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How Chicago Surgeon, Dr. Mark Holterman, Helps Vietnamese Children

There are so many things to be said about the work of Mark Holterman. He has helped bring about a new perspective on the way that we treat childhood obesity and diabetes (Crunchbase). He has fought to make sure that parents understand these dangers and protect their children accordingly. That has certainly made for interesting times but he has let it be known that he is willing to do what he needs to in order to make sure our children are in good hands. That has led him to create his new training camp that he plans on promoting thoroughly thanks to what he has seen.

There are so many reasons to like what Holterman is doing and one of the most obvious is that we are currently facing a crisis with our youth. They are growing up to be less healthy than their parents and the consequences of that are profound. A future where our children live shorter lives than us is around the corner if we don’t do something to stop it from happening. The only way forward is to try to find a way to give people the education needed to fight obesity and prevent it from affecting us anymore.

The future of our children is going to depend on how capable we are of stopping the obesity epidemic before it takes anymore lives. It just so happens that Holterman has the ability to stop this from happening by giving kids a routine that they can follow in our to stop any more damage. He has an ambition and he wants to change the way things are going. Others are going to want to follow this advice for themselves, but it isn’t too difficult to understand why he has succeeded. Obesity is a serious issue and it’s left so many children at risk for type 2 diabetes. By following his strategy we can find ways to stop this from ruining their lives with the issues often seen. Holterman has a serious ambition in mind and he has the willpower to do what he needs to make sure it happens.


Jorge Moll Esteemed Brazilian Neurologist

Jorge Moll is the Head of and founder of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He has achieved much success in the Medical Field of Study. He was able to achieve a Masters Degree in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janiero in Brazil. He completed his residency requirements at the same university. In the field of Experimental Pathophysiology he received a Ph.D at Sao Paulo University, also in Brazil (Globoplay). Currently he is the President and a board member of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. In addition he is the Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup, an Imaging and Diagnostics Laboratory. He is also known to care about and take time out to be with and enjoy his family. Jorge Moll and his family live in Rio de Janiero.

Jorge Moll has wanted to and has pursued education, healthcare and research opportunities in his native country of Brazil. His days are largely spent having meetings with various groups of people covering many topics. These groups of people include his research associates, his students, fellow scientists and entrepreneurs. These people can come from many different organizations. This is important to him so he can achieve a wide collaboration of ideas.

Jorge Moll is interested in ways that can make the human brain and machines work together to achieve an objective. He likes to study artificial intelligence and cognitive systems. Gene therapy and regenerative medicine are also fields of interest for him. He is somewhat frustrated by today’s academia and industry as far as scientific innovation goes. He believes that more time and effort should go towards long term, high risk ideas and not stay in a safe zone. One should not keep repeating things and current models need to be questioned.

Jorge Moll believes that positive change can occur to out realities by simply doing interesting things. He partially attributes the success of his business by doing this. One thing that he would like to try would be to start a company that simplifies hospital admittance. That is one to keep in mind.

Heal N Soothe is a Natural and Safe Pain Reliever

Conditions that cause chronic pain in the body can be very difficult to live with. In order to cope with this pain people often have to take pain relievers that are minimally effective and are not good for their health.

However, there are healthier alternatives. For instance, Heal N Soothe is a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural pain reducing product. A blend of herbs and systemic enzymes work together with your body to reduce pain. This systemic enzyme therapy has been used globally for decades.

Heal N Soothe contains a blend of proteolytic enzymes including Protease AM, Papain, and Bromelain. These enzymes neutralize the bio-chemicals of inflammation so that your body can begin to repair and renew. Studies indicate that these enzymes may help fight against inflammation, aid in blood cleansing and even help with scar tissue.

This formula also contains twelve different pain and inflammation fighters that are found in nature such as Turmeric, Ginger, Bromelain, and many others. Many studies have found these ingredients to be not only effective but also safe.

In fact, ingredients such as Turmeric help reduce inflammation without the stomach irritation that traditional pain relievers often cause. Papain is a natural immune system booster. Bromelain has been shown in numerous studies to be excellent at reducing inflammation and cleansing the blood. Ginger is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and can be helpful in reducing pain naturally by working to decrease the amount of prostaglandins in your body. Heal N Soothe also contains Devils Claw which has been in use in parts of Africa for centuries. Devils Claw has been shown in several studies to be helpful for people who experience pain such as that from arthritis. Related Article:

Traditional pain relievers are fine for short-term use but can actually harm the body when used over an extended period of time. Over-the-counter-medications have been known to harm the liver and cause gastrointestinal problems when used too often. However, Heal N Soothe’s natural formula does not contain the ingredients that cause these serious health problems.

To give this product a try, you can purchase Heal N Soothe from their website, for 49.95 per bottle. Working to reduce the inflammation in your body can create substantial benefits for your health and pain.


The Prognosis for Mitt Romney

The current volatility in the political world is causing a real shakeup, with some political veterans opting to leave office rather than seek re-election during an unpredictable time. All of this is shaking thing up further, as major political figures like Mitt Romney are showing renewed interest in returning to active political life. Romney now appears to be seeking a run for the senate seat in Utah that is being left open with the announcement of Orrin Hatch’s retirement.

With the announcement of Romney’s upcoming run for the open senate seat comes interest in the candidate’s health. Romney recently had surgery for a tumor on his prostate gland, and the question is whether his health with be an issue in the campaign and in his political future.

An Expert on Prostate Cancer Weighs In

Dr. David Samadi is a urologist and surgeon who is currently serving as the Chair of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Ramadi spoke to The Huffington Post in a recent article that analyzed Romney’s health and how it could impact his political life.

According to Samadi, the prognosis for Romney looks good, as the tumor on his prostate gland was successfully removed without the need for radiation. In Samadi’s view, it is always wise for patients to go with surgery for the removal of a tumor in lieu of radiation, if the cancer is localized. This situation will leave the patient with the best chance for a full recovery without a recurrence of the illness. He states that many patients who opt for radiation first (and do not remove the prostate gland) often have a lesser chance of living another five years if the cancer spreads to other organs after radiation.

Samadi also advises any man who is facing treatment choices for prostate cancer to work closely with an experienced urologist who can guide them through this challenging passage. Patients should also closely examine the record of any surgeon they are considering for their procedure. Ramadi also notes that political leaders like Colin Powell and John Kerry both had successful surgeries for prostate cancer, and they went on to resume their active political lives after treatment.

Todd Lubar: The Successful Entrepreneur Behind Legendary Properties

Entrepreneurs all over the world tend to take different paths to reach their end goals and attain success, and the same can be said for one entrepreneur, Todd Lubar. He is a prominent real estate investor and serves as the President for a company known as TDL Global Ventures. He also serves as the Vice President of a company known as Legendary Investments, which he built from the ground up. The real estate industry is where Lubar’s specialty lies, and he has worked with a wide range of clients and companies in the sector. He first started working in the real estate sector in 1995, and slowly made his way up the ranks to the position that he currently holds. However, he also had a plan of owning his own company and building it up to a prominent name in the real estate industry. These goals and experiences are what led him to be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

When Todd Lubar first started out his career, he worked at a firm known as Legacy Financial Group. The company provided financial solutions to people who were looking to buy homes, and also to real estate companies who were looking for loans to embark on their ventures. Through this company, Lubar learned a lot about real estate and the steps that he could take if he wanted to start out his own company someday. The company was also incredibly useful when it came to getting to know prominent clients and big names in the real estate industry. For more details visit Yelp.

The next step in Lubar’s career was to start his own company, which is when he set up the foundations for Legendary Properties. This company offered real estate solutions to corporates and clients and was the cumulation of all the hard work that Lubar had put into his career. During the initial phase of the company itself, Lubar managed to acquire several large clients that put Legendary Properties on the map. Through the years, the company has grown significantly and is one of the most prominent real estate companies in the state of Arizona. You can visit their Instagram page.

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USHEALTH Group Inspires Many

Finding a career that you love is priceless and worth celebrating. They key is to never give up on what you truly want for yourself and your life. Randy Hildebrandt understand this as he has had to deal with failure on the path to success. His story can easily inspire anyone who finds themselves discouraged and wanting more.

Randy always dreamed of being a successful, professional baseball player. His favorite player is Nolan Ryan and Randy was sure to follow in his footsteps of baseball stardom. He played the sport he loved for a while before he unfortunately injured his shoulder. It soon became evident that the sport was no longer an option for him. He obtained a degree in business and economics from A&M University but soon realized the field didn’t make him happy. He decided it was time to move on to something more fulfilling.

Randy received a job invitation soon after posting his resume to an employment search engine. The job was selling insurance and the meetings took place about 200 miles away from his hometown. Despite being uncertain about the position, Randy made the trek every week. He was proactive about his new career and sought out a mentor to help him get the swing of things. Gaining valuable insight and skills from his job in insurance, Randy moved on to USHEALTH Group where he became a Satellite Division Leader with USHEALTH Advisors. Follow USHealth Group on Twitter.

USHEALTH Group is a great company to be apart of and their mission of HOPE has helped many across the country. HOPE is an acronym for Helping Other People Everyday and that is just what they do. They have even provided support during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and donated food and water to survivors of the storm. This is definitely a company who puts in the work to make a difference in the world.

Randy Hildebrandt was finally able to find the career that brings him joy and resonates with his spirit. Be sure to check out the USHEALTH Group website for informational on how you can be apart of the team. Learn more:


Skillful through Time the Excellence of Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has been practicing in pediatric care for over twenty years. Dr. Mark Holterman started his journey once he graduated from the University Of Virginia School of Medicine. He graduated in 1988 thereafter, he completed his residency at Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Mark Holterman is currently a well known pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center, and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mark Holterman educates medical students and residents at the University of Illinois during the same time he works as a professor of surgery and pediatrics (

Dr. Mark Holterman has many accomplishments under his belt. While working as an attending physician at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, he was listed as co-surgeon on the first known trachea transplant in a small child that was successfully completed. Dr. Mark Holterman has joined along with several colleagues to work with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). This organization allows physicians to volunteer and dedicate their time to improving care for children who live in Vietnam.

Dr. Mark Holterman has a passion for stem cell research. Dr. Holterman is cofounder of the Alliance for Advancement of Cellular Therapies. Here, Dr. Mark Holterman set this program to help gather research projects that aide grieving parents who have suffered miscarriages. Dr. Mark Holterman serves on the Endowment for Human Development’s (EHD) scientific advisory board. The EHD organizes the Virtual Human Embryo (VHE)project, which is a collection of the 23 Carnegie stages of embryo development that occur during the initial eight-week pregnancy period.

Over the recent years Dr. Mark Holterman has been recognized for his work. Dr. Mark Holterman has received the On-Time Doctor Award, Patients’ Choice Award, Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, and The Castle Connolly Top Doctors Award.


The Great and Earnest Dr. Mark Holterman

The great and earnest Dr. Mark Holterman, for decades, has been academically studying the miraculous fetal stem regenerative therapy solution.  For many years, the doctor has had many long hours dedicated to the research and study of safe innovative methods for treatments of disorders associated with regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy that has now been more of a focus due to its magnitude of development.

Currently, a pediatric professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria, over a decade ago, Dr. Mark Holterman, discovered a passion within himself and till this day the passion has not died. Regenerative therapeutic medicine through fetal stem cells, an eye opener for Dr. Mark Holterman, who after years and years and years of research and development found opportunities to make use of his findings and ideas.

Why this study was so important to the doctor, originated from his motivation to discover a safe and ethical method to restore the full functionality of patient’s damaged and injured organs and tissues, especially if such organs and tissues failed to respond to a more standardized and common therapeutic application approach. Definitely a breakthrough for medicine, to say the least, as Dr. Mark Holterman’s studies are the talk of the industry.

With tissue regeneration and gene editing to remodel cells, the body’s stem cells can effectively divide into cell types of variety that can in turn provide a base for the body’s organs and tissues to thrive upon.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s remarkable findings is a shining glare of which organ and tissue donors could potentially become less of a need, in many related instances, and the many patients in need of organ and tissue donations, who are currently or will be on a waiting list, no longer has to wait for a donor.



Jeremy Goldstein shares information about stock options

Stock options are a means of workers compensation that have been applied for a long time. Companies have been using it as a means of ensuring that their employees own a share of the company. Although this method has been used for my years, it is quickly going down as a method that can be used in the present day businesses. Stock options have showed ability affect the way a business performs. The value of the stock options is highly dependent on the performance of the firm. A firm that does well will have a bigger stock value and vice versa.


Stock options have proved to have negative effects on a company if they are taken as the only means of compensation. They can hurt a company financially. Stock options can affect the financial capacity of a firm if they fall. In many cases, when their value falls they will create option overhang. It is a situation where the shareholders are also affected as they might lose their shares. To avoid such a thing from happening alternatives to workers compensation should be applied. Learn more:


Stock options are also a gamble, according to employees. It is hard to make predictions on their value at a time when economic depressions are happening regularly. It is easy for them to turn worthless when an industry is affected.


Finally, stock options are an accounting burden to the company. Why is this so? Whether the company performs well or badly, stock options must be accounted. In times of bad performance, they add to the challenges a company faces.


Application of EPS


Earnings per share is an effective method that can be applied by businesses as a means of workers compensation. EPS influence the performance of business significantly. They play a role in determining if shareholders will sell or buy the stock. It happens because EPS determine the value of the stock.


EPS has another advantage in that they offer an allowance for the company to increase the incentives they offer to their employees. Jeremy Goldstein believes that there EPS is a highly successful method of worker’s compensation, if it is properly implemented.

EPS, however, has the downfall in that it can be utilized unfairly by some entities. Due to the competitive nature of trading, some entities try to use them for their gain. EPS can also be used as an avenue for favoritism in the places of work.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York. He has his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & associates. Using this law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has offered valuable advice to many companies in the country and beyond. Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing for over 15 years. Jeremy Goldstein recommends knock out options and EPS as the alternatives.

An Interview With Respected Neurosurgeon Jorge Moll

Brazilian neuroscientist Jorge Moll is the founder and president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He is also the director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. He also serves as director of the Neuroinformatics Workgroup, which is a respected diagnostic laboratory. He sat down for a Q&A session recently, answering questions both personal and professional.

Jorge Moll was asked what gave him the idea to start IDOR. His reply was that he simply wanted to provide the very best research, education, and healthcare in his home country. He said that his day-to day activities mostly consist of meeting with a wide variety of people to discuss a wide variety of topics, emphasizing the need for a free exchange of ideas. On a related question, he also said that he was never short of ideas. He went on to say that the hard part is learning how to separate the realistic ideas from the unrealistic ones.

Perhaps his most interesting statement was made in response to the question “do you have any ideas or beliefs that most people would disagree with you on?” His response was “I believe that current publications and career pathways, in both academia and industry, are severely hindering scientific innovation. We should have new aspirations that address big challenges. Challenges that give us the ability to pursue long-term and high-risk ideas.”

Dr. Moll said that he was fascinated by recent discoveries in the fields of regenerative medicine and gene therapy. He also said that he was fascinated by the idea of artificial intelligence, the study of cognitive systems, and the idea that machines and brains can “work together”.

In more than one question, Jorge Moll gives professional advice to others based on his own experience. He states that it is very important to not dwell on one idea for too long if it isn’t working out. He states that one must avoid repeating oneself, constantly questioning and always improving. He also states that the way to be successful is to be transparent, open, and skillful.

Dr. Moll attributes his success to his “passionate belief that we can change our realities and positively impact lives and industries”.

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