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What wikipedia says about Equites First Holding

Equities First Holdings have created an innovative way to help business owner secure a loan, even if their credit scores are not the best. They have mastered the skill of offering liquidity at better terms all while remaining efficient and productive. You no longer need to worry about fluctuating interest rates because Equities First Holdings use stocks as collateral which comes with a higher loan to value ratio than you would typically receive in margin loans. Equities First Holdings has been around for 17 years, and they are thriving! Since 2002 when they exploded on the scenes, they have developed into one of the nations leading providers of security-based loans for all kinds of business ventures. The company has completed more than 625 transactions.


Securus Technologies We Have You Secured

This is a U.S prison technology company. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1986 with its offices located in regions like Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia. The company has an estimation of 1000 employees. The company has around contract with around 2600 correctional facilities.


They announced recently on the $600 million investment in technologies in the last three years to enable them to serve the society better.




In 2004 the two most leading correction industries in the market merged and in 2007 Securex acquired the International Brand Leader in Offender Management Systems-Sycoons Justice Systems.


Company Products


The company is equipped with a sophisticated system that monitors and control the illegal contraband phones. In 2016 the company was able to Manage Access Solution; with this, the company received approval in more than Five Department of Corrections. The company made an achievement in 2017 when it announced its Wireless Containment Solutions; this system was developed as a mechanism to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks.


Jpay Inc.


Securus has recently acquired Jpay Inc. Jpay Inc. is a leading company that introduced electronic payments, mail, and educational or entertainment apps related to correction space. The company is in a position to provide high tech software’s need for running modern day jail or prisons. This acquisition has thrusts secures into a fast-growing segment in corrections.




The company recently received certification from Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company received an A+ rating. On a recent press release the company’s vice president head of operations, Danny De Hoyos stated that the company worked hard with the Better Business Bureau to receive the highest rating.


Accreditation means BBB confirms that the company is the largest facility provider and the only full spectrum solution provider in the industry.



USHEALTH GROUP, the Avenue that Helps People Everyday

Everyone across the globe can attest that health is a vital part of our daily lives. In short, there is wealth in health, and without it, the economy would be stagnant. In the US, USHEALTH group, located in Fort Worth, Texas, has considered this fact and gives the best care when it comes providing the health care.

They have good health coverage plans that are insured by USHEALTH Advisors insurance. For them, it does not matter the caliber of a person, be it owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs or even employees they benefit from the cover. The USHEALTH group believes in the provision of the best healthcare, and their services are excellent because they give each patient unique treatment and do not use the one size fits all method. This strategy is usually used by numerous health groups and is not healthy in the sense that just because a treatment option might have worked for an individual, it is no guarantee that another showing similar signs and symptoms to be the same. Their product mix is tailor-made in a way that they fit the demands of different individuals for the past 35 years.

The company also provides an opportunity to the public by giving them a chance to work in their facilities. This means that employment opportunities are availed. Upon training, USHEALTH Advisory salary is given to agents plus other allowances. As the mission of this institution implies, they provide help to other people every single day. They have embraced the mission and live by it on a daily basis with the aim of creating a positive impact on the lives of others.

One may wonder why they should seek their services than going to other health facilities. The following are some of the reasons; it gives a provision for one to be able to protect their family now and in the future. Also, their services are readily available and affordable, whether one wants coverage of daily medical expenses or be secure when chronic illnesses hit there are provisions to cater for that. It is clear that with the awards they garner every passing year, the quality of the services provided is commendable. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital Blossoms As It Helps Other Enterprises Raise A Glory Higher

Madison Street Capital Reputation is one many corporate and institution positively admire with envy. It has apt public confidence, customer loyalty, economic status and excellence in its service delivery.

First forward, Madison Capital is a financial institution known for its financial consulting and advisory services, investment management, managing complex financial and accounting books and its ability to avail low-interest credit or loans to organizations and individuals. Its name has been cemented by its record helping other giants in their distinct facets rise. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Vita Care Industries, a lead supplier of sterile medical appliances, was in 2014 guided by Madison Street Capital into getting capitalization and a commercial loan from a reliable lender. Anthony Marsala, who is Madison’s Chief Operating Officer, was awarded the 40 UNDER 40 Award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for a mark in acquisitions, mergers and valuation.

Additionally, Madison Street Capital has the M&A Advisor Awards Finalists title and the Turnaround Award. This serves to help the company uphold its reputation to the public.

Madison Street Capital has done so much in the corporate world that has made it be a legend in finance management. It has fostered the DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group merger in 2017.

Years back it helped the Maintenance System Management get financing just like it did for Vita Care Industries. The company is currently offering top-notch services in cleaning and building in San Francisco.

ARES Security Corporation is yet another well to do company nurtured by Madison Street Company. It is a security software provider that has its software in use by government entities and nuclear plants in Virginia.

Madison Street Capital is their financial adviser and investment manager. Just recently it helped ARES close a mega-deal of $13 million. Madison Street Capital has helped many organization restructure, recapitalize, merger and access subordinated debts.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison capital is a financial corporation established in 2005 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It is a multi-faceted company with a diverse range of services it offers including financial consulting, advisory, investment management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate tax procedures among other complex computational roles in audit and accounting.

By extension, it also runs the roles of a brokerage firm, insurance, investment banks and floatation institution under the SIC legal code.

It has established good working relationship with other corporation rising as they rise. Clearly, it has a flawless reputation, a clean and excellent track record, efficiency in performance, success stories and positive reviews and feedbacks. Read more: Charles Botchway | Ideamench

Its CSR is in its own caliber; it has contributed toward American Red Cross and United Way courses of humanity. It also donated lump some monies to the victims of hazardous weather conditions in Midwestern and Eastern United States.

Be On The Lookout For EOS Reviews For New Crystal Lip Balm

Prior to the start of the EOS brand, many users would be forced to use chapstick that made their lips feel sticky, leave a not so nice taste to your lips and only have a couple choices of flavor for lip balm. When the makers of EOS came up with the idea to create a new line of lip balm, they thought first about changing the shape of the lip balm. Checking out the competitor and noticing how they all had the same tubular shape helped EOS determine what they needed to do in order to bring in sales to the lip balm product.

If you are one of those people who stood in line while checking out taking notice at the items to the side of you, then you already know what EOS looks like. The brand has stuck out like a sore thumb because it appears in a ball shape form. When EOS decided to create an even better version, they opted to change the shape ever so slightly as well, refer also to

The new lip balm made by EOS is the crystal clear collection, check out this great review here on This new collection has a more oval appearance to it when compared to the original EOS. The new shape resembles a diamond like appearance which is how it was named the crystal collection. The shape of the container is not the only difference that was made to the line of lip balm. The other change that was made was concerning the ingredients in the making of the lip balm. The new change has the removal of the beeswax being removed from the product.

The crystal collection is just one of the new collections to be started. The EOS brand is always looking for a new way to improve their products and reach a wider audience.

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Equities first holdings the best

Equities first holdings is a financial institution located in the United State and other countries as well. First holding help leverage financial stress in other corporate industry that needs financial advice. They are also experienced in helping individual small businesses who find it difficult to invest in different asset to maximize profit and cut down losses which every startup need to grow their business. They have also helped numerous organizations in trading in the stock exchange market. Equities first holding is still striving to open many branches both in the United State and in other countries as well. With many years of experience, the owner has equipped himself with the technical know-how and has successfully closed many transactions in helping many clients in solving their investment problem financial breakdown. It is one of the financial advisings companies that have helped numerous clients around the globe.

Eos Lip Balm

Do you want naturally smooth, healthy beautiful lips and skin? If you said yes, you need to try the EOS Lip Balm. EOS Lip Balm stand for evolution of smooth. It is an all natural product for your lips and skin. It’s something you wan’t be able to live without once your start to use it. It is inexpensive. It is easy to carry in your purse or pocket. It come in a small egg shaped container. It come in many flavors, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acacia,and pomegranate raspberry, purchase your lip balm here.

According to, it has organic ingredients that keep your lips soft, sensationally smooth, and moist. The ingredients are, Shea butter is extracted manually and this crucial step helps it to retain its natural minerals, and vitamins hair and skin. Jojoba oil plays a role of sebum and moisturized out skin and hair when out body stop doing it naturally. Vitamin E.are also good for he skin it block free radicals from the body, refer also to

EOS Lip balm is 100 percent natural and petrolatum free. The Shea butter and jojoba oil is known to help protect the natural oil in the skin. It not just for your lips, it can be use for your hair and skin because it is healthy and 95 percent organic approved by USDA.

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Rocketship Education Blazes the Trail For Modern Education

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools that uses a new method to educate students from kindergarten through grade 12. The schools were founded in 2002 and have put forth some very revolutionary methods that actually work exceptionally well.

Located primarily in low-income neighborhoods where there are no excellent schools, Rocketship Education has established credible results in areas not noted for such progress. Rocketship Education uses its own model called, “Blended Learning” which aptly describes the process.

Students attend a traditional classroom for half a day, and then break off into small groups of 4 to 6 members for a quarter of the day, and then into individual digital learning for the final quarter of the day. The quarters can be interchangeable as they are very flexible in their scheduling.

No two students learn at the same pace or are stimulated by the same motivation. Individualized learning takes place when students are comfortable and can see how the outcome will benefit them. When a more individualized approach to learning is used, the student begins to take things more seriously and takes ownership of his education.

The key to the success of Rocketship Education is the partnership that is established between the teachers, students, parents and the community. Parents are especially encouraged to participate by helping in class, volunteering to promote the school in the community and becoming leaders in many categories. Most important is that they know what is going on with their children who attend Rocketship and be involved with homework if help is needed.

Teachers are especially vital and they all individually placed on a career path with definite goals. Teachers can describe their objectives and there is a program that helps them to achieve their goals.

Each year over 90 percent of the students choose to come back to Rocket Education schools as opposed to going to a local public school. A solid foundation is created in the earlier years of Rocketship Education and the tradition carries forward each year. On the average, the average Rocketship student graduates a full year ahead of their peers who are attending public schools.

Make a Conscious Choice with EOS Crystal Lip Balm

EOS lip balm, short for Evolution of Smooth, has stood out in the world of lip care as an intentional product for many years. However, devout vegans have not been able to enjoy this product because of one ingredient – beeswax. As a company that prides itself on creating a product that responds to its customers needs, EOS created a new line for this community, called the Vegan Crystal Flavor Lip Balm, see this now! This product is wax-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan, perfect for the conscious consumer.

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This product is clear and organic, and includes many of the same benefits that can be found in their other products. It is antioxidant-rich, containing vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. Because of the absence of wax, the often heavy and greasy feelings of a traditional lip balm are not present in this product. It feels lightweight, smooth, and breathable, making it appropriate for daily wear, more info here on

EOS lip balm provides a fresh and contemporary spin on a product that otherwise often looks the same and relies on the same ingredients. EOS is evolving lip balm with more than the balm itself. They are also providing unique and interesting flavors, cute new containers, and attractive prices that stand out from the average lip balm. Currently they offer Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach as flavor options.

In a world where we are over saturated with countless beauty product options, it is important to be able to identify quality brands that are on the cutting edge and provide a high value. EOS has been ahead of the curve for years and they continue to invest in their community’s needs and respond with new and innovative products, refer also to


Todd Lubar: Trendsetter in Baltimore.

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate business for more than twenty years. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures. He has seen first hand the ups and downs of the real estate market. His main advice for people is to believe in themselves when it comes to new ideas. His approach has been and always will be if there is a will there is a way to create something new.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree n speech communication. This is a critical skill when it comes to the real estate industry because without it new ideas in the industry could never take root. With that in mind here are some of his thoughts on the newest trends in the Baltimore real estate market.

One of the key things that Todd Lubar sees in this market is that Baltimore is becoming the new hot spot for millennials. This is because Baltimore has a cheap cost of living so these young people can move to a nice city and not have to break the bank to do it. Baltimore is also a key location in that it is very close in proximity to Washington D.C. This allows new entrepreneurs to travel to a big city at an inexpensive price. A second main point Lubar see is the fact that new businesses can start up. With the flow of new businesses coming in this can increase property values in Baltimore and make it a more viable option for those entrepreneurs to find a new home. A final point is that the unemployment rate in Baltimore has gone down. This is the turnaround that Lubar has been waiting for in the last few years and now it has come to fruition. These are trends that Lubar hopes will make Baltimore one the top business cities in the United States. Check out for more.

Todd Lubar has seen many things and people come and go in the world of the Baltimore real estate market. Now Baltimore is revitalized and reinvented itself in this industry. Todd Lubar couldn’t be happier. You can follow him on Facebook.

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