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Taking a Look at Brian Torchin’s Accomplishments in Medicine

Brian Torchin is a renowned person in the medical field. With more than 20 years in experience, Brian has managed to become among the nest in the sector. With vast knowledge and skills in the medical industry, Brian was able to highlight significant problems that medical practitioner undergoes. He is one of the few individuals who are determined to improve operations on the medical field. He can be described as one of the pioneers who has brought significant changes in medicine and its services. Read more at

Brian Torchin is popular for founding HCRC where he serves as the president and the chief executive officer of the firm. The firm started with offices in Delaware, and Philadelphia before becoming one of the largest recruiting firms in the healthcare industry. Under his leadership, the Healthcare Recruitment Counsellors has expanded overseas, and they have established offices in Asia and Europe. The primary objective of HCRC is to help medical professionals overcome hiring ordeals. During the many years as a medical professional, Brian noticed that medics had to undergo a tedious process of finding the right candidate for a job position. In most cases, you end up opting for the wrong candidate who might affect your career adversely. Employees are the image of every business. Thus, you need the right and qualified staff for the position. With HCRC, medical practitioners can get the right and qualified candidate with the capacity to offer quality services to patients even on weekends and holidays. HCRC also provides staffing services to legal firms. The firm has delegated a group which deals with matters related to the legal firms. In the medical sector, HCRC provides staffing services to surgeons, dentists, gynecologists, and other medical professionals in the healthcare sector.

Brian Torchin has an active and influential Facebook and Twitter pages. Most of his posts revolve around the operations of his firm. He is an active user if social media because he is aware that it is the easiest way to share any information. For instance, he recently posted on Twitter and Facebook about finding a chiropractor mainly from Flower Mound Texas. Visit:


From Meat Market To Global Enterprise: OSI Group

When it comes to your typical rags-to-riches type of story, OSI Group personifies this notion to the fullest. If you’re aware of what’s going on in the foodservice industry, then you’ve probably heard about this company. OSI Group is setting new standards in professional foodservices because it has great leadership, has an extensive supply chain and has an abundance of advanced factories. OSI is composed of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers. Thanks to adding a high-capacity production at its Spain-based plant, the company has been able to double its production in processing chicken. The company has also done quite a bit of acquiring stake in other businesses. Since 2016, OSI has acquired three of the biggest brands in this industry, including Tyson Foods, BAHO Food and Flagship Europe.

This high-growth phase for OSI Group is no fluke. Everything has been implemented to perfection thanks to the company’s leaders. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin has been committed to take OSI to a place that it has never been before. McDonald is the company’s president and Lavin is the company’s chief executive officer. Expansions and joint ventures are the name of the game, especially when it comes to being a food provider. In most cases, a food provider will need to incorporate new strategies as well as incorporate business acquisitions. With sales of over $6 billion in 2016, this company was ranked at the 58th position for America’s biggest private companies. This ranking actually came from the affluent Forbes listing.

The production of food products is also very high in deed. OSI Group offers an astounding list of products such as cheese, fresh dough products, turkey products, soups, chili, Tofu, meatballs, hotdogs, beef patties, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, cookies, fritters, panini and other foods. The list can literally go on and on for days. All in all, OSI Group has definitely raised the bar higher than it has ever been and that speaks volumes.


Founder of Infinity, Graeme Holm

Infinity’s entire strategy is entirely different because the company takes time to fact-find as well as going into details to understand household expenses including continuous family needs. Infinity involves clients in their meetings as a means of working with them to fully understand their needs and find better ways of helping them. Working with their clients helps the company to fine-tune as well as assist its customers in coming up with weekly budgets for such items like and not limited to fuels, weekly groceries, and entertainment and travel expenses. Infinity comes at that moment when the client’s loan has been approved and settled, and the job of the traditional broker is over. With Infinity, each customer is allocated personal banker to assist them to pay the loan off as fast as possible. The company prides in one of its significant accomplishments in 2018 of being able to reduce about $96,271 within 12 months from a young family couple.

Infinity provides its clients with performance reports every month which makes them determine whether they should adjust their family budget or if they are operating within their set goals as well as expectations. Moreover, the company clients receive six-month reviews to ensure client success including a complete commitment to decreasing family mortgages. At Infinity Company, every dollar has a purpose, and the company dedicates its time to bring out the difference between a want and a need while ensuring customers are responsible for their goals.

According to Graeme Holm, founder of Infinity the company is yet to find somebody it is not able to help and he is confident that suck kind of situation will never come. At the moment the company can deal with the issues that all its clients bring to the table, and the company has a spectrum of clients from all sorts of life. Graeme Holm goes ahead to say that the fee that the company charges help in establishing the debt reduction model and give them to the personal bankers. Additionally, the company’s approach has received good reception among its clients. For example, the clients can have some good time with their families without having to worry about their bills because somebody is taking care of them. Besides, Optus Business Awards 2017 nominated Infinity for customer service experience company of the year.

Graeme Holm has been working in the financial services industry for over 17 years. He has finished accreditations across real estate, finance, and financial planning. Graeme claims that his day has two segments: transactional which he hands over to the specific staff as well as transformational which he attends to personally. Graeme collaborates with other industry professionals to come up with ideas. The company also engages its employees through a suggestion box to share innovative ideas as well.

Graeme’s advice to the young people is that one should never deal with people who do not have integrity as well as an active set of morals. Moreover, he claims that individuals should always remain true to themselves as well as their dreams and passion. ‘Don’t compete, Dominate. Together we are strong.’ Learn more:

The Fertility Notions of Dr. Jim Toner

The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) operated by Dr Toner, MD, PHD provides comprehensive service for reproductive, endocrinology, and fertility. A majority of their patients have experienced infertility or re-occurrence pregnancy lost. At ACRM, the staff makes sure patients with different hormonal imbalances are well taken care of. Dr. Toner and his staff also provide some counseling to couples who are going through a stressful time get through the procedure with some relief.

Female patients who are ongoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation can bank her progenies in advance in case these treatments may cause her to lose her progenies. This process includes those who are using donor eggs.

At ACRM, all doctors on staff are board certified and/or board eligible for in Reproductive Endocrinology Infertility as well as high experts in gynecology. After being in practice for nearly twenty years, it is guaranteed that the staff will be with the patient every step of the way and with most patient it is only simple treatments for common problems that are needed while a minority of patients would need special technology. The overall is that the infertility isn’t anything to fear.

Three of Toner’s self-verified patients has given wonderful feedbacks. One of Toner’s patient acknowledge Dr. Toner as a highly intelligent man. Her first appointment with Toner was a great experience, and he went through the entire procedure and explained infertility issues for each of his patients. He is recommended in disparity to other fertility doctors.

Another self-verified patient also stated that Dr. Jim Toner and the rest of his staff were proficient and compassionate. A third patient who husband had a non-reversible vasectomy explains how Dr. Toner was attentive in amplifying the perils of the embryo conception procedure and luckily, she was able to give birth to twins.

Here’s Dr Jim Toner’s profile on LinkedIn:

The Do-To List Can Be Completed Quickly With Upwork

Freelance workers are everywhere. There are a ton of websites to hire freelance workers to do a plethora of different things. These workers have the ability to really help you pinpoint those things that need to get done quickly. There is a much greater level of efficiency when you take the time to hire someone that is ready to go out and help you get the job completed.

When you use Upwork you have the ability to get connected with a freelancer that is ready to go the distance to help you get the job done. Dropbox is a company that has used Upwork freelancers. GoDaddy has also used these workers. That all makes it so much easier to complete the recurring projects where you may need some workers that have specialized skills. This is the best thing about getting a to-do list started. You have the chance to take a true look at what needs to be done and you have the chance to put a level of urgency in place for these things.

Sometimes it is in your best interest to share your to-do list with someone else. If you are the only one that knows about the list something strange can happen: you can fail to get some things done and not even pay attention to what you failed to do. You may just scratch it off the list because there is no one to hold you accountable for doing it. When you share the to-do list with someone it makes you focus more on what you can do to make the list work. When someone is sharing the list with you they may be able to motivate you to work until the list is complete.

The main thing that you have to do is keep the list simple. People find themselves struggling to get the list down when they make it too complicated. A good to-do list will have clear-cut tasks that can be accomplished. There should be no debates about what is getting done. You should have the ability to know exactly how much time it takes to completes each task.


Focus On Your Career In Nursing Like Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot has been busy succeeding in her career. She is the Vice President of The Camden Group Expert Reviewer. Baggot’s job is to take care of bundle payments from corporations. She looks for any flaws that have occurred to keep a trustworthy relationship with other businesses. If any flaws happen to surface, she devotes her time to improving the issue. Deirdre has a lot of experience in the working world. She is a former administrator of the Cardiac and Vascular Institute Exempla that is located in Saint Joseph’s. This treatment center and hospital is in Denver, Colorado. Visit at to learn more.

Deirdre Baggot has a lot of education that she uses on the job. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Southern Illinois University. To further her education, Baggot earned a MBA from Loyola University. There is nothing stopping her education. She has excelled far more than some of her colleagues. Deirdre continued to seek more education in the field of nursing and was able to get her Master’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Colorado.

The services that Dreirdre Baggot has offered her clients and other businesses has not gone unnoticed. She has been fortunate to get national exposure in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Public radio has featured Baggot as well. Planet Money featured her and talked about tips for saving money and looking for other companies that might cheat your company. It was a valuable lesson for all listeners. The radio station played the interview several times in order to get the message out to the communities. Baggot has mentored readers online as well by keeping up her website appearance in newspapers. As helpful as Deidre Baggot is, she still makes time for herself by vacationing every year. Currently, Deirdre serves on the Colorado Organization of Nurse Leaders board that is in Denver as well. She hopes to progress to owning a hospital for Vietnam veterans. Deirdre Baggot is the primary example of what hard work and achievement can do in your life. She commends her teachers for pushing her to study and concentrate in college. Follow:


All You Need To Know About Southridge Capital

Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital is a private equity investment company founded by Stephen M. Hicks in 1966. The primary goal of its establishment was helping the general public to manage their finances and financial crisis like debts. It accomplishes these goals through providing investment banking services as well as securities brokerage services to their clients. To ensure that they provide excellent investment banking services, Southridge has partnered with two brilliant investment networks: Venture Round and Raft International. The two offer component-based solutions to energy companies and banks that specialize in risk management applications. In relation to brokerage services, the company does this through selling and buying assets on behalf of their clients upon their request. For more details visit Bloomberg.




Currently, the firm has branches in East coast, United States, New England, Ridgefield, and Northeastern. Although each branch can operate with a minimum of 11 employees, it has employed up to 50 workers for smooth completion of tasks at a specially designated time. Since its beginning in 1996, Southridge Capital has undergone two significant development achievements. Firstly, the company has been able to experience massive organic growth. Additionally, the private equity firm has acquired the Double Alpha Group (a quantitative trading hedge fund earthed in New York). This has enabled the company to provide differentiated products and services to its clients hence expanding its market. You can check out




There is a range of reasons why Southridge Capital tops the list of best financial service providers. To begin with, the company offers low rates for any services provided unlike majority of similar companies out here. Secondly, there is no need to worry if you have personalized financial crisis because the company does not only provide financial help to companies but individuals as well. Lastly, the workers are professionals and very friendly hence respond to queries timely and in a desirable manner. If you have been wondering which firm to trust with your financial problems or financial management strategies, then clearly, Southridge Capital is the firm to consider. For more information about their financial services consider visiting their website or their pages on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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The Career Path Of Brian Torchin To Founding The HCRC Staffing

The career path of Brian Torchin started off at the University of Delaware where he studied later being rewarded with the Bachelor of Science. The passion that he had in the healthcare industry started off when he was still young. Getting the degree was the kickstart of his career since he joined the chiropractic practice and he used the knowledge that he had attained very well. While offering his services, there was one thing that Brian Torchin noticed so prevalent in the healthcare industry is that it was not easy getting a job. Since in the healthcare industry, the jobs were not being advertised the right way, so before someone could get the position, it became too hectic. That was an open chance for him, and that’s the main reason that he started HCRC staffing. The primary goal that the company had is they will be able to assist the people in the healthcare industry get employment. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Since the company was founded, it has been able to achieve a lot and at the same time grow to what it is right now with over 2000 clients. It has expanded to other parts of the country like the Canada, America, and Australia. With that, he ensures that the company will continue growing. The services that will be offered by HCRC staffing is that they will provide the people that want employment with clients that are looking employees to hire. With that, the employers will benefit from getting an employee that is well trained, and the employees will get the help too.

For Brian Torchin Facebook, he is active in the posting of the people that his company is looking to hire. The one that he posted recently was that he was looking for a chiropractor that would like to work at flower mound Texas. On his Facebook, it’s well detailed with what he does as he has mentioned that at HCRC he is the managing partner. In Philadelphia, there was a clinic that he operated. With the experience that he has gained over the years, he has been able to offer the needed services to the people and be the founder of other companies.


Deirdre Baggot Addresses CMMI’s New Bundled Payments

The CMMI or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation recently revealed to the world that it is prepared to take bundled payments to the next level. More people and insurers are warming up to the idea quite quickly, but Deirdre Baggot, VP of the Camden Group is sharing her opinion on this program. As the head of this prestigious healthcare consulting firm, her thoughts are worth paying attention to.

Sticking to Needs not Unnecessary Things

Committing to the procedures, tests, and medications that will be required is not always easy for physicians. They can provide estimates, but this is going to become a bigger issue since the bundled payment asks physicians to commit to a fixed price beforehand. This leaves little wiggle room, which is something Deirdre Baggot wants health care professionals to consider.

Volume Play is No More

It is worth pointing out that the market exclusivity perk that CMMI offered will no longer be available under the bundled payment program. This means Medicare will be discounted without taking incremental volume into account, which helps balance the risk the program takes. The risks involve the physicians Part B payments, readmission risks, and dealing with the gain sharing program. All of this could lead to a major financial problem should the bundle payment initiative fail to lower care costs.

Change Management

Every health care office has been accustomed to certain things. These routines have been tested and perfected over the years, but the bundled payment initiative is bringing change. This change needs to be managed effectively because it will meet resistance and it may even disrupt things, which is when chaos might begin to boil. Individuals trained in change management will be vital in preventing errors as things change.

Understand True Accountability

The bundled payment initiative requires exacting accountability. This new way of doing things relies on evidence-based practices that will continue to be evaluated. It definitely puts physicians on their toes. The system is going to rely on feedback to ensure that these practices are followed and will weed out any practices that simply fail.

Bundling payments is different, and change always shakes things up. Still, being prepared and informed is the only way to come out on top.



Electronics Upstart Avanca gives an excellent review to their promoter NewsWatch.

NewsWatch is a television program that specializes in giving entertainment, technology, and consumer news to its viewers. Hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges, NewsWatch will often play editorials, interviews, breaking news, and public service announcement. On cable networks, it is often played early in the morning on ION Television, AMC Networks, and many independent news stations. Beginning in 1990, NewsWatch originally covered financial news, but eventually expanded to a multitude of different topics. Most recently, the station has won a 2017 Golden Platinum Marcom award, the national 2017 Videographer Award, and other awards for their 30-minute entertainment programming show.

Among other things NewsWatch covers, they often do interviews and press releases with independent tech companies. These companies seek out NewsWatch’s help to make and promote their crowdfunding campaigns. One such company, known as Avanca, has used NewsWatch’s services with tremendous success. While marketing their product, which is known as the “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”, a tiny mobile phone-like device that operates Windows 10, Avanca had an initial target of $10,000 within 30 days for their Indiegogo program. With NewsWatch’s help they raised over $450,000, giving them a 2939 percent increase over their initial target. Avanca’s segment was viewed in over 96 million households throughout the United States, which gave them over 1 million online impressions. It was not the first time that work with NewsWatch and it will not be the last.

When asked what contributed to the success of their crowdfunding campaign, Avanca’s marketing director Nathalie van Wijkvliet unequivocally credits NewsWatch for the huge success of their campaign. She very much enjoyed working with this company and their hosts, and she highly recommends them for any other company who desires to do a crowdfunding campaign for their company.

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