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Jojo Hedaya Founds Company to Combat Junk Email

Email is a very common way for people to communicate and get information within a matter of seconds. No matter where you go, if you have an internet connection and an email account, you will always have a way to be contacted. While email has become a standard form of communication, there are still some hassles associated with it. One of these is getting an inbox full of junk mail. These are messages that just take up a lot of space and prevent you from getting important messages efficiently. Junk email has become something that can be a real nuisance as a result.

However, a 24 year old entrepreneur named Jojo Hedaya introduced a product that can help prevent and eliminate junk email from your inbox. Hedaya founded the company called a website called Unroll.Me which specializes in organizing email accounts. It is a tool that can help anyone sort their email accounts and eliminate all of the junk email that they don’t want. Jojo came up with this company after finding out that his emails were never responded to by his business partner because of junk mail. As a result, the new product was devised. Unroll.Me scans through an inbox within seconds and gets all of the junk messages together through a process called The Rollup. Then you request to unsubscribe and the emails are eliminated.

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During its history, Unroll.Me has merged with another company called Slice. The two companies joined together in an effort to enhance the shopping process for consumers. It was also done in an effort to help consumers get shopping emails that are important to them and disregard the others. Unroll.Me now gets rid of all the pesky email subscriptions.

With the partnership between Slice and Unroll.Me, shoppers will be in better position to more easily keep track of their orders, locate their packages and also stay up to date on the latest discounts. The two companies will now help with this process by pulling up and analyzing all shopping receipts from a person’s email. Unroll.Me will also be able to focus more on eliminating unwanted emails while Slice will help take care of the other business related tasks of helping customers track their product orders.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey Shine Like Diamonds with Single ‘Closer’

New York-based DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart earned fame as EDM superstars, the Chainsmokers. But their biggest achievement comes with the success of just one song. After two years of dominating the Billboard’s charts, “Closer,” featuring pop star Hasley, has reached 10 million sales and is diamond-certified, a testament the duo’s popularity.

The constant play from fans was responsible for this achievement, so it made sense that they’d be first to hear the news on Instagram. Hasley and the Chainsmokers went online to inform their followers of “Closer’s” success while showing off the official plaques that celebrates the number of sales.

When it debuted near the end of summer 2016, “Closer” reached the very top of Billboard’s Hot 100, and it had no challenger for quite some time. Similarly, it ranked #1 on the Dance and Electronic chart and held on for years before being replaced just a few months ago by “The Middle.” The staying power of one single was a tell that the Chainsmokers had entered a new stage of popularity. They weren’t just the hot new twosome in EDM circles, they were now capable of reaching out across genres and climb mainstream charts. After a dozen times at the top, “Closer” is the fourth all-time hit single ever ranked by Billboard’s.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots has since replaced “Closer,” but the single’s popularity hasn’t faltered much. It even took an emerging musical act and showed that Hasley had the talent to make it as a pop star with a bright future. This was made abundantly clear when “Closer” brought Grammy nominations in 2017 for the Chainsmokers and Hasley.

The Chainsmokers remain a musical act that is constantly talked about, but the last time “Closer” was in the press was in March of last year. After hitting platinum for the seventh time, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) made it official to the public. And while the plaques are in the hands of the three musicians, the RIAA has yet to reflect the diamond certification on their website, something that will be addressed before long.

How Does Status Labs Handle Online Reputations?

Status Labs is the creation of Darius Fisher. Darius has devoted his life to working with clients who have online reputation concerns. The online reputation of every client at Status Labs is vitally important to their success, and a poor online reputation could cause a business to go under, force people into hiding or cause endless embarrassment. This article explains how the Status Labs offices help people who are struggling with their online reputation.

#1: What Makes Up An Online Reputation?

An online reputation is made up of online comments, reviews and articles written about a person of business. Status Labs looks into comments and reviews for businesses and individuals, and the company determines how negative each comment is. There are many negative comments online that are doing damage to the reputations of businesses around the world, and Status Labs works to reverse the negative impact of each comment.

#2: What Happens To False Comments?

False comments posted online are the worst thing that can happen to a business or an individual. False comments must be removed instantly, and the Status Labs team helps remove these comments as soon as possible. Any comments that are refuted often come with a retraction, and the Status Labs team reports on legal action that could be taken against the commenter.

#3: Building A Positive Image

Status Labs uses customers to build the positive reputation of their clients for the future, and the Status Labs team uses customer service to help improve a company’s image. Positive customer service experiences are created by the Status Labs team, and positive customer experiences are used to make the business look that much better. Customers who were once quite upset are allowed a chance to come back to the business.

#4: Status Labs Updates Their Clients

Clients who work with Status Labs are given updates on their accounts often. These reports explain how each of these accounts are changing, and any changes in the accounts are reported. Refuted negative comments are listed, and positive experiences are laid out for the customer. The client can see their online reputation change in every report offered by Status Labs.

The Status Labs team is committed to customer service in a way that other companies are not. Darius Fisher ensures that every account is treated with the utmost care, and the clients who trust their reputations to Status Labs get personal customer care from Darius himself.

Hootsuite CEO Under Fire for Social Media Blunder

When it comes to managing a company in the age of the internet, almost any mistake will be broadcast online and to the world. For some this makes the job infinitely harder but for others this creates an opportunity for true connection via social media. Unfortunately for Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes, a seemingly innocent post to the social media website Instagram put his company into some hot water.

One of the most important jobs for the CEO is to make the hard choices and that can include the required laying off of employees. Holmes had apparently laid off some 65 employees from their offices located in San Francisco, Singapore and Boston before going to Instagram to make a post. Holmes took a photo of himself holding a drink and captured it, “Cheers to my homies”. The assumption here is that Holmes was being respectful in saying ‘farewell’ to those he had fired earlier that day. However, the ex-employees did not feel respected. They soon filled his Instagram feed with their displeasure (“I love drinking after firing so many people!”) and soon Hootsuite was facing a digital crisis.

We are fortunate to be alive in such an unbridled age of digital connection but it also brings its own problems to the forefront. That is why Darius Fisher and his company, Status Labs, have become such a prominent force in the world of business. Status Labs is a reputation management company that focuses on digital reputation and online branding. In the case of Ryan Holmes there would have been a quick chain of command before the social media post would have went public. Having a PR firm like Status Labs in tow would have turned this viral mess into a positive moment from the get go.

Status Labs knows how important it is for the CEO to be well liked and well respected, even by ex-employees. The CEO is the face of the franchise and the most important public figure that the company acn have. That is why Darius Fisher responded to Holmes’ blunder by saying, “Executives are the face of the company and should represent their company’s voice.”