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The Chainsmokers and Halsey Shine Like Diamonds with Single ‘Closer’

New York-based DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart earned fame as EDM superstars, the Chainsmokers. But their biggest achievement comes with the success of just one song. After two years of dominating the Billboard’s charts, “Closer,” featuring pop star Hasley, has reached 10 million sales and is diamond-certified, a testament the duo’s popularity.

The constant play from fans was responsible for this achievement, so it made sense that they’d be first to hear the news on Instagram. Hasley and the Chainsmokers went online to inform their followers of “Closer’s” success while showing off the official plaques that celebrates the number of sales.

When it debuted near the end of summer 2016, “Closer” reached the very top of Billboard’s Hot 100, and it had no challenger for quite some time. Similarly, it ranked #1 on the Dance and Electronic chart and held on for years before being replaced just a few months ago by “The Middle.” The staying power of one single was a tell that the Chainsmokers had entered a new stage of popularity. They weren’t just the hot new twosome in EDM circles, they were now capable of reaching out across genres and climb mainstream charts. After a dozen times at the top, “Closer” is the fourth all-time hit single ever ranked by Billboard’s.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots has since replaced “Closer,” but the single’s popularity hasn’t faltered much. It even took an emerging musical act and showed that Hasley had the talent to make it as a pop star with a bright future. This was made abundantly clear when “Closer” brought Grammy nominations in 2017 for the Chainsmokers and Hasley.

The Chainsmokers remain a musical act that is constantly talked about, but the last time “Closer” was in the press was in March of last year. After hitting platinum for the seventh time, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) made it official to the public. And while the plaques are in the hands of the three musicians, the RIAA has yet to reflect the diamond certification on their website, something that will be addressed before long.

12 DIY School Supply Hacks


Here are 12 DIY school supply hacks of Wengie. Enjoy!


  1. Make your highlighter into a rainbow. Take different colors of highlighter and color the edge of a yellow highlighter. It’ll make you want to study just so you can highlight your notes


  1. To make sure nobody steals your pens or pencils, take wrapping tape and cut it to fit your pencil, then wrap it around the pencil. This gives your pencil a distinctive look than nobody can mistake.


  1. To jazz up old ball-point pens, combine Elmer’s glue and water. Tip the concoction into your pen, then funnel in the glitter. Let it dry, put the pen back together and you’ll have cool pens.


  1. To write with a quill, get some feathers from the craft store. Push the pen into the feather stem.


  1. Make your own colored staples by grabbing a marker of you your favorite color and coloring the tops.


  1. To personalize your USB, find a cool eraser. Dig out a hole just big enough to slip in your USB. Stick it in and you get this really cool USB eraser.


  1. Make a DIY sharpener container by gluing the pencil sharpener to an old tic-tac container.


  1. To make a paper clip ten times cooler, bend the clip into a heart.


  1. To save your paper clips from going missing, find an old fridge magnet, one your parents don’t need anymore. Glue the magnet to the side of your book binder, now you can let the magnet attract the metal paper clips. They’ll never go missing again.


  1. Create folder dividers by using masking tape. Tape it over the folder, then fold down the sides. Use alternate colors for all your different tabs. Write on it whatever you want.


  1. Turn your binder into a super organizer. Get a piece of cardboard the size of your divider. Stick it in, and hot glue your sticky-notes onto the divider.


  1. Turn your folder into a chalkboard. Put some chalkboard paint onto a paint roller, then role it onto the board. Use two coats to get the finish you want, then decorate away.