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Iskandar Safa Becomes an Household Name in the Business World

Iskandar Safa is a household name in the naval industry and he has extended his business prowess to the real estate, media as well as hospitality sectors. Born in 1955, Safa serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Privinvest Group, a leading company with a number of facilities in Europe as well as the Middle East. The company specializes in the commercial vessels, superyachts, as well as naval construct.

The entrepreneur prepared for his future by pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the American University of Beirut. Iskandar Safa also strengthened his educational background by pursing an MBA at INSEAD in France. From the moment he was in college, he was sure about what he would like to do as a career.

Starting from the United States, Iskandar Safa gained valuable experience working for various organizations. He even traveled to Saudi Arabia where he was in-charge of an airdrome construction site. After sometime, he decided to get into the entrepreneurship path by partnering with his brother to start Privinvest. He ventured into naval shipbuilding. See Related Link for more information.

1992 was a turning point for Privinvest because it acquired Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN). Iskandar Safa and his brother helped the company which was financially struggling to get back to its feet. Today, it is one of the largest shipyards in France with more than 400 employees. The businesses continued to grow and in 2007, it gave birth to Abu Dhabi Mar shipyard co-owning it with AI Ain international.

Iskandar Safa has been highly successful in the business world and today, he is focusing on giving back to the community as an appreciation for the support has received. Particularly, he is helping in the restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral after it was consumed by fired. He is donating marble from his quarry in France to help in the reconstruction.


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Privinvest Remarkable Success Story: Iskandar Safa at the Helm


Known to some as just “Sandy”, Iskandar Safa is a multifaceted visionary. He’s a pioneer of the shipbuilding commerce. Today, he plays an active role as principal of the renowned world leader of naval shipbuilding, Privinvest. He established the empire with Akam Safa, his brother. The Lebanese tycoon, philanthropist, engineer, and industrialist serves a diverse clientele through this platform.

He holds a first-class education, having earned multiple degrees from prestigious schools across the globe. In 1978, Iskandar Safa received a civil engineering degree from AUB (American University of Beirut). He also studied business administration at INSEAD, where he earned an MBA. This education has been critical to his entrepreneurial career. It led to him making lucrative capital investments, one of which included a prominent European hotel.

The Safa family owns and operates a prominent civil engineering business in the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. It provided the platform and experience Iskandar Safa needed to launch into the civil engineering field. He later turned his attention to international trades, which led him to consult for numerous Middle Eastern-based Western companies. One of such contracts included the influential US defense liaison, Northrop, which had engagements in the South Korean region.

He bought the infamous Cherbourg shipyard called CMN or Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie in 1991. He managed to transform the site in as little as two years. In 2007, he engaged his acquisition vehicle, Privinvest to secure ADM, a top European and Middle Eastern shipbuilder. He has negotiated the release of civilians held hostage by terrorist groups on numerous occasions. His acts of heroism captured public recognition and the attention of the French PM, Jacques Chirac.

Privinvest is the chief architect of state-of-the-art mega yachts, commercial vessels, and naval ships throughout the Arabian domain and Europe. The shipbuilder continues to refine nautical technology for commercial utilization and security services. It maintains a long-standing relationship with NATO countries as the source provider of high-end naval equipment and solutions. The Beirut shipyard has designed over 2,000 vessels for over 40 navies worldwide.

In the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where it has its headquarters, it creates jobs for over 2, 500 tenured employees. The shipbuilder designed and engineered the world’s fastest tactical strike naval vessel called the WP18, which recorded a new market high. Privinvest shipyards provide comprehensive nautical solutions for weapons development integration, management, logistics support, and construction services. Go Here for additional information.


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