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Digital Marketing Strategies Courtesy of NGP VAN Digital 8 Tool

NGP VAN Digital Marketing tools have gotten a notch higher with the launch of Digital 8, a digital tool for democratic campaigns. The Digital 8 Tool has features that touch on three areas, Targeted Email, Online Actions, and Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking.

The tool has a Targeted Email feature that the highest inbox placements in the industry. NGP VAN deliver-ability experts have ensured that campaign messages get to the supporters at no extra cost. The Email Series makes it possible to come up with automated email series for welcoming new subscribers to campaigns and can turn single time sponsors into sustainers of your campaign. With One-Click Actions, supporters can become volunteers, donate or join the email list.

Based on the history of a supporter, Digital 8 Targeted Email can personalize emails with different content for each, and formulate fundraising ask amounts for them. Statistics on donations and conversions can be easily emailed using the ActBlue Tracker. For maximum effectiveness and control, there is an A-J multivariate testing developed to enhance the value of each email sent.

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On Digital 8 Online Actions section, users can build attractive, donation, sign-up, volunteer pages that can be linked or embedded into a website with ease. There are more than 59 million profiles on all NGP VAN tool that can now be tapped using the FastAction. Using a Network Effect, 33% of the forms have one area already filled increasing conversion rates by over three times. To share themes and templates of emails and forms with other campaigns, management teams, and support organization, one can use the chaptering function on Online Actions.

Another function is the ability to create numerous and customized forms using the Theme form wrappers tool. Digital 8 function also connects to social media like Youtube and other platforms that NGP VAN specifically recommends in terms of outreach. There is more that can be done including adding fields, saving and using theme templates as well as adjusting ask amounts. The Self-Service Donors Portal gives supporters the luxury of filling in their email preferences, contact record and provide credit information saving on staff time in doing so. With these mobile responsive forms, can be guaranteed of a high conversion rate and user experience.

Finally, the Advanced Social Matching & Influence Tracking gives an all-around view of supporters providing strong reports, NGP VAN claims. Supporter’s records that have email address Digital 8 are matched with their social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The Social Share Tracking allows users to spread the news on social media as it tracks which users led to drive actions and had more sign-ups.

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Sean Penn Answering the Why Question For His Book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Following an interview with an actor, who turns an author after releasing a book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, it is important to hear from the horse’s mouth why he had to venture into writing this book. He tells Rolling Stone that even though some perceived some controversies in the book, his intention was fiction-based and not as real. His book sounds satirical to some. The book has a title character of a man who sells septic tanks to Jehovah Witnesses which sets up fire from dictators. This is followed by rescue of imprisoned Hasidic Jews from the prisons in the foreign land and much more assassination of older adults. The book reflects extraordinary moments.

However, according to Penn, he is not worried or concerned about the reviews done by various people but rather his concentration is on the legacy. From his earlier success like winning Oscars for the work on Mystic River & Milk, all the way to being among the finest actors in his generation, Penn is never worried by anything but always pushing for greater achievement. Penn is a big fan of Harry Crews work. Originally, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was produced as an audiobook but later converted into a novel. What made Penn to do it in audio form was because he needed to be exposed to publishers and know how long it would take and the logistics around that, and so he opted to have an incomplete copy in the meantime. Penn shares that the idea to write the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, came from a snapshot of where he could see the nation heading which he says it was a product ad a symbol of isolation and loneliness. Penn said that he might not get back to filmmaking and he insists that the fiction writing offers him great freedom from collaboration. He says that he was not enjoying playing with others and his plan is to venture into writing more novels regardless of them being published or not. Pen says that this gives him a lot of peace since writing gives him best chance to exercise his thought and he enjoys that.

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Tony Petrello And Wife Host Broadway Star In Houston

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have a long history of championing the causes of the people of Houston. Together they began the Petrello Family Foundation that provides support to issues concerning education, health, and the performing arts in the city of Houston. The effect the Petrellos have had on the city of Houston has been so profound that they were honored with the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Award by the Smithsonian in recognition of the many good works they have performed.

A particular matter that is close to Tony Petrello and Cynthia is the welfare of children born with neurological disorders. Their attention to this issue came as a result of their own experiences when the couple’s daughter was born with such a disorder. In typical Petrello fashion, there would be no moping. Instead, the couple went right to work.

The Petrellos donated $7 million of their own money to the Texas Children’s Hospital to fund research into the many disorders that can attack the neurological system of infant children. The couple also became co-chairs of a group that raised over $500 million that was given to the hospital.

Recently, the Petrellos was host to a reception that took place in their home that was thrown to honor the return home of Broadway legend Tommy Tune. Tune, though living in New York now, has not forgotten his Texas roots. He was born in Witchita Falls, Texas and would live in Houston during his high school years.

The party in Tune’s honor was a smash hit with the 50 guests that were present. There were appetizers and cocktails for their enjoyment and the guests were allowed to enjoy a nice stroll around the grounds of the Petrello’s luxury mansion.

The following day Tommy Tune performed at the Miller Outdoor Theater before 5,000 satisfied fans.

Tony Petrello has also been supportive of educational pursuits. While pursuing his own higher education, Petrello attended Yale University for both his undergraduate and Master’s degree and then went on to Harvard where he earned a law degree.

Petrello has chosen to recognize a man that provided mentorship to him while he attended Yale by establishing the Serge Lang endowment fund in both his name and his honor.

The Petrello’s family philosophy that to be truly happy in life is to give freely of themselves and of the blessings that have been bestowed upon them to make the world a better place for their fellow men and women.


Adam Milstein Says Jews Must Be Prepared To Deal With Antisemitic Muslims

Adam Milstein published a blog post with the Jewish News Syndicate that warns Jews about a new vehicle of antisemitism found in radical Islam appearing to be the benign religion that those on the liberal left proclaim it to be. People with ties to groups like Hamas and the BDS like Linda Sarsour have been preaching antisemitic rhetoric on college campuses and have deceived a lot of people about what their true motives are. He says many of them intend to inflict violence against the Jewish community and some have barred Jews on college campuses from being a part of non-profit organizations or serving in governing groups. But he mentioned that he and others in the Israeli-American Council are working right now to form a task force aimed at exposing these radical Muslims and giving Jewish-Americans a voice again.

Adam Milstein has dual citizenship in both Israel and the US and has committed his life to finding answers for issues facing Israeli-Americans while also making major deals in real estate. When he was younger he fought in the IDF unit that defeated Egypt in the Yom Kippur War and when he became a civilian again worked with his father in building construction. Adam Milstein has a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Technion – Institute of Technology and a master’s degree from USC. He’s made many property acquisitions and has planned the growth of Hager Pacific Properties, a privately-owned real estate firm in Los Angeles where he serves as Managing Partner.

Adam Milstein has been a board member and Chairman of several activist foundations that serve the interests of Jewish-Americans in education, business, politics and foreign affairs. He and his family volunteer their spare time to organizations they support through the Milstein Family Foundation because one of their principles is active philanthropy. The Milstein Family Foundation also sponsors a video competition that 12Tribe Films hosts known as “Inspired by Israel” in which contestants have earned cash prizes through creating stories on how Israel has been important to the world. Other organizations they sponsor are Israel on Campus Coalition and the Israeli Educational Foundation.

Who is Dr. Dov Rand?

Who is Dr. Johanan Dov Rand? He is a renowned medical doctor as well as a bioidentical hormone specialist. In addition to this Dr. Dov Rand is the founder of the company Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Here he has also been the president of the company since 2010. Under his guidance the practice has become well known for its integrated approach in curing aging or generally age-related problems. Dr. Rand is a big proponent of regenerative medicine and therefore prefers its use in the tackling of his patients age-related deficits.

Dr. Rand uses many different methods of practice to handle aging in his patients. He uses a combination of exercise, hormone level regulation, and nutrition in order to combat the ailments which come associated with aging. This integrated technique accounts for his weight loss programs as well as regenerative medical treatments, and anti-aging medication. Furthermore, his approach also allows him to provide relief and support for women going through menopause. The specialization in bioidentical hormones which Dr. Dov Rand holds is crucial to the aspect of hormone balancing which is used by Dr. Rand and allows for holistic treatment of his patients. The bioidentical hormones allow for Dr. Rand’s patients to experience more strength, energy, and stamina. In addition to these effects bioidentical hormones also lower the risks of cancer amongst patients while lowering cholesterol and susceptibility to heart diseases. Dr. Dov Rand’s treatment method is revolutionary as he combines two different methods of hormone balancing therapy in the bioidentical hormones, as well as in IV Nutrient Therapy. Dr. Rand’s IV Nutrient Therapy is individualized per the patient and therefore is paired with an exercise plan to maximize anti-aging benefits. An example of this individualized therapy is Dr. Rand’s HCG diet, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is also a hormone secreted by women prior to pregnancy (Askreporter). This therapy allows for the patient to lose weight by consuming a minimal number of calories while taking an HCG supplement which allows for the dieter to not feel hunger. All-together Dr. Rand is a pioneer in the healthcare industry for his creation of a holistic, integrated anti-aging system.


The innovative and passionate career of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has dedicated his life and career to saving and helping improve children’s lives. In the forty-seven years that he has worked treating children, his primary concern has been coming up with ways to reduce the pain that is associated with the treatment of illnesses.


Saad’s inventions

Dr. Saad has successfully come up with several new and more efficient methods of performing medical procedures as well as two patent inventions.


Some medical conditions require for a tube-like device to be inserted into the body to drain fluids, gases, provide access to instruments for surgical procedures and other functions. These devices are called medical catheters and can either be temporary or left in the body permanently. For the catheter to be efficient in its function, the physician needs to be able to monitor it in the body. Traditionally, doctors would use X-Rays to monitor them, and these would, in turn, mean that the body would be exposed to constant radiation which is unhealthy. Others used MRI machines that are large and not portable. Saad developed a device for monitoring the catheter without using machines. It is the electromagnetic identification device that works like a metal detector.


Dr. Saad also developed a device to solve the problem of liquid obstruction of the endoscope lens during procedures. This device is designed to suck away these liquids for a clear vision and also irrigation. Many doctors have adopted this device.


Community Service

Dr. Saad Saad has been actively involved in medical missions all over the globe. He has been to eight medical missions in Jerusalem, four in the United States and West Bank all in which he provided surgical services to needy children and young adults and adult whenever the need arose.


Between 1985 and 1989, as one of the few American doctors who were fluent in Arabic, he was recruited by the American Medical Recruitment Company to work for the royal family of Saudi Arabia and in the process lent a helping hand to poor people in the country with sophisticated surgical problems.


He has also worked in several hospitals as a pediatric surgeon and a trainer and lecturer for medical students in a series of Universities. As he retires after 47 years in the business, he leaves behind a legacy for many to look up to. Learn more:

Jason Hope, Helping Make Breakthroughs In Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in Scottsdale, Arizona. His true passion is the research that has been done at the SENS Foundation located in Mountain View, CA. The foundation focuses on developing treatments to help people live a better quality of life. They take a different approach to anti-aging by finding cures for diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, and Alzheimer’s. Instead of treating the disease after is happens, SENS is dedicated to stopping them from ever happening. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Jason Hope gave a generous donation of $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to aid in their rejuvenation biotechnology research. He has studied Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work extensively and believes his ideas are the only way to make advancements in treating human aging. Jason’s donation will help the SENS Foundation drive faster results. It will allow them to progress in their work with breaking molecular bonds that create arteriosclerosis. The disease causes a spike in blood pressure and hardening of the arteries in the elderly. It can also cause diabetes and the aging of the skin.Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Jason Hope is involved in several organizations that focus on scientific research in biotechnology, disease prevention, and education. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things He supports The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, The Tony Hawk Foundation, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, True Colors Fund, the Arizona Science Center, Teach for America Phoenix, and the International Foundation for Education and Self Help.Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era Jason Hope inspires others to follow their passion and seek out a charitable organization that has the same values. It’s not only about donating money, you can donate your free time to help with the organizations efforts. You can research national organization’s that have local branches in your area. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Jeff Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences Bringing World-Class Treatment Drugs to The Open

A company that brings unrecognized successful drug treatments to the right places. Paragon Biosciences has help developed treatments for over seven types of health conditions including sleep disorders and skin conditions. The company searches for solutions to insoluble health conditions and helps establish the source’s treatments into products available to the public. Narcolepsy and Alzheimer are two of the most complex medical conditions in the world. Paragon Biosciences recognizes the urge for any valuable treatments in those specialties.

Some Paragon companies including those withstanding in narcolepsy and Alzheimer research are Castle Creek Pharma, Harmony Biosciences, Precision BP, and Decade Pharmaceuticals. Paragon Biosciences partners with pharmaceutical and research companies, previously seen underground to bring their practices to life. Medical Breakthroughs require the most renowned and experienced leadership and the team out of companies re-positioning medical solutions. Paragon Biosciences’ CEO and founder, Jeff Aronin is previous CEO and founder of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc., a pharmaceutical company with one of the most advanced drug development technologies in the industry. Ovation ran the surface on what Aronin hope to achieve with his leadership and entrepreneurial skills inside healthcare. After Ovation’s sale in 2009, Aronin was refocused on finding more companies like his who have masterful health solutions but unable to produce commercially. His determination launched Paragon Biosciences in 2010.

Since then, Aronin is held as a pharmaceutical expert, including by one of the biggest market cities in the world. Aronin serves as a board member in World Business Chicago, a city council led enterprise for outstanding business development ( Aronin also founded MATTER in Chicago, a smaller version of Paragon, that brings light to healthcare development inside small communities and start-ups. All of Aronin’s measures have paid off shortly. 13 of the drugs developed under Paragon have already been granted approval by the FDA. Jeff Aronin is an Illinois native, attending Northern Illinois University, and later DePaul University to receive his MBA. Paragon’s based off Chicago, with now offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia.



Perry Mandera Gives Back to the Community He Grew Up In

Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc. in February of 1986. Headquartered in Northlake, IL, The Custom Companies has officers throughout many American cities. The company is a “Full Service Transportation Provider” including logistic and trucking services. The Custom Companies strives to be a one stop shop for customers, saving them money and the hassle of making calls to multiple companies to get a job accomplished. The company employees more than 300 people and has more than $200 million dollars worth of sales. Their clientele includes entrepreneurs who own Fortune 100 companies. Mandera strives to be a hands on leader, preferring to participate in every aspect of his business.

Perry Mandera joined The United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1975, immediately after graduating from a Chicago high school. It was while in The Marines that Mandera learned to drive a truck. He received an Honorable Discharge from the Marines and returned to civilian life. Mandera worked for several different transportation companies before beginning his own company in 1980. That company was later sold in 1985, and then The Custom Companies was founded. Additionally from 1984-1988, Perry Mandera served as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward of Chicago. He was the youngest person to ever be elected to this position.

In addition to his business venture, Mandera has focused much of his energy on charitable ventures. Many of the charities Perry Mandera has worked with are focused on helping children and youth. In addition he has given time and money towards cancer care and protection. The company also provided relief to the victims of the hurricane which ravaged Washington, IL in 2013. Additionally, Mandera founded Custom Care Charities which supports charities whose missions align with Perry Mandera’s charitable goals. Mandera’s company has supported over 100 youth sports teams throughout Chicago and Illinois. One cause that is very near to Mandera’s heart is helping veterans and he has also worked closely with Hiring our Heroes and Marines for Life


Brazilian Butt Lifts in Dallas are Gaining Popularity

One of the new advances and popular plastic surgery procedures these days is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Plastic surgery offices in the Dallas, Texas area like USA Plastic Surgery are getting more and more calls and inquiries into this hot cosmetic enhancement.

In the advanced procedure of a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is removed from another part of the patient’s body, typically where it is not wanted, like in the hips, stomach area or thighs, then putting it where they do want it, the rear end. The fat transfer is performed by the surgeon with a unique type of liposuction that first harvest the fat, which then goes through processing and is injected to the desired area of enhancement. The process can be seen as molding the patients body using their own fat resources into an improved body and appearance.

The Brazilian procedure is not just about injecting fat into the buttocks but also entails injecting the processed fat specifically to result in a lifting and ideal shaping of the butt. Plastic surgeons in Dallas like Dr Sam Jejurikar see a lot of patients that want this because they are starting to see some sagging in their rear end and or are experiencing a loss of their once younger shaped firmer buttocks.

Celebrities like JLo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have sparked some interest in women to desire the larger, round shaped firm buttocks. It is not unusual for a plastic surgeons office in Dallas like Dr Rod J. Rohrich’s Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute to receive a request from a patient to have Beyonce’s butt. Surgeons actually prefer it when a patient comes in with some idea of what they want instead of trying to guess and having the patient saying they just want more butt. Knowing ahead of time what the outcome should look likes makes the procedures planning and process much more successful. To know more about him click here.