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Randal Nardone a Lawyer Turned Financial Expert

Fortress Investment Group is a renowned company founded by five key principles with a love for finance and investment. Among the five key principals is Randal Nardone. Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group. He has served as its CEO since 2003 and a founding member of the company since 1998. However, unlike other founding members of the Fortress Investment Group, he does not have an educational background in the financial world. His finance knowledge was acquired during his previous years of working in financial companies. His educational specialty is in Law.

After completing his education at the University of Connecticut, he enrolled in the Boston School of Law and graduated with a JD. His career journey is expansive and it formed the foundation for his broad knowledge in leadership, finance, private equity management. He began his career journey as a partner in Thacher Proffit& Wood law firm. After leaving the firm, his career path later shifted from law to finance. He began having a liking for the finance sector when working as a director for public companies. He served in several institutions, for example, BlackRock Financial Management Inc., and UBS as the managing director among others.

However, the passion he began having for finance led him to collaborate with other people to come up with the birth of Fortress Investment Group. Founding the company saw him use the experience he had acquired throughout his career to ensure that it became a successful company with an unbeatable portfolio. The company is responsible for some successful investment and mergers. Apart from being a leader, he is also a successful billionaire who made it to the Forbes list of Billionaires at number 557. He is, however; eyed to climb ranks due to the amount he received payment from Softbank Group while acquiring Fortress Investment.

According to Randal Nardone, the merger between Softbank Group and Fortress Investment Group is an excellent opportunity for both companies to grow and expand the boundaries of their services together. Even with the merger between the two companies, he still serves as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group. He is also a member of several boards. Some of the boards he serves in are Brookdale Senior Living as the Director, New Residential Investment Corp as part of the executive management, Gagfah as the Director and Springleaf Holdings as the Director. His expertise help grows these companies one stride at a time.