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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez On Considering The Views Of Others

It is likely due to the fact that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was raised in a family that valued the principles of education that he is so comfortable in an office work environment. Ever since he was young, he has found it easiest to work in a quiet space where people are open to express their ideas about their prospects and hopes for the company’s future, and it is because of his love for this environment that he tries to maintain a base of employees who truly care about the outcome of his company’s future.

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He believes that ensuring every single person involved with the process of business is fully on-board both physically and emotionally with what they are doing is absolutely essential. If even one person is not displaying passion for the work they are doing, this can throw off an entire team. That one person can often be enough to convince the others within the company that they do not have to exercise care or interest for the things they are doing in order to get by, and this, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has noticed, can have a “broken windows” effect on the rest of the workers. This is why he always tries to make sure that everyone has an avenue to be fully-invested with the work they are doing.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez tends to notice that the best way to ensure this reality is to assign people to jobs that they will truly and honestly care about. Without this basic characteristic, they are already at a disadvantage in a proper work environment. This is why his employee-selection process is so filtered and seemingly picky; Alejandro Betancourt Lopez simply wants to make sure that there are no weak links in his company. At the same time, he knows that it is important to consider what everyone has to say, even if it seems as though they do not care for the future of the company, as oftentimes, looks can be quite deceiving. Someone who appears lethargic and uninterested could actually just be off in their own world trying to come up with new and fresh solutions.

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James Dondero, Philanthropist and Champion of The People

James Dondero is President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management L.P. Since 1993 Highland Capital Management has focused on high yield, distressed investing, leading the way in the Collateralized Loan Market, Hedge and Equity Funds. However, it is his investments in people and communities that have made a lasting impact. James Dondero is the consummate philanthropist, with a vision to improve the lives of Dallas natives. He created the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. as the philanthropic extension of Highland Capital Management. The foundation provides support for Veterans, Education and civic projects. Read more about James Dondero at HuffPost.



James Dondero is a sponsor for life changing initiatives such as The Family Place, an organization in Texas and largest provider of family violence services. The Family Place provides professional counseling and recently opened one of the first family violence shelters for men and their children.


James Dondero and the Highland Foundation are committed to investing in life altering programs to help elevate the quality of life for Texas residents. They are also proud contributors of Education Is Freedom, an organization that provides financial assistance for at risk youth seeking to further their education. They assist with professional development, providing internships at some of Dallas’ highly respected corporations and non-profits. Visit The News Version to know more about James Dondero.



James Dondero is a catalyst for change, he uplifts communities and the people that reside within. He is truly a champion of the people.


High Praise in Reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has certainly built an impressive reputation, with nearly 1000 reviews falling into the five-star category. While Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews come from a plethora of sources, the bulk of the reviews can be found on Facebook and Yelp. There are a number of reviews on these platforms that are just a few sentences long stating that the office is “great,” and the experiences that the clients had were satisfactory. However, some reviews go into much more detail about the care the clients received.


One particular shining review was posted on Facebook last year in October and discussed how the client had just finished with their second operation by Dr. Walden. The client mentioned having done an ample amount of research before deciding on a plastic surgeon, but they were ultimately glad they decided to go with Dr. Walden. The client also expressed they have full trust in Dr. Walden as well as her staff. Another Dr. Jennifer Walden review on Yelp from last November detailed how the client actually met Dr. Walden several years ago in 2009 when they went to have a cosmetic procedure done. The client mentioned that the results greatly exceeded their expectations, and while they were disappointed that Dr. Walden relocated to Austin, Texas, they were still very pleased with the results from their surgery almost a decade later. A more recent review on Yelp from this past July goes as far as to state that Dr. Walden is an “artist.” The client had a procedure done 6 months ago and had a specific idea in mind of what they were looking for in terms of size, but they decided to leave the final decision up to Dr. Walden. In the end, they were very happy with the final results.

With so many positive Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, it appears that her business will be booming for years to come.

Building James River Capital with Paul Saunders

James River Capital began around the year of 1995. The main location of the company is in Richmond, VA. James River Capital works with credit, fixed income, investing, and many other that you deal with when it comes to finances.


James River Capital was created when a man named Paul Saunders decided being an entrepreneur was the right path for him. Paul Saunders has a lot of experience in the financial field. Saunders went to the University of VA to get the degree that he needed to do the job that he wanted. Before starting James River Capital Paul Saunders worked for many different companies gaining as much knowledge and experience as he could. Gaining this knowledge and experience has helped him to build James River Capital into a huge business.

Paul Saunders knew going into it that James River Capital would not bring him success right off of the bat. He knew that times could be tough. It was a learning experience and now he is hopeful that he can take everything that he learned and give back to others. He has learned a lot of different ways that you can get the funds that you need to start the business that you want. You can fund your business through personal savings, borrow money from friends, set up a campaign where you can raise money to start any business you are trying to start, and a few other options.

Paul Saunders has had to use just about every option there is out there to get his business off of the ground and running in a way that is successful. He has worked very hard and he has never given up no matter how tough times have gotten. Paul Saunders will work hard for a long time into the future.

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Empiricus Creates Content For Subscribers

Empiricus is a company that has been around for decades. Empiricus primarily operate in brazil. They create content and information for online publications. The media company was started by three Brazilian Entrepreneurs. Together these three men have grown the media company into being a reliable source of business related information.

Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden have worked turn the media company into a powerhouse that makes its money primarily for advertisements. The three entrepreneurs have grown the company into being a highly sought after and read newsletter by hundreds of thousands of people. See This Page for additional information.

The success of Empiricus is closely linked to how the creators of the media company have worked to develop business strategies to attract the right audience. They have grew a strong and dedicated following. The company collects data from some of its subscribers.

Empiricus acts as a research company as well. They also serve these clients with information through articles and online content. Attracting the right subscribers starts with marketing. The creators are marketing masterminds. They have created various marketing campaigns and strategies that has allowed the company to flourish.

Google and Facebook have been the two main ways the company has been able to attract subscribers. Running paid ads on these platforms have enabled them to become a very lucrative company. With such a huge database of subscribers, they monetize these subscribers by selling data and running ads to them. The creators are proud of what they have been able to accomplish with Empiricus through marketing the brand and growing it.

Furthermore, another means the company has to making money is by charging for subscriptions. There are a few free plans. But mostly the subscribers pay to access information. These paid plans are monthly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions has allowed them company to find yet another way to monetize the website and make more money. Go Here for more information.

Empiricus is a successful website and media company owned by Agora. Though Empiricus is a Brazilian ran business its parent shareholder is an American company. Empiricus is a part of an overall larger media empire that offers information to subscribers about finances, investments, economics, politics and business.







Historic Gump’s Department Store Begins New Era Under New Family Ownership


One of the world’s most unique and iconic luxury retailers has been given new life. Gump’s was recently acquired by new owners. At least one family member of the store’s original founders said she is thrilled by the deal.

Gump’s department store was established in San Francisco in 1861 as a mirror and frame shop by Solomon and Gustav Gump. It was a propitious time to embark on a new business in the West Coast port city. It was burgeoning from the effects of the historic California Gold Rush period.

With hundreds of thousands of new people and scads of newly created wealth floating around, the savvy Gump brothers capitalized on the boomtown phenomenon by expanding their line to include an array of luxury items. That included everything from fabulous furniture and opulent jewelry to fine imported China and art.

Fast forward to today and Gump’s was yet another retailer rocked by the changing world of retail. E-commerce driven by giants like Amazon and massive discount chains like Wal-Mart made the climate for an “old fashion” model such as Gump’s something of a dinosaur. See This Article for additional information.

They have stated plans to open both digital and physical stores in time for the 2019 Christmas season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. The new Gump’s will maintain headquarters on both coasts, in San Francisco and New York City.

But now a family of investors who love the brand has purchased Gump’s. The Chachas family, consisting of siblings Anne, Christopher and Jack, believe that Gump’s can become relevant again. They note that the brand retains a deep level of loyalty among a highly diverse customer base. Find Related Information Here.

Antoinette Gump, the great-great-granddaughter of the original founder, told a business journalist recently that she was delighted that Gump’s would once again be a family-owned business. Anne Chachas said she is thrilled that Gump’s will be open for business in time for Christmas 2019, the 158th season it will serve its customers.


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Glenn Schlossberg Knows The Importance Of Relaxation

Glenn Schlossberg works very hard as the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Jump Design Group, but he knows just how important it is to play hard as well if he wants to stay productive. While you may think that the New Yorker would be the typical stereotype of a businessman, he makes sure to take extended vacations to ensure that he is refreshed and able to perform the jobs that he is responsible for. Even though vacations are important to Glenn Schlossberg, it might not be for the reasons that most people would assume. Resting is good for the body and the brain and it helps inspiration hit the entrepreneur when he is a few days into a well-deserved extended vacation.

While talking about when inspiration hits, Glenn mentions that he feels as if he can almost time when it is going to happen while he is on vacation. He could be doing anything when suddenly he will get an idea that he knows could be good for his business. Once this inspiration hits, he immediately makes sure to email the people that the idea would be relevant too. His staff has come to expect these emails while he is on vacation and it is something that they frequently joke about in the office. When he first began his career, Glenn Schlossberg was always on the go in the 1980s and he quickly realized it could not be maintained when it came to the long-term.

Burnout, stress, and exhaustion is something that can easily happen when people begin working too many hours and research shows that breaks can help people improve their productivity, cognition, and creativity. These are all very important to someone involved in the fashion industry such as Glenn Schlossberg. While he is proud of everything that he has accomplished at Jump Design Group, he is also proud of everything that he has been able to do in his personal life because of his career. He is happy that he is able to do all of these things in his life without worrying about how much it costs. For more details about Schlossberg you can visit his twitter account.

Beal Properties and Exhaustive Management Approaches

Chicago, Illinois is a city in the American Midwest that’s in it for the long haul. People decide that Chicago is a strong fit for their lifestyles day in and day out.That’s why it’s a highly common moving destination. The metropolis is a sanctuary for many sectors. It’s a hub for economics, culture, education and beyond. If you’re enthralled by higher education, you may want to look into Northwestern University. If you’re enthralled by economics, the city has so many companies that represent so many fields.

Real estate is often a complex subject for people who are in the Windy City. It can be just as complex a topic for those who are planning on moving to it. It differs from many other parts of the Midwest region in that it’s often rather pricey. Rents in Chicago can be hefty regardless of the exact setting. You can go for an apartment in any neighborhood in Chicago only to realize that monthly rents aren’t exactly the lowest. Buying a residential property in the city can in many situations be just as mind-boggling.

If you want to make the most out of the city, you need guidance from a consummate professional. There are many dependable real estate agents working in Chicago. Help from an agent can give you listings of all kinds. It can give you knowledge about optimal buying times. It can even give you some assistance in the negotiation division. If you want to be able to buy or rent like a local, nothing can be better than advice from a professional.

Beal Properties has been wowing Chicago locals for years now. It tackles properties all over the vibrant metropolis.

Beal Properties possesses many properties that are close to public transportation. It has an office for management purposes as well.

Robert Deignan: Business Operations that you can Outsource

Business owners have to spend so much money when making all the processes run smoothly. Business operations can be costly when the management does not know how to save their resources. A company can outsource some of the services to make it productive. Hiring the right people in your company comes at a high cost. Maintaining an employee for a long time drains your company, and this is why Robert Deignan advocates for the outsourcing of some of the services. His institution makes so much profit because of outsourcing the following; 

Technical support

Robert Deignan values the kind of support given to customers. His clients are always in need of help. Business experts always advise the owners of a business to accommodate all the clients and their queries. It is common to get good reviews, but the complaints will need an experienced professional to handle. When a customer is not content, they will look for other companies to get their product. In some few instances, the client will return the item they bought from you. Technical support works perfectly when it is outsourced. The professionals who handle this responsibility are highly experienced, and they will not fail you in any of the operations. With the help of technical support, your clients will mostly return with positive reviews. Clients like getting their activities done when they are at home.

Answering service 

There are companies that get too many calls in a single day. When you notice that your staff is spending too much time answering calls, then you can outsource the services. Missing just one phone call can result in loss of excellent business opportunities. When you outsource this service, clients will have a full-time operator to ensure all calls get attended. The massages from clients will arrive at the right time. This is an excellent platform to help manage your complex calendar. Professionals who are keen on professionalism stand a chance of benefiting from the answering service too. Business owners who have outsourced the answering service get more clients because they appear to be legit and respectable. These are the organizations with the highest number of customers too.

Career approach as advised by Max Salk

The world of professionalism is on the verge of taking a paradigm shift in the sector of career specialization. In the past, graduates would walk out of college with expertise in a particular field, for instance, medicine, engineering, and business accounting. However, the trend has changed as youths are expanding their knowledge in different areas and not just a specific one. The technology is providing a platform for exposure that is helping people to learn several skills. Getting an engineer or a dentist with skills in certified public accounting is very common nowadays. However, there are risks in diversifying your areas of expertise.

Author David Epstein explains in his book, ‘Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World’ the benefits of knowing different professions. According to his research on most successful individuals, he discovered that most of them are a generalist. Generalists have skills in connecting with other people in different areas, which helps them in developing ideas and in ethical decision making. To understand how generalizing your potentials are better than specializing them, let us look at the life of Max Salk. He is a true definition of the difference between the two aspects of career success.

Max Salk is one of the most successful individuals with more than one profession. In addition to his business as an investment analyst, he is also a Photographer majoring in landscapes. Max Salk is an alumnus of the University of Illinois, a graduate with a degree in History and Finance. As a student, he would perfect his financial skills by taking risks such as stock investments. Luckily after his graduation, he managed to secure a contract to work with an investment management firm in Chicago. The firm was known as PPM America. 

As much as he was excelling in his business career, Max wished to rekindle his passion for photography. He developed an interest in photography during his time in the Netherlands before his undergraduate program. Max Salk is currently working with Blackstone as the vice president and still a passionate photographer. Max asserts in an interview that he loves photographing as much, and it does not look like work when you love what you are doing. He believes that the world is so vast and limiting your potential in one profession will not guarantee success in life.