involved in an affair to have an abortion, it was not possible for him to continue in public office.

The opportunity for reform and change has emerged due to this transition of power. A lot of democratic victories have been seen despite the Republican president still in office. There have been thirty four legislative seats as well as a Senate seat and one position of governor in favor of Democrats. Republicans have not been able to advance as steadily and have garnered just four new seats within the legislation in the past year.

On Wednesday, End Citizens United endorsed the candidacy of Lamb. They have an outstanding reputation for promoting beneficial candidates for public office while improving the way that strategies in the election process take place. It is still up for interpretation how much funding the Lamb campaign will receive. Nevertheless there are a lot of points to consider as the national party. It is important to gain significant leverage when it comes to competing for the seats and gaining steadfast results. Overall Lamb may have a lot of challenges to overcome throughout the election process. It is important that End Citizens United continues to make valuable changes to infrastructure. They will also propagate significant aspects of election funding processes throughout the government.

The efforts of End Citizens United have helped leverage new leadership and establish better standards of operation in the government. They have addressed variegated aspects of institutional reform and continue to be a voice of reason even in current economic situations. End Citizens United is a group dedicated to the overturning of the Supreme Court decision to enact Citizens United. This law has allowed dark money as well as black markets to be involved in the funding of political campaigns. Not only has this organization made significant efforts to eradicating this policy, but it has drawn public awareness to the fact that the government can now sell elections and political seats. The eradication of existing precedence as well as improvement to the political process at large have taken place due to the efforts of End Citizens United.