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Sussex Healthcare Makes Great Strides

Many people are talking about Sussex Healthcare and what a great choice it is for when people need to move to a place that offers great medical care when they need it. It is a group of homes that offer a variety of activities for the people that live in them. Since the people that live in the homes are older or disabled, they will receive the care that they need.

Sussex Healthcarehas over 25 years of experience in helping people. They have won awards for their excellence in caring for the people. The staff members are educated and experienced at what they do. They want to help others to ensure that they have a good quality of life when they age or become disabled. When they people living in the homes have the activities that are offered, this will help them to stay active and make friends. They will be happier and healthier because they feel like they are part of a group of people.

At Sussex Healthcare, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. They are empowered to make their decisions that they need to in order to stay comfortable as they age or become disabled. When a person knows this, they are able to function in a better way, and they will live to be longer.

The costs of living at the Sussex Healthcare group of homes can be discussed with one of their staff members. They are willing and able to answer any questions that a person may have. Because they have a lot of experience and expertise in their field, they will be able to give them advice on different programs that might be available for them for financing. They can help them in so many ways so that they can begin to live in a way that will benefit them by staying at one of the group of homes that is offered by Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is a great choice for many people. It is one that makes sense, as well as being affordable. When it is time to put your aged or disabled into a home, the Sussex Healthcare group of homes is the best of its kind. It is one that should be looked into further to guarantee a room for someone that you love. Visit:


Arizona businessman Jason Hope donates funds to SENS Foundation for anti-aging research work

Jason Hope is a famous Arizona businessman, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. He was born and raised in Temple, Arizona. Jason Hope holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Arizona State University. He also has a master’s in Finance from the W.P. Carey Business School at the Arizona State University. Jason launched his career immediately after college and had achieved a lot very early in his career. He has built an excellent reputation.

Jason Hope is renowned because he has a wealth of experience in various financial sectors. He is an expert who many people rely on for counsel and advice on a variety of issues. Jason currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona from where he makes investments and oversees his business ventures. He also has a deep passion for philanthropy work and has regularly supported charity organizations. He also helps other groups who do scientific research.

Jason has supported many research groups undertaking studies about diseases, education, and biotechnology. For instance, he has previously worked with True Colors Fund, Family Health International, and The Teach for America Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation and the T Gen Foundation among organizations. In recent times, Jason focuses on the aging concept. He believes that the various research work going on about how to fight aging will yield fruits soon.

Jason alludes that the medical society is mainly concerned with treating the symptoms of aging instead of finding ways to slow down aging or better still, halt it. In 2010, Jason showed his support for a research group, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS Foundation). Mr. Hope has publicly declared his support for the foundation and even donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation to assist the group’s research about an anti-aging therapy.

SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization which has shown commitment to developing modern and advanced techniques and therapies to deal with aging diseases. Some of the aging illnesses include Alzheimer’s, diabetes and the heart and lung disease. The research work is therefore essential as it tackles the diseases that shorten life and thus give the client a long and healthy life. It is cheaper to prevent these illnesses that shorten life from occurring instead of spending heavily trying to treat aging symptoms.

Many organizations like SENS Foundation lack funding to do research work. Mr. Hope thus helped the organization a great deal with the financing thus demonstrating his philanthropy and love for technology and scholarly work.

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Choosing a FreedomLife Insurance Policy That Protects Your Family at All Times

Investing in a life insurance policy for yourself or a spouse is one way to ensure your family and loved ones are financially provided for in the case of a death. Finding the right life insurance policy may greatly depend on your current lifestyle, financial goals, and whether or not you prefer a permanent or a term life policy. Working together with professional life insurance representatives from providers such as Freedom Life Insurance is ideal to guarantee you have made the right choice for your future.

What is Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is available to individuals at any age and cover policyholders for a specific amount of time. With term life insurance, individuals have the ability tochose how long they would like the plan to remain active for based on how much their policy is worth and the budget available to pay off the policy. Term life insurance is not always recommended to those who are young and healthy, as a permanent life insurance policy may ultimately be more suitable.

Why Choose Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance policies last throughout the entirety of a lifetime, whether the policyholder is in their 20’s or 90’s when they pass away. While permanent life insurance policies often protect families and individuals for longer periods of time, they also require a bigger investment in order to maintain the financial protection over decades. Consider your lifestyle, family members, and debt before selecting a policy that works for you. If you are unsure of the type of life insurance that is most beneficial to you and your family, speak with a professional from Freedom Life Insurance or another trusted insurance company in your area for more information on how to get started.

Once you have a thorough understanding of the types of policies that are available to you, work with an insurance agent to activate your plan as quickly as possible. Speaking with an insurance agent from Freedom Life Insurance or other providers near you is a way to move forward with your plans of protecting your loved ones financially in the event of your passing. Read more:


Josh Smith Helps High Desert Montessori School to Get New Greenhouse

Josh Smith, a leading entrepreneur, helps High Desert Montessori School in Reno, Nevada, to get a new greenhouse. In the last week of May 2017, Smith’s Modular Greenhouses collaborated with Great Full Gardens Café, a leading restaurant in Reno, Nevada, to offer greenhouses to the students of the school. The initiative is expected to make students aware of how to grow food and take part in their own wellness and health. Interestingly, the school’s gardening program also received some funds to purchase planters, seeds, and soil.

Modular Greenhouse contributed greenhouses to the school’s Boys & Girls Club. The startup based in Reno, Nevada, is planning to establish greenhouses in all the schools in the Washoe County by 2020. Josh Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Modular Greenhouses, confirmed that the firm has set up a program that can offer greenhouses to all the schools and nonprofit institutions in the Washoe County. Tyler Jones, a seventh grader, said in an excited voice that he wanted to see how the plants could grow in the area. Interestingly, Great Full Gardens Café expressed its hope that they could buy the food products from the students one day to meet the needs of their restaurants.

Josh Smith is a revolutionary serial entrepreneur with many startups to his credit. He is more focused on creating solutions and products that can create positive impacts on the lives. This helped him to design highly successful products and ventures in different industries. Smith identified there were many barriers for customized greenhouses for home needs, and this is where Modular Greenhouses was born.

Smith has nearly 17 years of experience in venturing various industries and garnering success from everywhere. Smith has greater expertise in multinational import/export logistics, global operations, compliance, manufacturing, customer procedures, and regulatory approvals.

His deep association with positive change in the lives and society is integrated into the new era of eco-socio-capitalism. Due to that reason, Josh Smith sees home gardening and organic gardening as the two trends he sees most promising and passionate. He is also passionate to encourage the young generation and ask them to focus on achieving their dreams.

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Indulge Your Pumpkin Love Without the Calories

Fall is the one season of the year where you can indulge your love of pumpkin without limits. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cake, not to mention the one that started it all, pumpkin pie. Every store has pumpkin flavored something. What if you want to carry a little bit of pumpkin love with you all year round? Enter, natural pumpkin spice lip balm by EOS lip balm.I t’s part of new duo set containing pumpkin spice and organic vanilla flavored lip balms, refer also to Now, long after the lattes are gone you can take a little bit of pumpkin happiness with you everywhere you go.

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It’s not just about the yummy pumpkin or the warm rich vanilla flavor. With EOS you have a product that you can feel good about using. It is 95% organic with all natural ingredients, and it’s petroleum and paraben free. EOS lip balm uses a deeply moisturizing with natural shea butters and other conditioning oils. Not to mention that it comes in a cute little egg shaped container that does so much better in a purse than the normal long skinny ones.

So if you want to keep a little of the warm rich flavors of fall with you all year long or if you know someone who is crazy about pumpkin and you want to give them a treat. EOS lip balm duo in natural pumpkin spice and organic vanilla bean is the perfect set.

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Looking at Dr. Clay B. Siegall Efforts in Fighting Cancer

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is a partner in establishing Seattle Genetics, and he is the current head of the company, CEO and board chairperson. He is a well-trained scientist where he specializes in cancer therapies. His for helping cancer patients, high interests in scientific research, innovation and development of drugs led him to establish the company. He has led the company in coming up with antibody drug conjugates technology and made the drug company get approval from FDA of the company’s first ADC product, ADCETRIS®. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has significantly contributed to the populace of the product where it has become a global brand with an approval of over 65 nations.

Now Seattle Genetics is promoting a different pipeline of proprietary ADCs for treating cancer. Dr. Clay B. Siegall has contributed significantly to the growth of Seattle Genetics with some of his achievements being the company entering into many strategic licenses for its ADC technology. The idea of coming up with the come came into his mind when he saw his father succumb to cancer. He watched helplessly as his father progressed with the deadly disease for five years until he passed on. He learned that the oncologists had inadequate resources to handle the killer disease at that time. He aimed at improving the tools where he first enrolled at George Washington University where he obtained a doctorate in genetics.

After graduation, he was employed at Bristo-Myers Squibb’ s Pharmaceutical Research Institute. It was this that brought him to Seattle where he learned how to manage a company, an experience that prepared him starting Seattle Genetics. His goal is to provide treatment to cancer patients, a dream he has pursued 30 yrs. Dr. Siegall encourages people to learn as much as they can when they have the opportunity and interact with intelligent people with experience in many areas.

Collaboration is something that has made Siegall run his business successful. He targets other top performers and innovators in oncology development of a drug. One partnership that has done well is the company’s ADC technology which has allowed them to put resources into fresh ideas and new ways of helping cancer patients.


EOS Lip Balm is a lip balm that everyone seems to want these days, especially millenniums, and it has become the second leading seller in lip balms, surpassing ChapStick and Blistex. EOS (Evolution of Smooth – the company’s full name) was created seven years ago, becoming a $250 million company. After much research, they decided to target millennial woman between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five and design their product, involving five areas:

  1. Round Packaging
  2. Various Colors of Orbs
  3. Smells
  4. Flavors
  5. Clicking Sound When Closing.

They also wanted the price to be competitive with other drugstore lip balms.

EOS lip balms are USDA certified organic, 100% natural and contain the ingredients of vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil that combine to keep lips hydrated and smooth. They are also paraben and gluten-free and not tested on animals.

The pods come in various colors, flavors and textures, which are as follows: Strawberry Sorbet (pink pod); Pomegranate (burgundy pod); Passion Fruit (lavender pod); Summer Fruit (red pod); Sweet Mint (aqua pod); Honeysuckle Dew (lime green pod); Blueberry Acai (blue pod); Vanilla Bean (cream pod) and Wildberry (chartreuse pod). Order your sweet lip balm here on

There are also many other EOS lip balms in various categories, such as: Visibly Soft lip balm, a blend of rich cocoa, Shea butters and other moisturizing oils in six flavors; Crystal, vegan and wax-free containing Shea, coconut, avocado and other natural oils, packaged in a beautiful crystal clear sphere with two flavors; Medicated, a blend of menthol, chamomile and aloe; and Shimmer, a blend of Shea butter, joboba oil, vitamin E and a touch of shimmer for your lips. Browse these amazing lip balms here on

For smooth, beautiful lips, with a fashionable pod container, try one of the various EOS lip balms – a lip balm you will never want to be without!

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See George Soros Donation that Has Surprised All

They’re very many successful people in the society. However, very many people suffer from the financial crisis with no one to assist. This is because philanthropy work is not a calling many people can answer. Sacrificing personal wealth for the sake of others is a course for the noble. George Soros is among the few people who have participated in philanthropy work for a long time. George Soros is ranked as the 29th richest individual globally.

George Soros is one of the greatest humanitarians globally. It is worthwhile to note that he has donated $32 billion of his wealth to finance the Open Society Foundations’ around the world. This is not all. Soros is the founder of Central European University in Budapest. This is a prestigious study center for social sciences. He is the primary financer of the institution.

Through George Soros, the Open Society Foundations, have helped many people globally. They assist many people to attain their freedom. The group also supports individuals who are fighting the government. The movement also fights to ensure that people enjoy the freedom of expression.

Through the Open Society Foundations, many people have acquired education. The organization supports students who have the potential to achieve. Without the assistance of the Open Society Foundations, these talents would have gone to waste.

Then there those people that the society condemn because of who they are. These people are discriminated marginalized by the community. Examples of this people are drug users, commercial workers, and LGBTI people. The organization supports such group in the society.

George Soros has surprised many with his current donation. He has donated a total of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. This money is meant to help in the future projects of the Organizations. This means that since 1984, he has donated more than $30 billion.

Contrary to the belief that people donate because they have a lot of wealth. George Soros gives out of his good will. The last donation he made was worth of 80% of his financial net worth. Before this, he had a net worth of $23 billion.

This fund will significantly help the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros willingness to fund these organizations might have been triggered by his past experiences. It is the trauma that he faced in his childhood that compels him to help others.

Let’s flashback a little about his childhood. George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He survived the 500000 massive killings of Jews, as a resident of Nazi. George Soros and his family survived by forming false identifications. These identity papers gave false information about their background. They did not keep the little secret to themselves. They help others do the same.

George Soros remembers and says they did not succumb to that evil, despite the intensity of its force. He admits it was more than them. More importantly, they managed to aid others. and more information click here

George Soros legacy will forever be remembered. He is a willingness to assist other is appreciated by many. This is because he gives compelled by kindness and compassion towards others. and Follow him

Greg Secker: Tips for Successful Trading

Trading is a very exciting activity and lifestyle that focuses on investing and also making trades when basing your foundation in the current trends in the financial markets. People from all over the world have been doing well in this market, despite the huge challenges faced by most investors. When you are a newbie, however, there can be huge challenges for you, and this is why you should always seek advice from experts such as Greg Secker. The businessman has been in the investment world and trading market for a long time, and he understands the financial markets very well. Greg Secker says that it is possible for people from all walks of life to be their own bosses if they choose to become traders in the financial market. However they must have these few tips in mind so that they can remain profitable regardless of the changes in the competitive market.

Understand the basics well

According to Greg Secker, there are very many people who want to earn a good living by trading. These individuals love to just jump into the industry without having adequate knowledge and expertise of the market. This is why most of them end up with huge losses. When venturing into any activity, it is paramount to have some knowledge so that you can avoid some of the simple mistakes made by the traders. Understand how the forex market is operating before you can invest all your money there.

Get yourself a successful mentor

There are very many successful personalities in the forex trading space in the world. Some of these individuals include Greg Secker. Although these people are very successful, they started their careers just like any other newbie. These people chose a mentor and emulated them in the forex market. This simple strategy works wonders for everyone who is interested in the trading industry. Choose a mentor who has done well in the market, and you will be successful at the end of the day. Learn all the important trading strategies in the market then choose to stick by them all the time. By doing this, you will make a lot of wealth and impact many people.

What wikipedia says about Equites First Holding

Equities First Holdings have created an innovative way to help business owner secure a loan, even if their credit scores are not the best. They have mastered the skill of offering liquidity at better terms all while remaining efficient and productive. You no longer need to worry about fluctuating interest rates because Equities First Holdings use stocks as collateral which comes with a higher loan to value ratio than you would typically receive in margin loans. Equities First Holdings has been around for 17 years, and they are thriving! Since 2002 when they exploded on the scenes, they have developed into one of the nations leading providers of security-based loans for all kinds of business ventures. The company has completed more than 625 transactions.